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mjc0961 commented on Suda51 Isn't Done With No More Heroes and Trav...:

I'm up for it, as long as it also comes out for a platform with a real controller and isn't gimped by the stupid Wii U GamePad. Even come out on Wii U as long as it uses the same Wiimote controls. Any required use of the GamePad = I don't want your game anymore.

@TJF588 Not really. The Wiimote speaker is so crap that I muted its volume within minutes of playing my first Wii game waaaaaay back when the system came out. Open a chest in Zelda, get the most tinny sounding open a chest fanfare I've ever heard in my life? No thanks, mute that garbage. The GameBoy had a better speaker than that for crying out loud. PS Move not having a crappy speaker that needs to be muted isn't hurting anything. Sony's totally lack of support for it is what hurt it.



mjc0961 commented on Sega Sorry That It "Betrayed" Fans, Hopes To W...:

@CrimsonBlade SEGA betrayed all its fans with Aliens Colonial Marines, that's for sure. I don't think I've bought a SEGA game since they screwed me over with that one (although it does help that they haven't released anything good since then as well; sure wasn't about to buy Sonic Boom, that's for sure).

And there was that crap they pulled on YouTube with Shining Force videos.

How can you honestly be so oblivious to how crap SEGA has been the past few years?



mjc0961 commented on Sega Sorry That It "Betrayed" Fans, Hopes To W...:

@ekreig Sonic the Hedgehog 4 wasn't a real attempt to return to roots. They said it was but they handed it off to Dimps. That game was always going to suck and always going to be unfaithful to the roots.

@Dezzy Sonic Adventure 3 is already made and released in 2006 under the name "Sonic The Hedgehog".



mjc0961 commented on Talking Point: Raw Power Isn't Vital to Ninten...:

@AlexSora89 And if you kiss third party support goodbye, it'll be another Wii or Wii U. Third party support is vital, and thus having enough power to match PS4 and Xbone, and having an architecture that makes porting easy, is also vital.

If they don't get third party support they might as well give up and go back to making cards.



mjc0961 commented on Reminder: North American Club Nintendo Rewards...:

@BLPs So did every other club Nintendo region, and a better selection of them to boot. The entire eShop library is at your disposal to get something free from because you could get a eShop card to redeem and then pick any game you wanted. All NA got was a selection of 4 very crappy games every month, and the games were frequently repeated as well. This "going out of business" offering is the only time the selection has been any good.

So more like "cue moaning from EU fans who were too foolish to save up for an eShop card so they could get literally any game they wanted for free"



mjc0961 commented on Nintendo Is "Exploring" The Idea Of Early Acce...:

@MrGuinea "A lot of people compare early access games to already completed games and give plenty of negative reviews on them."

As well they should, because Early Access games cost money and if you're charging money for your game, you deserve every bit of criticism leveled at your product. If all these devs want is bug testers for their games, they should offer the games for free (or better yet, hire people to bug test as traditionally happens in gaming. don't force people to pay to become your employee. can't hire anyone because you're an indie? too bad then, either offer it for free or test it yourself. there is no valid excuse for charging people to beta test).

But no, when something costs money, the focus of any review should be to tell other people considering a purchase whether or not the product is worth their money. Completely forget about the developer, the one and only concern on any reviewer's mind should be "is this product worth the money?" And maybe if developers finished their games before charging money for them, the answer wouldn't be an immediate "no, this is unfinished, buggy garbage. do not buy".

Early Access is a stain on the game industry and needs to go away completely. It's an insanely anti-gamer business practice.



mjc0961 commented on Nintendo Is "Exploring" The Idea Of Early Acce...:

Early Access always has been and always will be a terrible idea. If you want to sell your product, finish it first. I'm not going to pay to be a beta tester.

