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Wed 18th Jun 2008

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Mayhem commented on The Super Famicom is 25 Years Old:

Ah, the SNES. Greatest console ever imo. And the reason I first took the dive into importing systems and games. It's not so important now, because release dates and image quality are comparable across regions, but back then, the resultant PAL games were often unoptimised, meaning the extra scanlines were not used (hence the black borders) and not sped up to compensate. I can't play Super Mario Kart on PAL for example, I'm too hard wired into the NTSC version!



Mayhem commented on Zelda Fans Vent Anger At Nintendo of America O...:

If people are this angry about one Doge meme in a Zelda game, they'd be apoplectic about all the pop culture and meme references in the Phoenix Wright games. Or is it the fact it's a Nintendo/Zelda title here mostly?



Mayhem commented on Super Mario Advance 4's e-Reader Levels Get Re...:

Nice work

Many of the cards were exclusive to the Walmart version of the original GBA game, which is why I specifically purchased that version back in the day. Good to see them available to more people, even if it's an unusual delivery method!



Mayhem commented on Review: Sin and Punishment (Wii U eShop / N64):

S&P is still a classic in my eyes. If the game is losing a point here because of control issues on the Wii U compared to the original N64 controller, then fair enough, because the controls were great on the N64.



Mayhem commented on Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passes Away Ag...:

We knew he had taken time off last year for health reasons, which I'm guessing was because of this. But after E3, you wouldn't have known, he seemed fine. Wow, this is a bit shocking. Nintendo really managed to keep this under wraps. Thank you for your games (even the really early ones such as Star Battle on the Vic20!) and your leadership, you will be missed



Mayhem commented on Video: Retro Music is Hard-Wired Into Your Bra...:

Although this does not necessarily explain why so many C64 SID tracks are so memorable, especially when they were only played on the title screen heh. The same underlying basis is true though, it's melody and rhythm, unlike many soundtracks today that just appear atmospheric and symphonic without dynamic blocks of notes to hook the listener. Not saying they are bad, just different, and less memorable usually.



Mayhem commented on Talking Point: The Fragility of Buying Downloa...:

On the theme of piracy here... oddly enough, while criticised and condemned for taking profits away from companies, it is pirated versions that usually ARE the means many older games are still available to play today! In a strange circle of completion. As someone involved with preserving old, unknown games, there are many we have yet to track down an original for, but no problems getting a digital pirated copy. In today's digital heavy world, it may well be the pirates still who are the gateway to playing digital only games way into the future. I don't condone piracy, but if there IS an upside to the practice, this is definitely it.



Mayhem commented on Ninterview: Jeremy Parish On Cataloguing The H...:

I wish Jeremy luck in completing this. Part of the "problem" with European release dates is that there may be more than one, if the game was staggering across various countries. At least Japan and US is a bit easier to corroborate.
@HollywoodHogan He has one of those for playing rare games, but that doesn't get you good photos/scans of the packaging, or information about precisely when games were released



Mayhem commented on Review: Sky Kid (Wii U eShop / NES):

You can also try out Kamikaze on the C64, as the mechanics are quite similar. Although you can guess from the title what you have to actually do! That's quite a fun game, and it was a budget title back in the day.



Mayhem commented on Majora’s Mask 3D Patch Irons Out Honey & Dar...:

Thanks for the explanation. I played the original N64 version all the way through to 100% back in the day and never encountered the problem. I suspect my save game might not quite still be there on the cartridge however, battery backup gods save me



Mayhem commented on Not Everyone is Thrilled That Metroid Prime Tr...:

@BensonUii I suspect that's probably a reason for those two staying high, yes.

@DiscoGentleman But that's a reverse argument to my point. The only real way people can play Metroid Prime Trilogy currently is to have the physical Wii release. You can play Earthbound and Shantae via downloaded ROMs in emulation, or through the VC, or a physical cartridge. And yet, those two have held their price despite the availability in piracy or legit VC.



Mayhem commented on Not Everyone is Thrilled That Metroid Prime Tr...:

Some games seem to dip in price post VC release, and some do not. Shantae and Earthbound originals certainly don't seem to be dropping much after their release! Maybe it's because MP Trilogy is a lot newer.



Mayhem commented on Anniversary: The Nintendo DS is Now 10 Years Old:

Was going to see a friend for Thanksgiving in 2004, and then a few weeks after booking my flights, Nintendo announced the DS would launch first in the US, the day after I arrived! Cue heading to Best Buy at 7am, expecting queues. Nothing. Walked in, asked the nearest customer agent how many DS I could buy. He said as many as I wanted. So I bought ten hah hah, mostly to bring back for other people. All well and good, but that purchase got my credit card locked two days later, and took another two days to unlock!

