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Wed 21st October, 2009

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minneyar commented on Review: Demon's Crest (Super Nintendo):

Demon's Crest is really one of my favorite SNES games. I rented it on and off for years before I finally found a used cartridge for sale, and I still pull it out to play it occasionally; in fact, I found this article because I've been playing it again for the last few days and decided to do a search for it...

Overall the difficulty is pretty even; some of the bosses are tough, but taking the time to figure out their patterns and work out a dodging strategy will help a lot. If all else fails, there are few bosses that you can't just steamroll over if you walk in with a full set of Ginseng potions. The non-linear nature of the game also means you can usually just leave and go look for powerups somewhere else.

The only boss that's just frustratingly hard is the "secret" final boss, and I can forgive that, given that he's a bit of a secret and there's no benefit to beating him other than bragging rights.