Nintendo needs to work on catching up with the rest of the industry in ways that benefit the gamer, not harm them. Competitive multiplayer in games that should have it, voice chat, a proper message system, cross platform accounts that allow for cross buy and cross save. Good things. The last thing the game industry needs is more developers being allowed to sell unfinished crap to unsuspecting consumers.



mjc0961 commented on Nintendo Reportedly Pitched NX To Third Partie...:

"Luckily for Nintendo fans, the business magazine Fortune states that the NX was pitched to third parties during E3, and gauged many of the "insider" reactions as "positive"."

Yeah, but that's what they said about the Wii U when they announced it to the world at E3. Then it actually came out and third parties didn't care.

Glad to hear Miyamoto is stepping away from the hardware end though, especially after he was apparently responsible for the stupidity of an uncomfortable tablet controller with no battery life but obnoxious gimmicks for days.



mjc0961 commented on Interview: Warren Spector Discusses Game Choic...:

Why would you guys interview this washed up old has been? He doesn't have anything to say worth listening to anymore and he can't make a good game anymore. Interview somebody who actually matters next time, please.



mjc0961 commented on Gallery: The Yarn Yoshi amiibo Is So Cute And ...:

No, because Nintendo decided to go full r***** and wait to release the game in October for the US. Never mind that the game already has an English version if it's out in Europe, we totally need to wait 4 more months. Good job Nintendo.

And before anyone thinks they're clever by going "wah wah wah what about all the times Europe has to wait it's only fair now wah wah wah", no. Shut up. It's not fair. Two wrongs don't make a right. It's not right when this happens to Europe and it's not right when it happens to the US. Nintendo needs to get it together and not do this crap to any region at any time with any game release.



mjc0961 commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U eShop Games of 2015...:

I think I said this on the retail version of the article, but it needs saying again:

Time to get rid of my Wii U!

I mean Mighty No 9 is on my "to play" list, but I backed it on Kickstarter and told them I wanted the PC version.



mjc0961 commented on The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Promises...:

"Speaking to Kotaku, game director Hiromasa Shikata made the point that voice chat isn't always the best solution"

Maybe Shikata made an excuse for it, but voice chat is always the best solution. Have the icons if you want, but also have voice chat for people who aren't 3 years old and just want to communicate easily.



mjc0961 commented on Nintendo Gets Tough With Miiverse Bans, and So...:

Whatever, don't care. I stopped using Miiverse ages ago because it's so poorly moderated to begin with. News that they're going to start doing an even worse job really doesn't change my decision any.

@Phantom_R Miiverse needs to be moderated better. They are moderating, but in the wrong way. I see people flinging insults left and right, but if I post a game screenshot of the freaking title screen without marking it as a spoiler, my post gets removed.

@MussakkuLaden cool wall of text bro



mjc0961 commented on Weirdness: Someone Captured E3 2015 Using A Ga...:

Thank goodness, I was hoping someone would take some pictures at E3 that are just blurry messes of gray pixels rather than anything recognizable.

Maybe when we get done taking pictures with the game boy camera, we can all get some crappy early 2000s camcorders and make some 240p videos for YouTube.



mjc0961 commented on Hands On: Logging More Flight Time With Star F...:

"It actually feels very similar to Splatoon, in that you use the analogue sticks for larger movements and the GamePad's gyro for smaller adjustments,"

Ugh, why do they keep ruining games with inaccurate, sloppy gyro controls? Gyro controls have never served to enhance any aiming, they always make it worse because the targeting just flops around all over the place irrespective to which way you're moving the gamepad or Vita or whatever you have in your hand that thinks this rubbish is a good idea when anyone who has actually used it can tell you it isn't.

And of course, just like the aforementioned Vita, this is double strength stupid in that the screen you need to keep your eyes on is built into the device you need to tilt around, and tilting the screen around makes it hard to keep your eye on the game. At least in something like Skyward Sword when you had to sloppily, slowly, and inaccurately aim your bow or hookshot or beetle or whatever with gyro controls, the TV was in a fixed location and not moving so you could still see it clearly. I don't know why Sony and Nintendo both decided to take a bad idea and make it worse by putting the screen you need to look at on the handheld device you're tilting in all directions.

