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Mon 4th Feb 2013

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mmaldonado commented on New Fighter for Super Smash Bros. to be Reveal...:

This is so unprecedented and odd a format for announcing a new fighter that I actually suspect this is a two-for-one: they'll announce a fighter AND reveal a game release.

I've always found it odd that certain legacy fighters still haven't gotten revealed yet--Ness and Captain Falcon most especially.

So imagine this: we get a trailer for Ness, and maybe even Lucas--and then BAM: Nintendo announces that Mother 3 is coming to the US eShop. Cue fan jubilation!

Or: Captain Falcon is announced, AND a downloadable eShop F-Zero game is revealed.

Or: Wolf is announced, AND we get some serious Star Fox Wii U info.

On the third-party front, I think these are possible:

  • Bayonetta (no game reveal, but perhaps a demo?)
  • Solid Snake (probably no game reveal, just the return of Hiding In A Box Man, but maybe?)
  • Someone From Shin Megami Tensei (and more details on FExSMT)
  • Wonder Red (AND WONDERFUL 101 PART DEUX)
  • Zero from Mega Man X (Maybe announce Mega Man X9, but just having Zero at all would make me glee forever and ever and ever.)