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mjc0961 commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS Could Be a...:

What an obnoxious fanboy who wrote the end of that article. Nintendo didn't do anything wrong, Nintendo doesn't owe customers a choice, don't express your disastifaction on social media?

I hope NOBODY listens to that nonsense, especially the part about social media. Keep complaining on social media. Complain frequently, complain loudly, and complain on every form of social media you're willing to use. Simply not buying the XL does absolutely nothing to benefit you. If you don't raise the stink about why you're not buying it, then it will be up to Nintendo to decide on their own why people didn't buy it, and they'll likely come to the wrong conclusion. They need people screaming at them from all directions along with the XL not selling to know EXACTLY why they aren't getting the sales they were hoping for. If they see the XL selling poorly and they see everyone everywhere telling them "I want the regular model, not the XL, and I will not buy a New 3DS until you sell me the one I want!", that's what gets them to realize what the problem is and provides the best chance of it being corrected properly.

So yeah, please do not listen to the obnoxious fanboy who wrote the latter half of this article. Please do not quietly skip the N3DS XL while not saying anything to Nintendo. Get on Twitter, Facebook, and any other form of social media you can and have a righteous b**** at Nintendo for denying you the original N3DS. It's the only way they'll know what consumers want and what the problem with low N3DS sales is being caused by.

Watch "Jimquisition: Why Boycotts Fail Where Whining Tantrums Win" on YouTube for a more detailed explanation of why you should be vocal and examples where being vocal worked. The first part is about why not to boycott games, which doesn't apply here because we're talking about a piece of hardware, but at about 4:10 he gets to why you should be loud and whine or whatever else fanboys like the person responsible for the second half of this article want to call legitimate, necessary complaints on social media.



mjc0961 commented on Video: The Top Ten Worst Designed Pokémon Ever:

Also it's quite detestable that you hid the like and dislike buttons from us on this page, forcing us to get the video URL by right clicking and opening it a second time (thus generating a second ad view) if we wanted to give it a thumbs up or thumbs down. Let us do it here, and don't tell me that embedded videos can't do it because I know full well they can as I've done it on other embedded videos. Stop doing cheap stunts like that to generate more ad money.



mjc0961 commented on Video: The Top Ten Worst Designed Pokémon Ever:

Sorry, but this video was simply obnoxious to watch. There was no need for "WHO'S THAT POKEMON" at almost double the volume of the rest of the video every time you get to a new number.

Also, almost all of Gen 5? Have you even seen gen 2? Gen 2 is the king of the worst designed pokemon. They're all just generic animals. They aren't even Pokemon, they're literally just animals. Gen 5 had some fairly poor designs but at least they tried to design something, unlike gen 2 where they just threw in owls, ferrets, cows, ladybugs, deer, trees, and more with only a select few of them even being modified to not look like the real life equivalent. Gen 2 was the worst by far, no creativity whatsoever.



mjc0961 commented on Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty Wii U Delay Seems to b...:

@kyuubikid213 I'm confused. You start by saying the 8GB model isn't useless, then go on to say that the 8GB model is so useless it didn't even last 2 years before you had to upgrade your storage via an external.

Nintendo simply never should have offered an 8GB console in 2012.



mjc0961 commented on Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty Wii U Delay Seems to b...:

Nintendo just needs to own up to their screw-up and give everyone who provides a serial number proving they have an 8GB model a free external hard drive. Problem solved. Developers shouldn't have to suffer because of Nintendo's stupidity and short sightedness.



mjc0961 commented on Wii U Owner Proves That Rejecting The End-User...:

EULA's are nonsense anyway. Companies throw so much garbage in there, and so much of it is unreadable to the average joe with no understanding of legal terms, that of course everyone just hits agree without reading it. EULAs should be regulated by the government so that they aren't a bunch of nonsense companies use to screw consumers.



mjc0961 commented on Hardware Review: The New Nintendo 3DS Is The B...:

Yeah, those screenshots were enough to convince me to never buy this. Who puts the power button and the card slot on the bottom?! That would be WAY too easy to accidentally power off the system or eject your game card in the middle of the play session. Whoever at Nintendo designed this thing is an idiot who should be sacked before they ruin another system.

Is the XL version also that dumb? ...

