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Sun 28th Apr 2013

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Midnight3DS commented on Review: Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst (3DS):

Gosh darnit. I'm always interested in these mystery kinds of games, but I don't care for the hidden object mechanic, especially when it's just an arbitrary mess. I need something like some of the better Nancy Drew games with a variety of fun puzzles.



Midnight3DS commented on An Official Mega Man [Board] Game is Coming!:

Being a player and collector of modern boardgames, I can say Plaid Hat Games (Bioshock) makes fantastic games. Jasco doesn't have much under their belt. I just hope it's not a shoddy output winding up next to Monopoly, Uno, and Twilight Trivia at Walmart.



Midnight3DS commented on Video: Let's Play Fast & Furious: Showdown:

"I don't think we're slower to move; we're a very choiceful company. We're very choiceful in the number of titles we make. We scrutinize opportunities very carefully, and when we go into them we go big." - Eric Hirshbirg, CEO of Activision



Midnight3DS commented on Activision - "We Want to See Nintendo be Succe...:


He's talking about a Nintendo IP.

"Obviously the Wii U is struggling - that's not a secret, I don't think there's any other way to read the narrative right now - but they're a really good company and they've got some incredible IP that has yet to come, that they honed for that platform."



Midnight3DS commented on Nintendo May Have Eased Off On Its Claims To '...:

LP's can make for good walkthroughs, too. All legal stuff aside, it's much more interesting than the old gamefaq text guides. Watch tv or watch an LP. What's the difference? Both can be entertaining/informative/stupid.

LPers just aren't entitled to an income based off someone elses IP.



Midnight3DS commented on Nintendo May Have Eased Off On Its Claims To '...:

"Should Nintendo be taking the revenue, or do you think YouTubers have the right to make money from their content?"

If Nintendo has rightful claim to the revenue, it's their IP in play, that's their decision to make, and either makes no difference to me. I wouldn't fault them either way. We'll need the courts to decide what is or isn't fair for youtubers, eventually. No pity party from me if youtubers lose.


I've watched lp's for games I've played for several reasons. Legalities aside, they have merit.



Midnight3DS commented on Poll: Are You in the DLC Brigade?:

I bought the first couple for FE:A, then tired of it. It wasn't adding much to the experience, and there's too much of it.

I'be very interested in a mass amount of Animal Crossing DLC that I don't have to go to Best Buy for.



Midnight3DS commented on Talking Point: E3 Exposed the Strains of Ninte...:

Out of over 300,000 polled, only 7% felt they 'won' E3. Poll after poll, the Wii U is a last afterthought among the big three. That's a problem Nintendo needs to fix with general gamers concerning Wii U, because I don't see the casual tidal wave coming this time around. They were in a pickle at E3. All the buzz would have been on the other two, but opting to do the directs gets them nowhere, either.

I expect some magic to turn it all around, but I don't know what that is.



Midnight3DS commented on Nintendo's Scott Moffitt - Upcoming Wii U Line...:

I wouldn't count on Wii Fit U drawing in that segment of people again. It has fad written all over it. I can see some E3 bringing in more Nintendo fan holdouts, but nothing that will rocket Wii-U's off the shelves with the general public, unfortunately. It's going to be rough going for awhile.