It's also never been fun to have to stay robotically still as you play, lest you move the controller slightly and have the aim go all over the place when you didn't want it too. That was annoying enough in Captain Toad and that wasn't a fast paced action game that relies on accurate aiming. Losing my aim in the middle of an intense boss fight because I shifted a little in my seat and the controller took it as an invitation to move my aim wherever it please would probably make me chuck the stupid gamepad against the wall (or maybe in a woodchipper where it's belonged since day one).

The only thing stopping this game being an immediate pass from me is the news that you can disable this gyro crap.



mjc0961 commented on Nintendo Is A Slave To Its Past Success, Says...:

Shut up Randy Pitchford, you lying sack of crap. Nobody respects you, nobody cares what you have to say, you're completely worthless in the eyes of people who buy video games. Go home and never come back.

@Zach No. If you take who he is out of the equation, what even makes him worth listening to in the first place? If we take who Randy Pitchford is out of the equation, why would Nintendo Life write an article about him? If you take who he is out of the equation, he's no different than you or I. When was the last time Nintendo Life wrote an article about our opinion of Nintendo? Never, exactly. Who Randy Pitchford is is the exact reason why this article even exists, so no, you can't just take that out of the equation.



mjc0961 commented on Star Fox Zero Doesn't Have Online Multiplayer,...:

@vio I own a PS4, and I'm here to tell you not to do it. There's no games on this thing. Just look at Sony's E3 this year, they announced more exclusive content for third party games than they did actual PS4 exclusives. In fact I don't think they announced a single new exclusive for PS4, just showed us more of games we already knew about (such as Uncharted and The Last Guardian). They also wasted time announcing somebody else's kickstarter, and showed Batman: Arkham Knight which comes out next week and doesn't need airtime during a huge E3 press conference anymore.

Sony's just about as bad as Nintendo. If you want to get away from Nintendo then get a PC or an Xbox, PlayStation is going downhill fast.



mjc0961 commented on Star Fox Zero Doesn't Have Online Multiplayer,...:

This just in: Having 60 FPS and having online multiplayer is not a "you can only have one" scenario. You can do both.

This is just another nail in the coffin for this game. Forced gamepad gimmickry + Platinum Games stinking it up + no online multiplayer.

Why even put a game disc in the box? Just put a dog turd in there instead, would be the same thing.



mjc0961 commented on Iwata Vows To Listen To E3 2015 Digital Event ...:

@cbkummer Disagree. Acknowledging your mistakes but not fixing them is even worse than not acknowledging them. When someone says "Yeah, we messed up" and then keeps messing up instead of fixing it, the message to consumers/fans is a very loud and clear "F*** YOU". And when companies send me that message, I take my money elsewhere.



mjc0961 commented on Feature: Nintendo Franchises We Want to See at...:

@BlatantlyHeroic "So many negative comments. I really don't understand why people can't just ignore something when they're burnt out on it or have a vendetta against it." says the guy who wrote nothing but a giant wall of negativity because he has a vendetta against negativity. Don't be a hypocrite!



mjc0961 commented on Feature: Nintendo Franchises We Want to See at...:

"A day/night cycle would work off the system clock, and influence what Pokémon you'll see during your expedition."

Terrible idea as it always is. So you just expect people to have to completely alter their schedules so they can play the game at night (or in the day if they're a night shifter) just to finish it? Again, terrible idea as it always is, which is why game developers are almost always smart enough to never do it.



mjc0961 commented on Video: Who Needs a New Sonic Game When You Hav...:

"Who Needs a New Sonic Game When You Have Splatoon's Inkbrush?"

Oh I dunno, people who want to play a platforming game that hopefully is good (assuming SEGA doesn't screw up again) instead of a crappy third person shooter with broken controls, no voice chat, and a severe lack of content considering it's $60 price point?

By "new Sonic game" I assume we're of course talking about some proper Sonic game that hasn't been announced yet rather than that sequel to Boom they just announced.



mjc0961 commented on Poll: We Need to Talk About amiibo - Where Do ...:

As collectibles, I'm not too fussed. They're nice little figures at a decent price.