Yes, it is. Not buying that either. You screwed up big time Nintendo.



mjc0961 commented on Review: Bayonetta (Wii U eShop):

@ThomasBW84 Bayonetta has not and never will be standout. It's just a god of war clone with a failed attempt at a sexpot as the main character. Nothing special to be had here, just another bad game from Platinum.



mjc0961 commented on Review: Bayonetta (Wii U eShop):

"It also raises questions over the portrayal of Bayonetta in terms of gender representation; there are interpretations that suggest she's a powerful, strong women asserting herself, while other arguments state that she's simply a figure of male fantasy."

Who would actually fantasize about an ugly, disproportioned woman like that?



mjc0961 commented on NES-Themed Nintendo 3DS XL On The Way as GameS...:

This is a duck move considering they're going to rush the New 3DS out soon after. Hurry and buy this NES model and then buy another one next year because the NES one is obsolete now!

Also, it's ugly. They just slapped a sticker of the NES controller on the top? I can do that now with my red XL.



mjc0961 commented on Review: Mega Man X3 (Wii U eShop / Super Ninte...:

@DESS-M-8 @KeeperBvK Drugs are bad, mmkay. X6 is by far the worst the X series has to offer. X7 being the second worst, only because it can be forgiven for trying something new that fans had been demanding. They wanted 3D, Capcom tried 3D. It bombed and was not revisited for X8.

Meanwhile, X6 is just the classic side scroller formula again. There was no excuse for it to be as poorly put together as it was. Even without Inafune being directly involved, the rest of the team should have known better by that point. But they just completely blew it. X6 remains the only proper X series game I have not finished because it's just so bad. Again, to X7's credit, I managed to finish it once. But X6... No way man. Just awful.



mjc0961 commented on Review: Mega Man X3 (Wii U eShop / Super Ninte...:

"The rest of the time, strategy gives way entirely to forced memorisation. Traps — some of which trigger instant death — appear from nowhere, with necessary leaps of faith turning into a mindless gamble until you remember how far you need to fall in which direction."

I don't know what game you played, but I bought and played X3 off the VC and that does not happen in the game.

"Additionally, certain bosses need to be defeated with their weaknesses unless you want to fight them again later. Why a player should be rewarded for defeating them the "cheaper" way is beyond us, but there you go."

...Because it makes sense that they die from what they're weak to but survive being defeated from X's buster which does less damage to them? I mean, it's common sense that taking more damage from something means you're more likely to die.

Also you know you can just use the buster until you get them down to their last bit of health and then finish them off with their weakness if you want, right? Nobody's forcing you to play cheaply, you're choosing to play cheaply. Don't blame your inability to say no to an easier time on the game.



mjc0961 commented on Nintendo 64x64: Body Harvest:

@Kirk The shield that fires light beams is not further into the game, it's at the start of the game (still the first of 5 levels). If that's as far as you got, you've done yourself a massive disservice. Go back, play more, get farther.



mjc0961 commented on Nintendo 64x64: Body Harvest:

Body Harvest! This game is freaking sweet.

Wish you guys had actually written something about it though. I guess this is just a place for those of us who heard of, played, and loved this game to say we loved this game while everyone else wonders what we're talking about.



mjc0961 commented on Feature: The Nintendo 64 Controller and the Ri...:

@Blue-Thunder "I personally think Nintendo single handedly (or at least more than anyone else) invented the modern game controller as we know it. Sony copied everything Nintendo did, or tried to. Credit where credits due."

If you want to give credit where credit's due, why are you denying Sony? Last time I checked, modern controllers look like the DualShock, not the N64 controller. Even Nintendo uses Sony's design rather than continuing with their own. Yeah, Nintendo was first with an analog stick, but Sony perfected it by adding a second stick. They also made it so you can reach every button from two handles rather than making the player reach all the way over to the L button and the d-pad from the center which got annoying quick in games that needed to use all the buttons.

Nintendo neither single highhandedly or more than anyone else invented the modern game controller as we know it. The fact that Nintendo doesn't use their own design anymore is proof of that. Sony is responsible for the modern controller. I know this is a Nintendo fansite so of course there are going to be fanboys aplenty, but come on. Like you said, credit where credit's due. 3 handled controllers with one analog stick, 2 face buttons, 4 more tiny buttons instead of a second stick, and a d-pad and left shoulder button miles away don't exist in modern gaming, so claiming that Nintendo invented the modern controller is a blatant lie.



mjc0961 commented on Feature: The Nintendo 64 Controller and the Ri...:

@Kirk You don't seem to understand innovation at all. A lot of the things you're praising the N64 controller did not catch on at all. Oh wow, it introduced us to multiple ways to hold a single controller? Yeah, that really caught on. Except it didn't as nobody else ever did it because it was a terrible idea. The only other thing that even comes close was Nintendo again with the "Wii remote sideways" thing, but once again it was uncomfortable and kinda stupid, but at least now you could plug a real controller into the bottom of the WiiMote and play normally. No, the only thing making 3 handles did was make it harder to use all the buttons. The N64 controller 3 handle style was an abomination and a bad idea that has never once been revisited.

