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Thu 30th Jul 2009

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MindFever commented on Dragon's Lair Coming to DSiWare?:

off topic ; i hate mosquitos... i just wanna annihilate this insect species.DIE!!!!...ok,im cool i play Kingdom Hearts ,hurraaaaay:D lol



MindFever commented on Dragon's Lair Coming to DSiWare?:

but ofcourse the dsi can handle it... tone down the animation resolution and resize to fit the dsi screen and it could run fairly good... remember dsi has extra cpu power compared to dslite...

i beg the forces of the universe...hell,i call upon Zeus that it wont be anything like the NES dont need AVGN review to know how freakyshly bad it was... it was so bad that in my opinion,borders on the unconstitutional.the Geneva convention was clear regarding torture...

anyone who disagrees is a communist



MindFever commented on Review: Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (DS):

Famicom Wars? say what you want,but its a pretty stupid title to use Famicom ... as if i would make a game called the Nintendo Brothers - it just doesnt fit.Or Nintendo Force - Dual Cartridge or something ...i am not trying to be funny as you noticed

Also (dammit,every post i write i forget something in the previous one) : I WANT Ancient Empires 1,2 and the upcoming 3 !!! its like a fantasy rpg strategy... on the mobile is just freakishly adictive,long and amazing (visualy and sound like)



MindFever commented on Review: Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (DS):

well.this realy sucks that the ONLINE play isnt somewhat "toned down"... you know, like the ability of the game to select "random players" as your opponents or same/stronger than your player (like in the latest Advance Wars title...Days of Ruin or Dark Conflict, whichever is the latest)...

i seriously want this,but i think ill try Advance Wars first ... (because of the better online component)



MindFever commented on Sonic Rush:

i allways liked Sonic...but i have to say,if it had a smaller and rounder nose,it would look much nicer



MindFever commented on Picross DS: is only "1" player = is only FOR "1" player



MindFever commented on Picross DS:

if you can compete with 5 players over Wi-Fi...why does it say it is only "1" player



MindFever commented on Review: Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plum...:

oh ...and the game Premiere too And Mortal Kombat... and Final Fight... and Wing Commander (you needed 6 Floppy Disks !) ,,, and The New Zealand Story was just a damned blast - compensated for Mario with ease

Ahh the good old times... seriously now, i will shut-up.I'm done ! i promise...



MindFever commented on Review: Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plum...:

oh ... Amiga 500+ TURRICAN 2 vs TURRICAN franchise on SNES (SNES had Turrican ,right?) ... laughable.Amiga's Turrican was so even had the possibility to listen to music of the game (AND IT WAS AMAZING). long levels... fantastic sound and GFX.

this alone was the reason why i never bothered to want NES ... plus: Birds Of Prey (at that time,one of the most advanced military Flight Simulators...the manual had like 120 pages ...WOW! i remember when i learned how to takeoff, i screamed to my mother "I CAN FLY I CAN FLY!!!!" she looked and laughed at me...looked as if i was on drugs)

Why am i still talking ? ... cheers!



MindFever commented on Review: Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plum...:

yeah,wtf... why isnt the Valkyrie Profile franchise more popular? the PSX version had a fantastic VP game. And I first heard of it only last year.Sure,i am a PC buff since it came in our house (1992 - Amiga 500+, 1995 - PC)... i had no reason to want a NES/SNES or SEGA since i had Amiga (awesome games...folks that had Nintendo came to my house and play).But i did envy Shadow Warrior/Ninja Gaiden and Super Mario 3 Later on,the envy expanded to Final Fantasy 3,4,5 and 6
Anyway,long story short i now own a DSi and am realy pleased to hear i can play it on my portable gem ! (the only console i have )



MindFever commented on Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume:

i heard of the Valkyrie Profile game just last year.Crazy eh? well i was more of a PC buff.I have a DSi now,and am quite happy with it... and now i see this game is for the DSi too (DS system, anyway).Now,that's just amazing... i have to try this



MindFever commented on Spectrobes:

