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United States

Sun 7th Mar 2010

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mildbrew commented on Ashes Cricket 2009 Still On The Cards For an N...:

The question is not how many Wii systems are in Pakistan or India, the question is once the locals get wind of Cricket on a Wii in their homes, it has the potential of beating all markets in the world, including the UK and Australian markets, UK and Aus combined has a population of no more than 150 million, now lets see Pakistan and India is a market of 1250 million people, add Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and you have an additional 250-300 million folks.

Imagine Wii cricket becoming half as popular as regular Cricket....Anyway, when are they releasing a NTSC version for the US market, dont forget in the US and Canada there are at leas a million plus Pakistani, Indian household with cricket in almost every family, so Nin is missing out on huge markets by ignoring these demog.