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mjc0961 commented on How One Man Is Giving Sonic Fans The Game They...:

@noctowl I dunno, I always remembered that the old games were about platforming and not just about holding left and watching Sonic run really fast with the help of speed boosters everywhere.

On that note, anyone looking for a laugh should check out Sonic 2 Dimps Edition.



mjc0961 commented on How One Man Is Giving Sonic Fans The Game They...:

So, I played Before the Sequel after this article, and all I have to say is...

That crap was absolutely NOT the game I wanted to play. Especially the uninspired bosses. Who thought putting Robotnik in brightly colored blobs instead of machines and having you chase him down like in Sonic Advance 2 was a good idea?! Because I'm here to say it wasn't.

Also, three levels that are 100% underwater? Terrible. Underwater physics in games like these are generally terrible, which is why when you play the actual classic games, you see that they kept it to a minimum with even the few underwater stages not being 100% underwater. But in this game, three levels full of slow walking, slow jumping, and lots of boredom. The "dodge spike things in the current" parts were bad too as they didn't put you far enough to the other end of the screen to have enough time to move out of the way.



mjc0961 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Safe and Family-Frie...:

They did take it too far, but the only reason I'm not upset is because Swapnote was useless as a messaging system.

Hopefully they replace it with a proper messaging system this time: one that allows the use of an on-screen keyboard to type messages and can be accessed without closing the game we're playing.

Good riddance Swapnote, your uselessness will not be missed by me.



mjc0961 commented on Feature: Where Is Your Wii Balance Board?:

Don't have a Balance Board, but with this promotion where you can get the game free if you just buy the little doohickey, I might give it a shot. I mean buying the doohickey and a Balance Board is still way cheaper than waiting until next year for the bundle of all that stuff.



mjc0961 commented on Review: Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy ...:

So... If this game is already available for Europe/UK, that means it's already translated to English.

Why exactly do we have to wait until an unspecified time in 2014 to get this game in the US, then?!

Not that I'm too upset, I already have too much to play as it is. But still, this is pretty dumb.



mjc0961 commented on Retro City Rampage to Utilise Circle Pad Pro:

Cool. When I played this game on PS3, I pretty much exclusively used the two sticks once the game told me about that control option. That lock-on thing they had in there is just... Well the dual sticks is better.



mjc0961 commented on Soapbox: The Wii U Virtual Console Needs to Fr...:

Agreed with the point that if they're going to just release stuff that's already on the Wii VC, they could at least stick to the good stuff. Urban Champion, who cares? Give us A Link to the Past. That's also a good idea as a lead in to A Link Between Worlds.

At least the 3DS is getting decent games that we haven't seen on the Wii because it didn't have GB games. I'm still playing Wario Land 2 and then I can move on to Wario Land 3. Good stuff.



mjc0961 commented on Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies Proves That Cap...:

Yeah I've spotted the three in the pictures and then some. Like #5, I'd criticize but Capcom is already so far down that it would feel unsporting to kick them.

Plus I'm happy that I actually have the game to play and that they didn't screw us over like they did with Mega Man Legends 3, Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype, Ace Attorney Investigations 2, and Mega Man Universe just to name a few games we'll never get to play because of how awful Capcom is.



mjc0961 commented on Nintendo Comes Up Empty at the Golden Joystick...:

"Perhaps the biggest surprise was in the Best Handheld Game category, where some high quality 3DS titles missed out to Assassin's Creed III: Liberation on the PS Vita."

Which is complete bull, because AssCreed Liberation is objectively the worst game of the nominees. I'm pretty sure none of the other games nominated had game breaking glitches that would ruin your save data and force you to restart the entire game from scratch like AC3L did.

In fact, it was pretty much nonsense that the game was even nominated in the first place. We should be bashing games that ship like that, not giving them awards. The game industry still has a lot of maturing to do.



mjc0961 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Low-Key Approach to ...:

@Kirk I'm glad you don't work for Nintendo. Everything you did was a step down from what Nintendo created. For example, why would you put start and select closer to the face buttons where they can accidentally be pressed during gameplay, and why would you put Start further away when it's the more commonly used of the two buttons as it pauses the game? And noting that it's a system for kids, why would you do things like hide the mic in an unlabeled set of speaker holes that aren't actually for a speaker when a clearly labeled mic is easier for them to find? Why would you remove the sleep slider and make little kids try to figure out how long to hold the power button down?

And then your response to everyone's valid criticisms is "well I don't like Nintendo's because it's flawed which I state with 100% certainty despite not having ever used a 2DS and you dislike mine because you're a Nintendo fanboy"? Wow. I think I speak for a lot of people here when I say get over yourself.



mjc0961 commented on Soapbox: Mobile And Tablet Gaming Is Creating ...:

@Matthew94 Actually I think you're missing a good part of your argument by conceding that racing games are better with a controller. You mentioned fight pads being better over controllers for fighting games, which is a valid point. For driving/car racing games, they make wheels to use in place of controllers for better accuracy and immersion. So for yet another genre, controllers are once again not the best option.

Controllers pretty much beat touch screens because they have actual physical inputs. Give me an analog stick over one of those awful touch screen slidey fake stick things any day, and give me buttons over tapping the screen. Touch screens are okay for games that don't require anything precise. Something like Professor Layton or Ace Attorney where you just scroll through text, then click stuff on the environment, then scroll through more text. But for anything that's action based in any way, I want at minimum a gamepad so I can actually push real buttons and use analog sticks in place of sloppy touch screen swipes and jabs that frequently fail to recognize your inputs.