1 Player mode??? I heard it is up to 16 players in Wi-Fi tournaments... it looks verry well done



MindFever commented on Nintendo vs R4: The Lawsuit and the Snitch:


i think your feelings end with you,since Nintendo doesnt give a damn about ethics.just look how many people got ripped-off with dsiware crap...
i feel dirty supporting these large corporations...what is worse:single individuals having pirated games OR being a corporation (like EA,Nintendo,Ubisoft...) that rip-off millions of people with poorly made/overhyped games? but ofcourse,if the money wasnt the bottom line,they wouldnt sue you see,your ethics are restricted by protecting these corporations` monetary interests.
I do think that ultimately you are doing the right thing,by not breaking the just thinking "aloud".im not criticizing you on this point.piracy is thievery,that is a fact...
cheers...i dunno what im saying anyway:)



MindFever commented on Nintendo vs R4: The Lawsuit and the Snitch:

what if i want to make some homebrew games,to compensate dsiware dissasters? i dont support piracy,but until dsiware has "games" like ART ACADEMY 2ND SEMESTER,gloves are off.
the best way to combat piracy is to have great online content for their games... start making good software and people will have loyalty to Nintendo (im talking about DSi).

ofcourse,its cheaper making lowsy games or overpriced software and just sue is their right...

i bet people rather buy Mario Cart DS,than having a pirated version...because they have a blast playing it online.
If Nintendo made us happy with an AIM client,i bet they would insure people`s loyalty 100% up...thus having less piracy.For goodnes sake,why on earth wont they support homebrew?make a payable/subscribtion service(for the dsi and wii),where people contribute with their creations and N just might win this "fight".Also VC on dsi is a must!

sorry for my writing,i just woke its my BIRTHDAY today (Oct. 8th).Wooooooooot!!



MindFever commented on Nintendo Download: 06-07 October 2009 (Japan):

@Arthur : WTF?! 1000pts ??? i cant belive they are doing this...oh man,after Art Academy 2nd Semester,i had extreme difficulties of figuring how much low can Nintendo`s DSiWare get... 1000pts!?!? no man,u MUST be wrong...for goodness sake!



MindFever commented on Review: Art Style: INTERSECT (DSiWare):

PSP Go launched with 100 downloadable tittles...sigh... and we(dsi owners) only now get a few games worth downloading.I hope their PSP will explode!(the envy...)

good idea for a game.the rating is quite surprising.i`ll trust your judgement and get it ...i fear my boycot will fail;)

if the rating be good,it whipes the crime out of us.but if the rating be not good,then the King will have a heavy reckoning to make...with all those arms and legs chopped off,come joined together in the latter day crying "i died in such a place! level 3" (lol,i have modified Shakespeare - Henry V. - for this occasion...yes,i am bored!no,im not crazy ,just bored an this popped in my head ;D )



MindFever commented on Review: Art Academy: Second Semester (DSiWare):

Nintendo must have some serious major league idiots or... they are just insanely enjoing fooling us arround.
Stop supporting their products and tgey should think twice before releasing crap software.Nintendo`s greed is beyond measure - now you have no excuse to think otherwise.

Another fact is the pricing,obviously.If they release more semesters,800 pts each,it will cost you similar to a full game...except it is dissected and you dont own the "hard copy".I expected as much.Nintendo just reconfirmed my boycoting (since this summer,till next year) of tgeir dsiware makes even more sense now and doesnt make me feel sorry i dont download other better tittles.When will the actual digital distribution begin,anyway??

booooo! deserves 1/10 for the quality relapse.spin it as you want,this realy SUCKS...



MindFever commented on Review: Dragon Quest Wars (DSiWare):

@warioswoods: assuming there are other dsiware games that are a must-have...if not,talking in plural seems useless i do agree though,that such games are just cool to have,play for 15 minutes and feel satisfied... but,i dunno.i would rather pay 800pts and have more monsters/strategy ellements.

what do u think ppl?