As DLC, they're the worst thing ever conceived. Physical DLC that sells out and nobody else can get the game content? Screw off, Nintendo. This content should also be available digitally for a lower price for people who don't want, or much more likely, can't find the amiibo but still want to play everything the game can offer. The issue of cutting out content from the game to resell as DLC (be it digitally or via amiibo) would still exist and it'd still be a bad thing for Nintendo to do, but at least everyone who wanted to give them money for it would easily be able to do so.

@PanurgeJr A little reality would be nice... from you. Moved on to other contracts? Nintendo's been putting out new figures since amiibo started. They have the contracts already.



mjc0961 commented on There's A New Producer In Charge Of All Things...:

Unless this new producer signs off on a new game, not a port of one of the old ones to yet another platform, I don't give a f***.

I would like the entire internet to just stop talking about Mega Man unless it's news about a new game. Stop getting our hopes up, stop pouring salt in the wound. Let Mega Man rest in peace and let us mourn him in peace.



mjc0961 commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Approach is Often Peculi...:

@Yorumi "I think the biggest problem is everyone just kind of assumes being quirky and also delivering what the market wants are mutually exclusive. They can deliver standard features, and a competitive console while still being quirky and different. I mean keep in mind companies like NIS, CH, namcobandai, and arcsys do colorful and quirky games too.
The snes go games like mortal kombat, killer instinct, and doom, yet that didn't stop it from getting yoshi's island and star fox. So you can be different while still giving people the things they actually want."

Thank you. Nice to know there are other Nintendo fans out there who can see sense (even if I'm pretty damn close to no longer considering myself a Nintendo fan anymore).



mjc0961 commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Approach is Often Peculi...:

BTW, when you describe Splatoon as retina scorching, you realize you're saying a negative thing about the game right? Nobody wants their retinas scorched, so if you want to describe Splatoon's colorful graphics, pick a phrase that doesn't drive people away.



mjc0961 commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Approach is Often Peculi...:

No it isn't. It's obnoxious. Nintendo need to stop doing their own thing and get in line with the rest of the industry considering their own thing consists of boneheaded moves like no voice chat, no proper online account system, a severely underpowered console that third parties overlook, DLC that's sold physically instead of digitally and in low quantities so people can't even get it to play it, idiotic names for their hardware that make the average consumer think it's the same as the hardware they already have but with an extra gimmick rather than a brand new platform, massively oversized controller that hasn't added anything beneficial to games outside of Nintendo Land, USB 2 instead of USB 3 for a console that pretty much relies on external storage, no ethernet ports, and driving away tons of free advertising that they DESPERATELY need with stupid anti-gamer YouTube policies. And that's not even everything.

Oh but all of that's okay because they do a funny bit here or there in an internet video. No. Nintendo's desire to be unique, even if it means creating a worse user experience, has finally started to drive me away from them. The only reason I haven't sold my Wii U yet is because Zelda U is presumably still coming. But considering they're likely to run it with amiibo DLC that nobody will be able to buy because they make about 2 of each figure, I might just skip the game and sell the console anyway once they finally announce the game, its associated amiibo collection, and all the content I won't be able to play because none of those amiibo will be available.



mjc0961 commented on Feature: Game Boy Collector Tracks Down Origin...:

What a terrible story of a terrible person. Did they ever stop and think that maybe the original owner didn't want to be found? And what about that nosy, unthoughtful, rude person who decided to go door to door and harass people in their homes about the game boy? What if Emma didn't want the entire world to know where she used to live and what she's doing now? Nobody ever stops to think of that.

This is a terrible story about thoughtless people harassing and stalking other innocent human beings who just want to live their lives in peace. Truly a shameful example of one of the worst things people can do with the internet and social media.

For anyone who isn't hung up on something immature like "swear words", google "Maddox Dancing Man and the cult of well-intentioned idiots." and give it a read. And then think twice before you start an internet manhunt for someone if you aren't 100% sure they actually want to be found. Don't be like the terrible, thoughtless people this Nintendo Life article is about.