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Thu 24th October, 2013

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minotaurgamer commented on Nintendo Announces Super Mario Maker Wii U Har...:

@MrPuzzlez @OorWullie New Super Mario Bros. U was sold along the Wii U and was the only game that was sellling at the same rate as the console. Have you forgot about it? You're delusional if you think a "make your own mario" would have sold to the masses like crazy. Make no mistake. This game is mostly for fanboys and Nintendo knows it.

"Gamers and casuals"..hmm. dunno why but after all these years I still want to punch in the face to people that use that idiotic buzzword. no offense.



minotaurgamer commented on Speculation Grows That AMD Will Provide the Ni...:

I really doubt that Nintendo's next home console will be Backward's compatible. I dunno. I don't think it is a major issue now as it was before. Simply put, the PS4 is the best selling console at the moment and it doesn't offer BC either. Maybe wiiu ehops games will run on a custome emulator like the VC games..or maybe not at all.



minotaurgamer commented on First Impressions: Trying to Believe in Devil'...:

There you go. Not picking up this game. Being mature and bloody is not enough to get a game if its broken and stupid.

And there is a difficult named "casual"?! are you fing kidding me?! MUCH more reason to not picking this garbage and support the idiotic "kazualHRDKR" mentality. Screw it.



minotaurgamer commented on Gunpei Yokoi Discusses The Struggle To Make Th...:

What a great interview. The VB was a dud but he had his feet on the ground unlike many developers of today, including the ones from Nintendo.

Speaking of the Big N, It really pisses me off how they are starting to show little respect to his legacy like he never existed or something. The way they treat Metroid like giving it to that absurd failed filmmaker named sakamoto or how miyamoto's ego likes to pretend the Super Mario Land games never existed and ignoring them on the Mario anniversaries.



minotaurgamer commented on Talking Point: Raw Power Isn't Vital to Ninten...:

I guess that what Nintendo is trying to do is not another Dreamcast, which, in its time was a powerful console created to attract the PS1/PC users and failed because of it but making a console for the masses, like the NES, GB, Wii, DS which were very succesful.

I think this is a better solution to keep along and return to profits than making another Gamecube fiasco like the Wii U. The fact that Miyamoto is out of the project points to that.

That's actually good news, it has a bigger chance for a better future.



minotaurgamer commented on Project H.A.M.M.E.R. Exposé Reveals Torrid St...:

"was blamed by NST's senior Japanese management for the failure of the project. They seemingly took no personal responsibility"

Nintendo (a.k.a Miyamoto's play house) in a nutshell: "if we succeed, we are genious. If we fail, it's because marketing/they didn't get it/they are not japanese".



minotaurgamer commented on Prototype SNES PlayStation Found In The Wild, ...:

Thanks @megalink I am tired of "journalists", including Nintendo ones, still painting Nintendo as the villain while it was Sony who pretty f****ed up and Nintendo just defended themselves.

Anyway, this is an amazing finding. But I guess it would be succesful seeing how many CD-ROM add-ons failed.



minotaurgamer commented on Talking Point: E3 Highlighted Nintendo's Devel...:

A lot of people compare the Wii U to the Dreamcast. I don't see it. I see it more simmilar to the Sega Saturn.

Both are succesors to very succesful consoles (the Wii was successful, you like it or not), were aimed at the "hardcore" gamers and fanboys, its launch price was a pricey and its' lineup was full of ports, had a small but good library or games in its lifetime, it is remembered fonldy by gamers and it made lose faith ib the brand.

Dreamcast failed because it was aimed at the PS users that didn't give a damn. Let's hope the NX doesn't make that mistake.



minotaurgamer commented on Take More Risks With Your eShop Purchases, Ple...:

The HUGE majority of "indie" games are very creative and terribly boring. so nope sorry but that's not how things work. if they cannot make a game that can be better than a 30 year old one then they should stop wasting money and find another job.



minotaurgamer commented on Just Dance 2016 is Bringing Its Funky Moves to...:

@TurboPikachu aaah the never ending wii hate from N64Kids never cease to amaze me. It's annoyimg but here you are...

1. "0 from 2012". Drop the hyperbole. It's ridiculous. The wii has sold less than used to but still manages to sell around 2000 a week. That's hardly a zero.

2. why would people spend 200+ dls in a console to play a game they can pretty good play in their already owned one. Only geeks and otakus (a niche) only give a damn about mega hyper HD graphics. Must users are very content to play a very well made game in their old hardware.

3."It's the worst version" says who? you? the wii versions are actually very well made and has lots of content. The only thing that will be missing this time will be the streaming service but besides that it will have the same songs.

4."it lost mainstream support when the wii u was released"?! hahahahaha! only Nintendo fanboys got a Wii U. The wii u hasn't been accepted by the huge audience of the Wii. They still have it and enjoy it simply because it has a very large selection of very good games (yes it does, sorry if you don't want to accept it).

Man all these years and the same idiotic anti-wii comments. When you geeks will give it a rest? You are ridiculous.



minotaurgamer commented on Ryu, Roy, New Stages and More Now Available in...:

@Towelie Seeing how bad the wii u and a bit mediocre the 3DS is doing, making dlc and figurines is a easier way to stay afloat. If the Wii U had the same high sales as the Wii or even the half it, they wouldn't release incomplete games and dlc.

I bet they are not very happy about this but they dont have a better choice at the moment.



minotaurgamer commented on Gawk at the Dragon Quest VIII Promotional Post...:

@Geonjaha I would love to play these games but yeah I don't have any expectations whatsoever.

I don't think they are idiots. DQ is simply not very popular in the west enough to invest in translation and locallization specially with huge games like these.

I hope I am wrong though.