NOW,if only ANCIENT EMPIRES (1&2) were coming to DSIWARE /w online play capabilities,you could then consider my dsiware boycoting an epic fail (you should realy try this one i mentioned,on mobile... its like Advance Wars set in a fantasy/medieval world.amazing + u can dl extra levels)

note:i dont have the game,obviously... i dont think ill buy it either.yes yes,im a party breaker



MindFever commented on Official: DSiWare Purchases Cannot Be Transfer...:

i heard about Nintendo and the 3rd party dsiware devs; while N is inviting them, N is simultaneously trying to compete with them on the same (Nintendo`s) distribution system(dsiware).Besides small game devs,can we seriously expect fair competition on dsiware,thus having alot of good stuff to offer? well,it does look that way(dsiware releases announcement)...i dunno,we`ll see in practice.(or will we? ta-ta-taaaaa...the suspance music)
if u think im wrong,ignore this...heck,im a pessimist,what can u expect from us types,right?
i will stfu now...dissapointment`s fault.

i still like Nintendo games...havent lost all hope yet



MindFever commented on Official: DSiWare Purchases Cannot Be Transfer...:

Boycot Ninty,eh?well i`ve been saying this months ago... especialy because of the brainwashed ppl who dl dsiware that is crap,knowingly its going to be a bad purchase...

Most people dont get the point?? maybe it is good news,since it would mean Nintendo has brainwashed only a small minority of free thinking folks:)

People,join in my "quest" (so to speak...makes it sound more epic),and refrain from dl-ing dsiware till next year (say a date we all can agree).

"people would then resell dsi /w dsiware at a higher price...i would do it in a row"(in that context) ...thats just stupid.why would anyone buy a dsi+dsiware at a higher cost than buying dsi and dl-ing the games himself?plus,u will have to sell your dsi much cheaper(2nd hand console) profit whatsoever.why would u do it in a row?? no reason.who wants dsiware that bad anyway.i surely dont.yes,i own a dsi...

I mean,Nintendo`s greed is not something unheard of... least we forget the Skype dump-age (Xtremely stupid refusal).They are becoming even more so un-gamer friendly,because they dont have to be otherwise.strike their wallets and something will change positively.

Digital distribution is just exactly what they are NOT doing...enaugh is enaugh!


p.s.:quality products costs money... when someone says,just because it is cheap,something that turns out crap, must have the justification of being cheap...thus you must accept it.bull! i want dsiware stuff to be as good as they advertise it to be.not an overpriced demo...



MindFever commented on Review: Dictionary 6 in 1 with Camera Function...:

and another thing...aint the question "its 5 bucks...what did u expect it to be?"
because,a candy is cheap too...but i dont expect it to be utter crap because its cheap.its their problem if they sell an app cheap,not myne as a consumer if i find it to be useless/not matter how much the cost,i want it to be as good as they promised to be(plus other functions should work flawlessly). done



MindFever commented on Review: Dictionary 6 in 1 with Camera Function...:


so basicaly,you are knowingly paying for a crap product?r u a compulsive shopper or something ? i hope u aint getting it,just because it is Nintendo who`s selling it.

i aint trying to blame you personaly for anything,but... as long as ppl are going to support these things (i.e.: buying it or buying it,feeling bad about it and then pretending its good),Nintendo will continue selling us
Curiosity in this fashion is a sin ,lol (aint religious,so my say about sins, doesnt count i guess )



MindFever commented on Review: Dictionary 6 in 1 with Camera Function...:

hmm... 5/10 ?! you cant be deserves a 2/10 ,mostly because of the price drop and that it is a faulty app - excuse me,but if it cant translate "sorry" - imo - this piece of heap aint working!

this review sounded like if this thing could be useful in some way... it aint! (never downloaded it,so,what do i care...right? well,i feel sorry for those who did)

god forbid Nintendo didnt sell us crappy dsiware gimmicks... Christ,am i pissed-off... !

join me and stop downloading dsiware till next year

ah well... i should lighten up,i guess...



