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Fri 30th Dec 2011

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Mk_II commented on Video: Collecting Every Wii Game Is Difficult,...:

I'm picking up cheap Wii games when I find them; usually at around 2 to 4 euro each. At that sort of price level, i don't really mind the inevitable shovelware. I've also got an almost complete N64 collection and a lot of NES and SNES games and people tend to forget there's a lot of really terrible software for those systems as well.



Mk_II commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Game Gear:

I've got a Gamegear in excellent condition with about 50 games, PSU, TV Tuner and a neat carry-all bag. They were terribly expensive here so pretty thin on the ground and it's almost impossible to find one now without the all too common sound & display issues.



Mk_II commented on 2015 Brought a Decent Year of Sales for Ninten...:

Nintendo got off to a bad start in the UK during the NES era. due to some unfortunate dealer/distribution deals Sega dominated that market and Nintendo never conquered it like the rest of the world.



Mk_II commented on Editorial: Nintendo and Virtual Reality Aren't...:

Whatever happens, Nintendo won't be the first to market. They've burned their fingers on VR before so they will probably take a wait & see attitude. And i think they are 100% right to do that. As long as helmets or visors are needed, it's not ready for the mainstream



Mk_II commented on Splatoon Watches Hit Stores In Japan:

Takara Tomy makes a lot of cheap Nintendo themed watches. I got some Mario watches for 1$ each so i'm hoping these will be in the same "gashapon" price range.




Mk_II commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's 2015?:

I think it's fair to say that 2015 was a transitional year for Nintendo; if only for the sad passing of Satoru Iwata. Not too many triple A releases but being on a very tight budget i don't mind too much. And what they did release was really excellent. Splatoon is absolutely my Game of the Year. The fact that it has been developed by Nintendo's young guns gives me great confidence that the company will continue to bring fresh and exciting new games for many years to come. You taught them well, Miyamoto-San



Mk_II commented on Review: SmileBASIC (3DS eShop):

@Yosher No, if you really want to learn something useful, start programming with PHP & MySQL or Python. All you need is freeware and well documented with plenty of online tutorials etc.