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Mon 17th Aug 2009

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mmKALLL commented on Review: WarioWare: D.I.Y. (DS):

The wording 'one of the deepest game creation tools' really hit my ear hard. While quite flexible and (maybe too much?) object oriented, well suited for people who've never before made a video game and want it to be three or six seconds long, I consider it far from deep.

While the above is true, it's a nice tool, I think that it's not worth all the praise. I do understand that the area of making applications/pieces of software/files inside a game from nintendo is quite unknown for many, and I don't think you (referring to the reviewer) have many other things to compare to. Of course, please correct me if I'm wrong and instead you are a hardcore nerd programmer like myself(just kidding) =p

On another note to any people who are reading this, if you enjoy making games with diy, I recommend that you try a program creation tool called Game Maker, if you want to become more serious about making games.

Then again, I've only taken a quick look at this through an emulator, so there may be things I've overlooked, and there are ways to bypass some missing things(as far as I can tell) like variables somewhat.



mmKALLL commented on Review: WarioWare: Snapped! (DSiWare):

I got it just because it had the name WarioWare in it... I've played and enjoyed all the previous games(except the GC one) so I thought it would be even ok... Just look at it! The price is same as Dragon Quest Wars, and you can (very) easily see that the quality is way above in DQW. Meh, if I only saved my points in it, I actually read this before buying it, and still bought it _



mmKALLL commented on Review: 2-in-1 Solitaire (DSiWare):

If you have 200 points spare form a 800-point title if you bought 1000 points, I would suggest this as the most useful from the 200-point titles... It's a great for all those play-for-a-minute-and-leave players like me=)

...I guess all that was pretty obvious, though. The unlock feature is sort of a nice addition... It's always cool for me to achieve something more by playing a game, no matter how useless it may be, lol.



mmKALLL commented on Review: Wii Sports: Resort (Wii):

My opinion on the original Wii Sports is that its worthless, but I still thought on buying this for the sake of the added motion+. Anyway, do older, non-motion+ games work more accurately with it as well?
If not, then are there any other motion+ games out there yet?