The real credit for innovation in modern controllers here belongs to Sony. Yeah, Nintendo slapped an analog stick on their controller first. But then Sony looked at that, said "we can do better than this hot mess", and came out with the DualShock which set the standard for what modern controllers are today: 2 handled controllers where every button can be easily reached. Even Nintendo realized it was better as evidenced by the fact that they never duplicated the three handed N64 nonsense but did release the GameCube, Classic Controller Pro, and Pro Controller.

Also it's incredibly ignorant of YOU to just dismiss everyone who disagrees with your blatant fanboyism as ignorant. And if you're going to claim that the N64 controller is "objectively speaking a brilliantly ergonomic bit of controller design" then I want to see some evidence supporting this claim. All you said after is "I think it's comfortable" which is not objectively speaking, that's subjectively speaking. In order for the N64 controller to be objectively ergonomic, you have to provide evidence showing that the design of the controller results in less strain to the player than other controllers. You have not done this. You do not know the difference between objective and subjective, which is further ignorance on your part.



mjc0961 commented on Feature: HD Remasters That Would Be Perfect fo...:

"This release would break the trend of one 3D Mario game per system, but as a reaction to the times and in the quest to give the Wii U a steady flow of games, it may be the moment to bend that rule."

No it wouldn't. There have been 0 3D Mario games on Wii U so far. Just multiple 2D games, some with better depth perception than others.



mjc0961 commented on Feature: Where Are The Super Nintendo 3D Class...:

Probably because Nintendo realized the 3D fad is over and nobody is interested in 3D content anymore, and thus it's not worth their time and money to make new versions with 3D when they can just throw them on the Wii U eShop and be done with it.

I mean, they released the 2DS, which is a 3DS without the 3D. That's really all you need to know to realize even Nintendo admits 3D isn't the future like they thought it was.



mjc0961 commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Patch The Controversial ...:

Nintendo should not be worried about this and should instead be working on a patch that removes the GamePad requirement. I refuse to buy this game until I can play it with the mini-map on the TV instead of having to drag a table over and put the gamepad on it.



mjc0961 commented on Nintendo Revenue Claims on Mario Kart 8 YouTub...:

@IceClimbers No. Nintendo taking any cut of reviews or walkthroughs is unacceptable. Copyright law is very clear on this; such content is owned by the person who created the review or walkthrough and the creator of what is being reviewed or whatever has no claim to that review or walkthrough. If Nintendo takes money from those videos, they are breaking the law and should be punished.

Look up fair use sometime.



mjc0961 commented on Nintendo Revenue Claims on Mario Kart 8 YouTub...:

@Rukiafan What makes that even worse is that the footage from trailers you're using is footage that publishers such as Nintendo purposely give to media outlets so those media outlets can share them with their viewers for advertising purposes.

So you have Nintendo saying "Here, take this video, please upload it and share it so as many people as possible see it", then immediately turning around and saying "WHAT?! How dare you take this video and upload it and share it so as many people as possible see it?! COPYRIGHT CLAIM/CONTENT ID MATCH!!!"

If they don't want people uploading trailers, don't hand them out to be uploaded!



mjc0961 commented on Nintendo Revenue Claims on Mario Kart 8 YouTub...:

@outburst Nintendo has no right to take anything just because their game is in a video. If the video in question is a review or guide/tutorial, they have no right. Fair Use says such content is owned by the creator of the video, not the creator of the copyrighted thing that was reviewed or explained.

And we all know how crap YouTube's Content ID is: it will indiscriminately flag any content with Nintendo game footage in it without even caring about context. Hopefully Nintendo will do the right thing and immediately release any claims on footage they have no right to claim ad revenue on. And if not, I can't wait until Nintendo gets taken to court and gets their *** handed to them for copyright infringement.

