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Re: Overturn First Impressions


I got this game yesterday at 9am sharp, and have really enjoyed it. I was a fan of virtual on back in the day, and it does remind me of that. It took about an hour to get really comfortable with it for me. I have about 3 hours or so into it. I tried the balance board, first, it took a little bit of getting used to but it definitely works. There were 2 issues with it in my opinion:
1) my left thumb had no idea what to do.. holding a nunchuk, but not using the analog stick felt very odd. I found myself moving the stick in the direction I wanted to go anyways, and then forgot to lean.
2) Got tiring after a few matches.
I have mostly played now with the standard nunchuk+remote combo. Stuck at ace class. I hope the review gives it at least a 7, but i would give it an 8 or maybe 9, haven't played multiplayer yet, local or online. I am sre that is where it gets really fun.



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