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Wed 20th Feb 2013

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michaelgdog22 commented on Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed:

like racing games but sonic's faster on the road,sonic doesn't need a car does he,i don't know why this game was made,sa2 is better then this game,i think or sonic heroes.the cars are kind of too slow and stairing off a bit and i think this game copells against with mx v.s atv offroad game,which is awkward,i give this game a 2 1/2 RATEING OF THE WORST RACEING GAME YET,I RATHER LIKE SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 2006 BUT THAT GAME ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH,sonic 4 is kind of like a remade sonic the game on sega gensis, the only good games are 1.sonic adventure2.sonic adventure 2 battle,3.sonic heroes, 4. shadow the hedgehog,



michaelgdog22 commented on Review: Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (GameCube):

like the game alot,i like sonif adventure 2 i hope there will be a 3 for ps3 ánd xbox 360,i hope there's more in the game to do,like tails, i think should be about tails,i hope there's a new mastermind villan when could munch worst similar to star wars and marval and capcom, why don't you make a marvel v.s capcom v.s sega game guys,would like to see that happen and would,i think the best villainous character is ??? should be from ??? a tv series i think the villan should be a really awesome character like similar to vin diesel lookslike, i think the villan should be named sharpotrain.