Sadly, what will really happen is that Nintendo will deny the initial claim, and the uploader will make another claim saying "this is mine, sue me Nintendo", and then Nintendo will sit on the claim for 90 days taking all the ad revenue, then letting the claim be released due to them not responding to it. By this time, nobody will care about the video anymore and any views it gets will be peanuts to what it got right after upload when Nintendo was infringing on the copyright of the uploader and stealing their money. I would also love to see Google/YouTube get sued for their role in copyright infringement for allowing this to happen. It's nonsense and should not be allowed.

Also, I hope whatever money Nintendo gets from this BS is worth it. As @Ninhau said, what little money they make won't even come close to offsetting all the negative PR they're getting from this move, not to mention all the loss of free advertising from people who will now refuse to do Nintendo videos on YouTube in protest. The only people okay with this are blind Nintendo fanboys.



mjc0961 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's System Updates Bring...:

"A recent Wii U adopter we know, despite being tech-savvy and owning plenty of gadgets, enjoys the fact he can start a game loading on the GamePad while using its universal controller to turn on his TV."

He shouldn't have to use the GamePad to turn on his TV. Both my PS3 and PS4 can automatically send a signal to my TV to turn on the TV and switch to the correct input just from me turning the console on. No extra button presses required. Nintendo making the GamePad a TV remote so I can manually do what the Wii U should but isn't automatically doing for me is a lazy solution. And one that's just another example of Nintendo trying to force the GamePad down everyone's throat at the expense of the user experience.

I'm tired of having to turn on my TV via the GamePad. I'm tired of having to access system settings and the eShop via the GamePad. I'm tired of games that don't have the option to have the map as part of the on-TV GUI (WWHD and MK8, looking at you especially) which forces me to keep the GamePad propped up on a table if I want a map.

Nintendo: the GamePad SUCKS. It has poor battery life, it's massively uncomfortable to hold for long periods of time (especially if you need to use L and R), and most importantly, it can obviously do NOTHING to enhance games. Not even you can find a real use for it in your first party software. Instead of shoving the POS down our throats at every turn, update the Wii U system software and the games to what they should be and ditch the GamePad as the main controller. Let people who care about off TV play buy one as an optional accessory and let the rest of us use our Pro Controllers without having the stupid GamePad tag along like an annoying younger sibling that needs babysitting.



mjc0961 commented on The Legend of Zelda LEGO Set Misses Out On Off...:

Major disappointment that this got turned down and a set of a random woman looking at a random dinosaur skeleton got approved.

Although it was also disappointing that the scene was the Iron Knuckle fight. Who cares about that? It's not important. Pick an important scene from one of the games at least.



mjc0961 commented on Miiverse Update Eases Comment Restriction and ...:

Now if only they would improve the load time for Miiverse (especially on 3DS) so you can quickly post when you find something cool in a game and get back to playing instead of spending minutes looking at loading screens.



mjc0961 commented on Wii U Software Has a Boost in U.S. Sales as LE...:

@MAB You go ahead and do that then. Do you know what's really going into that trash truck in your animation? Your rights as a consumer. You have fun buying all your games digitally and being unable to sell them, loan them, and even play them in the future. When the Wii U is 20 years old, people who went physical will still be able to play their games much like people can still play NES games today. But people like you who went digital will be screwed because your original Wii U broke and you can't redownload your games onto a new one because the network has long since been killed for Wii U (and because Nintendo doesn't allow that anyway).

Digital fanboys are very strange creatures. "Look at how superior I am for buying a blatantly inferior version of a product." Yeah, we're all impressed.

@JaxonH I have owned more than 3 Seagate hard drive and none of them have failed on me. Just thought you should know.



mjc0961 commented on Talking Point: For Better Or For Worse, The Wi...:

@Marioman64 I would choose not to use it, but Nintendo doesn't allow that choice. I can't visit the eShop or adjust system settings without it, and I can't even use basic software like Wii Sports Club or Wii Fit U without having the gamepad handy just so I can put it on the floor for no good reason or have it tell me "put the gamepad down and step on the balance board because that is the controller for this game" every single time I launch one of the mini-games.

Why can't I use the pro controller for this so I can have a smaller, lightweight controller that doesn't need to be plugged back in ever 5 minutes? Oh, because Nintendo doesn't let me. I have no choice, so please don't tell me I can "choose not to use it".

