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Tue 9th February, 2010

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MeloMan commented on Review: Witch & Hero (3DS eShop):

Interesting... IMO, I call this game a simple time waster, meaning it's likely to be a bit mindless. I see the game for what it is, and again, I'm neither against nor defending, but the game takes the basic RPG premise, grinding, and believe it or not, strategy, of using a stationary character that can cover a wide area attack-wise (albeit for a limited time) and another character that is completely mobile to attack but you have to manage his endurance. I have to give credit to the thought put into this strategy to make it not just like "every other game". Final Fantasy it is not. Tetris it is not. A 60hr game this is not. BUT... if you just want to waste a few mins. out of your day, I'm sorry, I think this is a worthy game to play. At $2.79, I think I'll pick this up :)



MeloMan commented on Nintendo Download: 17th April (North America):

F-Zero:MV... on Wii U. I'm going to get a Wii U one o' these days, but I guess I'll just be one of those guys that will continue to complain that GBA games aren't being released on the 3DS.



MeloMan commented on "Dark And Edgy" Sonic The Hedgehog Film Report...:

Live action + Sonic...? Did I read that right? So they're giving Sonic the Ted Treatment (minus the comedy)? I never say never, but I'm assuming that means it's going to utilize the Sonic Adventure/Sonic X plot of sorts. I wouldn't hold my breath on it, but it sounds like a recipe for sux to me...



MeloMan commented on Koji Igarashi, Best Known for the Castlevania ...:

The world is definitely an uncertain place with the fathers of Megaman and Castlevania gone and the franchises left to their respective companies of Capcom and Konami. Both franchises are in limbo and are either just going to be pimped out as cash grabs unless directors can come along and carry them to a new level. I'm a cautious optimist, and even though nothing is ever like it's original creator's vision, I believe with the right people, Megaman and Castlevania "can" go on.
Who knows? maybe in the near future, IGA will spawn a series that will go head up with Castlevania just as Inafune has Mighty No. 9 up against Megaman. Fun times ahead.....



MeloMan commented on Ace Attorney Creator Wanted to End Series at O...:

I love the series, but not surprised that Capcom forced yet another dev to continue a series that should've ended sooner (it's Capcom afterall), specifically Phoenix. The Ace Attorney series is bigger than Phoenix Wright, but apparently like Labron to the NBA, Capcom must figure this series will only make $ with PW himself... they're kinda right, but still...



MeloMan commented on Super Smash Bros. Director Masahiro Sakurai Se...:

Even though Sakurai has developed for Nintendo systems, he is still a freelancer and can develop for anyone (though his dev co. folded last I read). In a way, I think it's a subtle way of indicating he also might be ready to test "other" waters. Helluva developer, good luck to him wherever he goes.



MeloMan commented on Satoru Iwata Admits The "Wii U Isn't In Good S...:

I've always felt that it's fallen on advertising... even without the greatest library, they literally need to take some pages from how Microsoft and Sony do their adverts, or even their own NES and SNES days. People need to be constantly reminded that they are missing out if they "don't" get a Wii U rather than wonder "should I" get a Wii U. If they start with that, I believe that would kickstart things at least.



MeloMan commented on The Nikkei Reports Potential Nintendo Smartpho...:

I'm thinking quick experiences, almost like G&W-ish Nintendo games of any of their beloved mascots and universes is in order-- games more complex than the old G&W mind you, but nothing as complex as a full on Nintendo game.



MeloMan commented on EA's Peter Moore States That "Nintendo's A Gre...:

"Great partner"... sounds about the same as the lukewarm feelings Konami, Capcom, Square, and all others have when it comes to "anything" Nintendo related. Once again, companies this gen "put up" with Nintendo, but still do nothing more than throw "good faith" bones with no meat... I guess Nintendo's fortunes will never change...



MeloMan commented on Nintendo Was Dead To Us Very Quickly, States E...:

Wow, haven't seen this many posts in a LONG time... EA really pissed us off this time :p

Anyway, my two cents are, here we go again about the kiddie stuff.. I swear Nintendo can't win for anything. So by that logic EA, Sony simply spoke "we are a not kid system that will guarantee that you will make profit" and that's what you go by right? Even in the hey days of Sony dominance, the devs "brought" that "type" of gaming which "defined" Sony's platform, not the other way around. If you build it on Nintendo's system and push it, "maybe", you'd have different fortunes, EA. But meh, ain't gonna stop me from playing Nintendo systems any more or less.



MeloMan commented on Eiji Aonuma Wants it to be "Fun To Get Stuck" ...:

Exactly my point AND my hope in a previous topic I posted in. Zelda in the beginning did not hand hold. For those too young to remember, it went like this "Take this, it's dangerous to go alone". And guess what happened next? You had no clue. So... you went... somewhere, and the "adventure" began from there. I'm sure this game will have some sort of hand holding, which is fine to kick start things, but hopefully it gives me an experience close to Zelda 1. "Go save the world, Melo Man". Melo Man: "Ok... where do I start??" Bring it! :)



MeloMan commented on Aonuma: Information About Majora's Mask Can Be...:

I'm more interested to see how this fits into the Zelda Timeline. If I take the title "A Link Between Worlds" literally, then this could be the Zelda to tie all 3 story branches together... only one way to find out, I guess.



MeloMan commented on Nintendo of America Selling Wii Remote Rapid C...:

This should've existed back when the Wavebird was out, Nintendo. The only thing that's good is a) I'd rather have a Nintendo brand charging solution anyway, b) my Nyko rechargeable batteries are losing their chargeability anyway, and c) I've been using rechargeable AA's to bridge the gap, so this news is coming at a decent time.



MeloMan commented on Eiji Aonuma States Desire to Avoid the Limitat...:

From the sound of things, it's coming out just like the original LoZ, where you just stumble upon a dungeon, check it out, and see if you can really take it on or not... THAT'S called exploration, and not guided hand-holding. If Zelda alone would get back to that, I think it will rekindle some of that "Adventure" magic many of us remember from so long ago.



MeloMan commented on Review: Breath of Fire II (Wii U eShop / Super...:

I had absolutely no problem with BoF2 and loved it. Unfortunately I only read more about the short comings in this article than its genuine strengths. The fusion system alone is worth the play IMO. I agree it's not the best RPG on SNES, but it's without a doubt worth playing. 7 or 8/10... 6 seems a tad harsh despite the short comings.



MeloMan commented on Soapbox: Why Grand Theft Auto V Isn't For Me:

Art imitating life with splashes of "videogame-isms"... that's Grand Theft Auto. It was the Author's opinion, and I respect it, but in my opinion, the game will satisfy "someone", just like Call of Duty satisfies "someone", and Pokemon satisfies "someone". Play what you like, but I'm sure anyone could put down any genre/game/etc. with relatively sound reasoning. IMO, I find GTA a remarkable gaming feat and best sandbox escapism to date... some games are fluffy and cute, and GTA isn't, but that doesn't make it bad.



MeloMan commented on Eiji Aonuma Advises Adventurers to Hoard Rupee...:

That would be a nice change of pace if certain items have to be bought in stores that you can't find in dungeons, or you literally CAN'T proceed at certain points in the game... it would harken back to the first Zelda which did this to an extent. I'm all for "Find it on your own based on your exploring skills" Zelda. It would also hopefully allow for some never before seen dungeon items.