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Thu 24th October, 2013

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minotaurgamer commented on Editorial: The eShop's Pricing Dilemma is the ...:

@Gaeus If "indies" or mega third parties cannot compete with 30+ year old games then i am sorry but they should find another job. It's pathetic.

Oh and Dan adelrman link has NOTHING to do with the idiotic analysis of quorthon. but hey keep enjoy your fantasy land, whatever.



minotaurgamer commented on Editorial: The eShop's Pricing Dilemma is the ...:

Oh good ol' @Quorthon you just never rest do you? reading how you enjoy distorting truths and FACTS to fit your narrative that the Wii and DS were "flukes" it's....actually is funny.

I enjoy reading how you can come to conclusions twisting numbers and data and you even make a chart! :D that's awesome.

Too bad that the real world says otherwise. But hey! keep enjoy your fantasy world where 3d parties never do wrong, the Wii was a fad (LOL) and Nintendo will be a huge success if it goes 3d party just like sega and hudosn soft did.


Keep up the good work anyhoo.



minotaurgamer commented on Wii U Stretch Goal Seemingly Teased for Bloods...:

@CharlyDunst I find it cute that people still thinks that meanie Capcom stopped making Megaman because, just because.

MM stop selling. That's why they stopped making them. M#9 is just a game for niche audiences just like this one. No difference here. Niche games for niche audiences funding their own games because nobody will. The industry is a now an ugly, big, rotten monster that cannot make such kind of games without filling for bankrupcy. Modern gaming is BS.

And I really doubt they will reach the 3M mark.



minotaurgamer commented on Reaction: Nintendo Dropped the Ball, Not the M...:

did you guys really expected a huge national cross event? how so?

Nintendo, at this moment, is on "fan boy" mode which it means everything is to catter to Nintendo fanboys, hence the amiibos (collectable figurines), anime/manga games (fire emblem x shin megamwhatever and xenoblade), DLC instead of new content and the "resurrection" of an old name that is 25 years old.

And in case you didn't notice, Nintendo fanboys are a minority. Why spend millions of dollars in something that will only catter to a handful of gamers? is ridiculous.



minotaurgamer commented on UCraft is a Wii U Exclusive Once Again:

@bitleman There was also lack of interest from nintendo. When Tetris appeared, which was also a HUGE phenomenon, nintendo fighted fiercely to get the console rights. with this? they even didn't care and much of the blame comes from Miyamoto's last word in game projects. The guy doesn't like PC games only his own stuff and that makes them lose a huge oportunity like Minecraft.



minotaurgamer commented on Feature: What NEC And Hudson Did Next: The Dis...:

@Nintendian No. Nintendo backed up because Sony was asking full rights for the games published on CD's and break the confidentiality agreement.

I wish people stop treating this story as "Nintendo was so greedy that they made the PLAYSTATION" myth. But judging by your post, i guess that will never happen.



minotaurgamer commented on Poll: Is It Time For a Fresh Alternative to th...:

what I don't like is that I have to buy a game again when I change consoles (i.e NES games from Wii to NES games from Wii U) even if they are discounted. I already paid for them, why should I pay again? it's absurd.

Seeing how the wii is a comercial failure, I doubt Nintendo will give the same importance that they did on the wii. Too much work and very few audiences. It's a shame.

I hope that next time it fairs better.



minotaurgamer commented on Reaction: LEGO Dimensions Could be a Sales Phe...:

Yes because LEGO games and Just dance games' concepts are EXACTLY the same?

How can you write idiotic things like these seriously?! this is way game "journalism" is a joke nowadays. Is like you never ever checked why mainstream audiences enjoyed JD and just say "kazualz!!1 wi!! toys!!! PROFIT!!!" like lambs.

I expected better from you.



minotaurgamer commented on Rumour: Metal Gear Creator Hideo Kojima Is Lea...:

Jesus, everybody is crying and whining about this dude. Even Nintendo fanboys (whom he crticized and ignored) are crying for him!

