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Mon 14th Apr 2014

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mayrascookie1 commented on Sakurai Explains The Reasoning Behind The New ...:

SIMON BELMONT: he would be awesome he could have whip attack as normal special and hold to manuver whip in all directions, he could grappel opponents and items far away and throw them or slam them his side special could bea different attack each time interchangeable by using his up taunt which changes weapon could be fist smash character to do so and could throw holy water,cross boomerang and down special could be dlames come out from all under him and up special could be an axe his down smash could be him wrap his whip around his arm for a deadly down punch upwards smash could feature a fiery uppercut that can be charged for more power as well as a recovery move that allows him to double jump and grappling the edge with his whip like link he could have final smash as 1000 whips hitting opponents also hit attack button continuously makes him whip others very fast like meta knight hed be pretty epic!


thatd be awesome just take out his flying and instead have him rely on short bursts of flying and also have hime use instant transmission to dodge and appear behind or as a teleportation give him fast attacks a kamehameha for special a spirit bomb as a charge attack like samus he can have destructo disc for side b his smash attack down would send opponents flying downwards and stick to the ground like donkey kongs pound move that leavs opponent stuck in ground his up special could then have hime launch opponent upward and have him teleport up to do downward smash up to four consecutive times unless opponent recovers have him charge up aura the more damaged he is his shield could be orange like dragon balls color he could grab opponents and then throw them down or accross the stage(gets stronger the more damage he takes)also can take only one senzu bean as a taunt to give him a 25 percent health only once per match could have smash attack of super saiyan 3 goku or super saiyan 2 or super saiyan 4 depending on how much damage was recieved suring the match if high critical damage(very rare) u get stongest super saiyan 4 form you fly infinitely and are always super powered aura and attacks much stronger(strength increase depends on form he would be epic!