As for allowing for innovative gameplay... Where? Where are these games that allow me to use the gamepad for innovative gameplay? I can't find them because nobody, not even Nintendo, has made them.



mjc0961 commented on Talking Point: For Better Or For Worse, The Wi...:

NFC? Let then release a $20 USB dongle for NFC and kill the GamePad. It's useless and is just a thorn in the side of everyone who just wants to play games. The only other example of it doing something in this article is Wii Sports Club Golf. Having to put the gamepad on the floor to see the golf ball is not making the gamepad worthy of existing. I was never playing Wii Sports on the original Wii and thinking "Man, this would be so much better if I had a little screen on the floor showing me a golf ball." And now that I've played it on Wii U, I'm certainly not saying "Man, that was so much better with a little screen on the floor showing me a golf ball."

"In many ways, Nintendo should be applauded for sticking to its guns and not following Microsoft's dithering. Dropping Kinect was the right move but the reputation of the Xbox One has been damaged by the many turnarounds committed by the American giant, and regaining the respect of the average gamer is difficult"

These are clearly the words of a blatant fanboy. No, Nintendo should not be applauded for sticking to its guns in regards to bad business decisions. Microsoft should be applauded for trimming the fat and listening to consumers. This time last year, there was no way I would have ever considered buying an Xbone, but with all the reversals of the policies and decisions that were keeping me away, it's now highly likely that I'll buy one.

What has Nintendo done to change the minds of people who don't want to buy a Wii U? ... Ah yes, that's right. Nothing. Nintendo has stuck its fingers in its ears and started screaming "LALALA WE CAN'T HEAR YOU WE KNOW BETTER THAN YOU WE WILL DO WHAT WE WANT" and Wii U sales continue to be nearly non-existent because of it. Nintendo needs to get on Microsoft's level and start doing some reversals to get people on board with the Wii U. Gaining the respect of the average gamer is difficult, especially if you do absolutely nothing like Nintendo is doing. Microsoft may be giving the Xbone a bad reputation among fanboys who were never going to buy one anyway because it doesn't say "Nintendo" or "Sony" on it, but among regular gamers who care more about playing great games than brand loyalty, Microsoft is doing all the right things to get people to finally buy an Xbone. The always online DRM is gone. The mandatory Kinect raising the price by $100 is gone. All they need to do is show some fantastic exclusive games at E3 and I'll be buying myself one of those Kinect free Xbones this June.

Meanwhile, Nintendo still needs to move mountains to get people to buy Wii Us. Among all the complaints I've heard from people who don't have a Wii U and see no reason to get one right now, "needs more NFC games" was not one of the things holding them back. A backwards online system that ties digital purchases to the hardware instead of an account, lack of online in many games, an overpriced console due to the inclusion of a gamepad that even Nintendo doesn't know what to do with (again, NFC can easily be given to all with a cheap USB dongle, the gamepad is not needed for this and Nintendo continues to struggle justifying why we need a giant controller with a screen on it over a regular controller), and continuing to rehash old IP instead of creating new ones. These are the things potential Wii U owners want to see, and Nintendo refuses to do them. They're having a much harder time gaining the respect of the average gamer with their stubbornness than Microsoft is with their 180s.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'd now happily buy the "Xbox One Eighty", and I wish I could have an awesome Wii U-ie to sit next to it instead of the same old tired, unwanted by gamers Wii U I already own.

@Haywired Yep, we'll continue to hear that as long as Nintendo is too stubborn to change and there are fanboys willing to defend Nintendo's stubbornness.



mjc0961 commented on How One Man Is Giving Sonic Fans The Game They...:

@noctowl I dunno, I always remembered that the old games were about platforming and not just about holding left and watching Sonic run really fast with the help of speed boosters everywhere.

On that note, anyone looking for a laugh should check out Sonic 2 Dimps Edition.



mjc0961 commented on How One Man Is Giving Sonic Fans The Game They...:

So, I played Before the Sequel after this article, and all I have to say is...

That crap was absolutely NOT the game I wanted to play. Especially the uninspired bosses. Who thought putting Robotnik in brightly colored blobs instead of machines and having you chase him down like in Sonic Advance 2 was a good idea?! Because I'm here to say it wasn't.

Also, three levels that are 100% underwater? Terrible. Underwater physics in games like these are generally terrible, which is why when you play the actual classic games, you see that they kept it to a minimum with even the few underwater stages not being 100% underwater. But in this game, three levels full of slow walking, slow jumping, and lots of boredom. The "dodge spike things in the current" parts were bad too as they didn't put you far enough to the other end of the screen to have enough time to move out of the way.