I never liked this dude and his arrogance disguised as humility. He is a broken filmmaker that ended up making pseudo-videogames and only had success because in the PS1 era, the only way to make games was making interactive movies.

MGS is an overrated gem. Dumb story, boring gameplay, clunky pace. if the MGS games were movies they will be on par with Michael bay or Uwe boll's works.

If there was justice in this world, he would end up serving fries in a Mcdonald's or making artsy stupid movies that nobody cares.

And I don't get why we have to know about this dude in a Nintendo news website? he has ignored and dismissed nintendo fans for decades. Have some dignity people!



minotaurgamer commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Heading For a Period of ...:

I always advocated against the "Nintendo should go mobile" because what they really meant was for Nintendo to go 3d party and have the same disastrous fate it had.

When I read the news I was like "Holy s***t! Nintendo listened to the idiots! AGAIN!" And how I couldn't think that if every game jokernalism pages where repeating ad nausem "Nintendo has FINALLY gone mobile! woohooo!!!" headline over and over again? Then I read the summary at Nintendo's website and Iwatta's quotes and I finally understood that it wasn't Nintendo going 3d party (like the game industry yearns and wishes for) but simply looking for a different platform to expand.

That actually sounds more interesting than what the others sites have and still are reporting because it is Nintendo returning to their original plans of expanding and looking for new areas, like they did with the Wii at first before having cold feet and started listening to the game jokernalists, the industry and Miyamoto and returned to the toxic habits they did with the N64 and GC before.

I am happy for this. Its' like 2004 all over again when Nintendo announced the "Revolution" and NDS. I want to think they finally snapped out of it and is the beginning of the blue ocean they mentioned many times and left it down the way. Add that hopefully Miyamoto will retire someday soon and it may be a new dawn for Nintendo.

I just hope they don't screw it again and start listening to the wrong people..again.



minotaurgamer commented on Reaction: The Nintendo 'NX', and Why We Think ...:

Interesting. This kinda reminded me of the DS when they announced it, saying that it wasn't there to replace either the GB or consoles but it was a third pillar...

...but we all know how that ended (RIP GB)

I am interested. Tablets have disrupted PCs and closed the gap between computers and mainstream customers even more than PC's ever did. It was a matter of time they will influence gaming console.

I hope they announce more of this platform this E3



minotaurgamer commented on Nintendo Download: 12th March (Europe):

Metroid zero mission is a fun game but I never got the point for making it. To make Metroid 1 more accesible? that was already done with Super Metroid. It was a pseudo-remake of Metroid but much easier.

The last mission with zero suit samus was dumb and only a wait to make sakamoto's creep wishes. not to mention to push his "narrative" bs in metroid.

It's much better than M:OM that's for sure.



minotaurgamer commented on Eiji Aonuma Talks About his Journey to Becomin...:

BS. I am tired of Nintendo rewriting history over and over again.

He was hired because he made wooden dolls in college and miyamoto hired for it.

He HATED Zelda for chrits sake! He couldn't even deafeat the goddamn octorocks!

And Marvelous BOMBED in japan. HORRIBLY.

And he got promoted to Zelda? why?

Only because Miyamoto believed the fairy tale that he is a God and every decision he makes (like hiring a doll maker to make zelda just because) is sacred and undisputed.



minotaurgamer commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Mega CD:

The sega cd wasn't created to compete with the SNES. It was created to compete against the PC-Engine CD addon. That's why Nintendo wanted a SNES CD add-on too.

Stop rewritting history to fill your fanboy dreams.



minotaurgamer commented on Dragon Fantasy: The Volumes of Westeria Advent...:

God, I'm so sick that all "indie" games are retro rpg pixelated otaku sleeping pills or medicore "witty" "metroidvenias" full of puzzles! why no making more fun arcade games?! oh right...most of these losers just want to be "artistic" and "creative".