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I will just say that I have been a Nintendo gamer for over 20 years, and I'm still trying to find time to play games in my busy life. 3DS Friend Code: 0774-4266-4197

Sun 10th February, 2013

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Meaty-cheeky commented on Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Acknowledges Nintendo a...:

Phil Spencer pretty much single-handedly save the Xbox one, from that idiot Don Mattric. Phil listen to the fans and stopped the horrible policies of always on and watching you Kinect, forced online DRM, and no used games.

I also like how Phil is pushing for more first party games on Xbox One. the original xbox and the begging life of the Xbox360 Microsoft game studio was delivering a lot a first party IP's, but somewhere in the middle of Xbox 360's life they kind of stop making games which was a big disappointment, but I'm glad Phil Spencer is changing that.

Wii U & XBOX ONE combo FTW!



Meaty-cheeky commented on Enter a Crazy Code to Unlock a New Character i...:

I agree with @rjejr that Dragonball Z Extreme Butoden, is a solid release for the 3DS, yet there is absolutely no promotion for this game here in North America. Nintendo of America is in turmoil, since Reggie is pissed off that Nintendo of Japan hasn't even considered him to become president of Nintendo since the corporate heads in Nintendo are racist and don't want an America calling the shots.



Meaty-cheeky commented on Review: Star Fox Command (Wii U eShop / DS):

I fear the mistakes made on this StarFox game will be transferred to StarFox Zero, tacking on some ridiculous control method that is unneeded.
StarFox Command could've have been a good game but they ruined it with bad touch screen controls and I hope they don't ruin StarFox Zero with crappy Motion controls. If you play StarFox Command for an extended time you will get some major hand cramping.



Meaty-cheeky commented on Video: Check Out an Extensive History of Super...:

Best 2D Mario game of all time!
I wish they would make a "New version of super mario bros 2" on 3DS, Wii U or NX. I find Super Mario bros 2 is overall a slightly better game than the Standard 2D Mario's, because the games comes with so much variety since you can change character for different game play styles, and in my opinion the game has a better creative level design than Super Mario.



Meaty-cheeky commented on Feature: Taking to the Skies for a Final Look ...:

StarFox Zero should have graphics on par or greater than Mario Kart 8, the Wii U is more than capable In delivering breath taking space scenery with the somewhat linear gameplay of StarFox. ( Nintendo has no excuse ) to not deliver a high quality StarFox game.

Plus Motion controls should be optional if there smart, lots of people on here say how great the motion controls are for Splatoon, but I disagree me and my buddies do better with motion controls turned off. There is no reason for Nintendo to force motion controls on StarFox.
( Motion controls are ok but they are in no way superior than regular analog controls)



Meaty-cheeky commented on Blast Ball is Actually the Tutorial in Metroid...:

Metroid Prime Hunters on the DS looked better than this Chibi half-assed crap. Like others have said this game needs a better art direction and a graphics boost. I think this game does have potential to be fun, but man it looks terrible.



Meaty-cheeky commented on Reaction: The Concept of eShop 'Early Access' ...:

Before Nintendo looks into early access maybe they should think about improving their online networks for the Wii U and 3DS. Like Online friend envites, party chat, messaging, join friends between different games, and chat between different games. Should be more of a priority for the Nintendo network. The original Xbox had a better online service than Wii U. It's 2015 for goodness sake "embarrassing Nintendo!"



Meaty-cheeky commented on Nintendo Is "Exploring" The Idea Of Early Acce...:

Before Nintendo looks into early access maybe they should think about improving their online networks for the Wii U you and 3DS. Like Online friend envites, party chat, join friends between different games, and chat between different games. should be more of a priority for the Nintendo network .



Meaty-cheeky commented on Rare Replay on Xbox One Will Include 30 Games,...:

Why are so many people on here crying about this, yes Rare has gone downhill since being acquired by Microsoft, but this bundle is awesome! Mybe Nintendo should learn a thing or two from Microsoft about better prices on virtual console games.



Meaty-cheeky commented on The First Mother Game Is Finally Coming To The...:

Nintendo wants any 3DS owners out there that doesn't own a Wii U to go out and buy one, Thats why there also slowly killing Virtual Console on 3DS.
Sneaky Nintendo this easily could be put on 3DS, but Nintendo need to sell more Wii U's.

Still very happy that Earthbound Beginnings is finally here!



Meaty-cheeky commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Dreamcast:

The SEGA Dreamcast was an awesome video game system, I bought one when the N64 had a terrible game drought, Dreamcast games looked and played great, everything from Sonic Adventure 1&2, Crazy Taxi, and Dead or Alive. The SEGA Dreamcast was a head of it's time.



Meaty-cheeky commented on Poll: Is Splatoon a Blockbuster That'll Help R...:

The lack of voice chat for this game is a huge blow and continues to show that Nintendo is behind the curve ball when it comes to online gameplay, i'm a huge Nintendo fan but I feel that this game will flop like the rest of other Wii U exclusives. If Mario and Donkey Kong can't save the Wii U then nothing will.