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United Kingdom

Tue 5th March, 2013

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megamanlink commented on EA's Financial Figures Reveal Dismal Wii U Sof...:

The two best quality games EA released on Wii U (Mass effects & NFS) were already played and completed by gamers on other platforms. To rub salt in to the wound both games were already in the bargain bin on other platforms before they got there full release on the Wii U. EA has not released one top notch exclusive to the Wii U nor have they added a valid reason to purchase their product. Considering it was there employees that belittled the platform and their companies PR stance to create conflict between themselves and nintendo; I have no sympathy that it all backfired in resulting to minimal sales of anything EA produce. When The Wii U (and/or its successor) becomes successful again, don't be surprised to find that the bad blood your company caused leads to 20 plus years of boycott to which your competitors thrive from (see the Sun newspaper on merseyside and how other newspapers have thrived from it).