MindFever commented on Oscar in Toyland on DSiWare This Friday:

lol i must mention this one too: TURRICAN II (on Amiga 500+)

oh god,i would sell my soul to see this one on DSi!!!! It had fantastic music,weapons and incredibly difficult levels.Long platformer too...extremely long if my memory serves right

You folks think there is any possibility it will be on the DSi ? i guess it`s a no... a man can dream though.This is exactly why i have nothing against homebrew.bu that`s another topic.sorry,had to say it.
BTW,i do not own any flashcarts.

see you arround ,folks



MindFever commented on Oscar in Toyland on DSiWare This Friday:

great news... maybe they`re testing for the possible VC on the DSi.Who knows...

I would definitely like to see ZOOL (anyone remembers this platformer?)

Or "Premiere" (another legendary Amiga jump`n`run).Immagine if Nintendo makes more snes/amiga "revivals"

Im hoping this is a first step to DSi VC (i know ,i know... im too optimistic.its allso strange,since Nintendo reinforced my pessimistic tendencies )


p.s.: ... i want Super Frog and Jazz Jack Rabbit!! oh man,i spent whole days on these when i was 9 or so...



MindFever commented on Nintendo Wants To Spark Indie DSiWare Development:


it IS certainly a start.a positive at that.(sure,i may be a harsh Nintendo critic...bottom line; i aint stupid i can see the obvious benefits from Nintendo`s moove)...

but it is known,no matter how great an be polite, Nintendo keeps frustrating people.Me,...well,i have quite alot of patience left before i ditch my White DSi (white/black = nicest dsi colors,imho).

why do i talk about stuff you,probably, dont even care? lol, done



MindFever commented on Nintendo Wants To Spark Indie DSiWare Development:

meh... no SD support,no fun switching/deleting stuff on internal memory.
sorry folks,but Nintendo made me (and alot of others,trust me) into a certified skeptic.

But anyway;
Does that go for the GAMES on dsiware,or for the APP & GAMES ???
i hope someone will make a messenger or something that brings these 2 usless cameras into play.immagine DSi being a very useful comunications gadget? i freakin` do!

please,more APPs !!! (a new browser that runs only Flash,i wish.well,they could use the SD memory as a "page file" of




MindFever commented on Review: Yoshi's Island DS (DS):

critically-acclaimed? i heard the same thing from Derek Smart and his Battlecruiser 3000AD dissastrous franchise (meaning; it sucked)...
I`m sorry,i had a flashback from the long gone past:) Anyone remembers this guy and the flamewars he was part of?

But anyway;
hmm,why not only review and let the readers make their own conclusions,right?good review overall,but had a distinct feeling it was appologetic to the game (in a few parts if not else),IMHO.(IMHO double-underlined).but maybe i rushed too much reading it through

...I like reading comments here.One of the nicest places to talk about games.Even the Ninty fans are great to talk to:)



MindFever commented on Nintendo Patents Inflatable Horseback Riding P...:

Oh god,take me now... This is something you can't explain in plain words. Let me putt it this way:


I seriously hope this ain't another era of POWER GLOVE or the round-skate-kind-of-thing (yes,it was pure crap.craptastic,so to speak)... Nintendo just can't resist.



MindFever commented on Deca Sports Coming To DS:

if it has wi-fi multiplayer capability,this could be fun.if not,i`ll pass...

@Machu : i totaly agree...though,this is a new ds game,so they must inform us.maybe if ds/dsi had more new/good games,you would be right.



MindFever commented on Upload Your DSi Photos Directly to Facebook:

@mlfanatic: SAME thing here... it is weird.I have a Facebook account for a few years though.Too bad i can't use the DSi to UL pictures.
I mean, the Nintendo customer support won't reply to my questions and there is basicaly 0 tech. support for this problem.
I do use WEP encryption... i'll try switching to WPA/WPA2 and see what happens. So far,i had no luck. Dammit,i'm so pissed off... hurraaay for Nintendo ( )

@RooF: i stand corrected indeed... but considering the political view,the spirit of it , it is still a verry "modern" way of thinking. (exception taken on the trends that ancient civilizations had ,like women not being able to vote or people who couldn't be citizens.I mean... you know what i mean.Today these "trends",almost everywhere evaporated,for goodness sake)