And I hate it more on DS, 3DS, and Vita where they ruin games like Kirby's Mass Attack, Uncharted Golden Abyss, and LittleBigPlanet by forcing you to use inaccurate touch screen nonsense even though THERE'S BUTTONS RIGHT THERE LET ME USE THEM SO I HAVE SOME ACCURACY AAAAAUUUUUUGHHHH!!!



mjc0961 commented on Pikmin Bag Available to North American Club Ni...:

@Katzii We have only one very bland t-shirt (it just has Super Mario Bros sprites on it) and no hats.

You, meanwhile, can get Pikmin keyrings (these would make a cool collectible to display, unlike a tote bag. if they were available in North America I would get them). You can also get Nintendo Points cards so you can go buy any game you want from the Wii or DSi shops, whereas we only get access to a very small number of games that they pick each month. You also have other cool stuff like Super Mario Galaxy soundtracks where we have shoelaces and a pen case.

I honestly can't decide if you're trolling or just completely unaware of how much better the NoE Club Nintendo rewards are.



mjc0961 commented on Feature: EarthBound Captivates Miiverse:

This game is okay but it would be great if the attacks weren't so inaccurate. I hate taking 5 minutes on what should be a 30 second battle because 15 attacks with the bat, frying pan, and magic all miss right in a row. So annoying.



mjc0961 commented on Capcom Employee Outlines Details on Mega Man L...:

I like how he blamed the fans again. "Oh we never promised anything, it's all the fans' fault for expecting too much."

How about not announcing games if you're still likely to cancel them? And how about not promising to release a Prototype version on 3DS to gauge interest and then canceling the game without even fulfilling that promise (which was, BTW, an actual promise no matter what they say)? The fault is 100% on Capcom and 0% on the fans, they handled the whole situation extremely poorly and by the comments of this GregaMan person, they are continuing to handle it poorly.

Screw you Capcom and screw you GregaMan.



mjc0961 commented on Consumers Go Crazy For Wii U Following Xbox On...:

"Some armchair analysts may have written off Nintendo’s home console"

Also some "professional" analysts who don't act like professionals and who also think real time strategy games have turn based combat.



mjc0961 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Mixed Week With Wii ...:

@AJSjedi You talk about the cancellation of Aliens Colonial Marines like it's a bad thing. Aliens Colonial Marines was a terrible game and Wii U now has the best version of the game: none at all. Seriously, be happy SEGA didn't allow you to waste your money on it. I wish they had been decent enough to do the same with the other versions so I wouldn't be out $50.



mjc0961 commented on Ace Attorney Collection for 3DS Has Been Propo...:

Capcom deserves to die and I hope they burn ****.

@25: Yeah, you know what else was already confirmed for US release? Mega Man Universe and Mega Man Legends 3. Confirmed for release means nothing when it comes to Capcom. Until Ace Attorney 5 is on store shelves, it's best to assume that Capcom isn't bringing it to the US no matter what they actually say.



mjc0961 commented on Get Ready for KINECTaku!:

@16: Yeah, because the Wii, PS3, PC, and every other gaming device on the planet NEVER fail and need a restart to fix. That only happens on Kinect.



mjc0961 commented on Features: Things We Miss About the 8-Bit Era:

Sonic 4 is in absolutely no way, shape, or form a return of classic gaming. It doesn't play like the old Sonic games. It doesn't even play like the new Sonic games. It's a completely brand new playstyle, and when it's completely new, it's obviously not the return of something old.

Also, I have to ask what drugs you are on if you miss passwords.



mjc0961 commented on How Telltale Games Approached Back to the Futu...:

Why is GameTrailers calling that exclusive? I saw it on YouTube yesterday.

Shame on you for lying, GameTrailers.

@11: Majora's Mask? Masterpiece? Not really. If you want a good example of time travel in Zelda, you would pick OoT or Oracle of Ages. Majora's Mask just had a stupid time limit where if you didn't finish your goal fast enough, you had to go back in time three days and start all over. It is certainly not a good time travel mechanic, it was just an annoying hindrance to gameplay.



mjc0961 commented on Fils-Aime: Nintendo's Biggest Current Threat i...:

"over-reacting to Apple"

That one. Apple is a joke when it comes to the gaming market. Yep Apple, I'm really going to buy your expensive as hell phone and pay the expensive as hell monthly contract to play some crappy $1 browser games.



mjc0961 commented on Features: Reader NES Stories:

Later the two kids were in tears anyway as they realized how bad Doki Doki Panic is. Poor kids. :(

No NES stories for me though. We didn't have one. Had a GameBoy though, that was good times.



mjc0961 commented on New Golden Sun Trailer Light on Talk, Big on E...:

Do want! Also I hope we finally get to fight Alex. I still need to plant a nice Ragnarok spell on his face.

@2: I think they just mean the trailer is light on talk. If that really was Kraden, I'm sure he'll be yakking and yakking and yakking and yakking and yakking and yakking...



mjc0961 commented on Drool at this Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wrig...:

This makes me sad because apparently there are currently no plans to release this outside of Japan. :(

Also I think this trailer isn't very faithful to the games, I mean I can't tell exactly what Maya is eating but it sure doesn't look like a hamburger! OBJECTION! I OBJECT!

Okay okay joking aside, I would have been sold the moment Phoenix was tapping his paper, but again, the above. :(