Arguably the best handheld system ever, with strong competition from the GBA and NGPC.



Mayhem commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Wii U):

I'm glad they're waiting to score based on the online, because that's a major part. You never can tell how a game will react and be moulded until it is released upon the unwashed hordes. Pity many other publications don't do the same, especially with major FPS titles...



Mayhem commented on These GameCube-style Mario Bros. Controllers O...:

Designs are very similar to the old Club Nintendo Mario and Luigi Cube pads in the past. Hori are a reputable manufacturers, and aside from Mad Catz in the last few years, are the only third party maker I trust outside of Nintendo.



Mayhem commented on Feature: The Nintendo 64 Controller and the Ri...:

Nice article... just two points about it:
1) Not all analog sticks were massive and cumbersome, evidently the writer may not have played a Vectrex console before. Yes, the whole joypad is large, but that fits a stick and four buttons and is excellent in general for arcade style games.
2) The 3D Control Pad for the Saturn did NOT pre-date the N64, it launched with NiGHTS two weeks after the launch of the N64. So it was in development simultaneously at most.



Mayhem commented on Mario Kart Month: The Developers Who Tried To ...:

Diddy Kong Racing to me, is a better one player experience than MK64. Multiplayer... the N64 version still bests DKR. Bit surprised to see no mention of Konami's Krazy Racers or Ubisoft's Street Racer though, as they were the two first real clones to emerge.



Mayhem commented on Review: Street Fighter Alpha 2 (Wii U eShop / ...:

"There seems to be a slight hiccup at the beginning of each battle as the game freezes for a second..." - due to the decompression needed to fit everything onto the cartridge, it's still pulling all the graphics out when the fight starts! A bit annoying, but I got used to it eventually.



Mayhem commented on Reaction: Mario Kart 8 Accused Of Poor Sales P...:

If I want to race, I'll play Grand Prix or Time Trial. Battle Mode SHOULD be about it being "FPS on wheels", and evidently I'm not the only person who thinks that and is disappointed about the change.



Mayhem commented on Myth Becomes Reality As Atari's E.T. Cartridge...:

There hasn't been a lot of doubt that something was buried there for quite a while... we're talking years here. The question was "what". They didn't even break through the stuff buried under the concrete either, just the first dumping portion back from 1983 that was stopped when kids started to raid the dump. That's why the rest was buried under concrete, to stop anyone getting at what was there. Whether they carry on to break the seal remains to be seen.



Mayhem commented on Ninterview: Legendary Designer Julian Gollop O...:

Julian is one of the finest game designers of all time, and Laser Squad and X-Com are two of my favourite games. Wasn't quite as into Chaos / Lords of Chaos as those two, but I look forward to supporting the Kickstarter



Mayhem commented on Matters of Import: Prepare To Die In Fire Embl...:

Only just seen this entry now (been on holiday). Own an original of this, the limited edition with the plush toys etc. Quite a nice set actually. May consider selling it on at some point, but it looks nice on the shelf next to the 64DD heh.



Mayhem commented on Nintendo Switching Off Wi-Fi Connection Servic...:

To all those complaining about Nintendo's decision... the move was inevitable, but Nintendo has kept support far, far longer than almost any other company, such as Electronic Arts, who usually pull online for a game in under two years.



Mayhem commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Pas...:

In answer to the comments, the vast majority of VC games are the original 60Hz versions that the US got, even in the Euro store. LttP happens to be one of the few that are the original 50Hz release back in the day instead.



Mayhem commented on Feature: Why I Love Import Gaming:

I've been import gaming since 1991, when a US SNES arrived to banish the blues and I never looked back. The only times I've gotten a PAL console in the 20 years since was either when having a chipped PAL console was the better option (PS2) or having the hardware fail would be very difficult to replace (Xbox 360). With simultaneous release schedules and hi-def pictures the norm now, most of the reasons to import have gone.

Except price. And with region locking mostly going (bar Nintendo's daft decision to put it on for the 3DS), then having a foreign account for digital games often makes them much cheaper. And potentially another way to also get games that may not be released in Europe.



Mayhem commented on Soapbox: Even With The Arrival Of PS4 And Xbox...:

No one should buy a console at launch, because it takes about a year before it starts to hit its stride and has many of the technical issues/glitches bedded out. As shown by the PS4 and XB One, lots of people still do though. And oh, it's been about a year since the Wii U came out and look... now more classic games are starting to emerge...



Mayhem commented on Hardware Review: Neo Geo X Gold & Mega Pack Vo...:

"Finally, the mechanic for disturbing new games feels outdated."

Why, are there new methods to disturb games today compared to yesteryear?

On a serious note, having tried the Neo Geo X myself, I am mostly in agreement with Damien's assessment...



Mayhem commented on Soapbox: Mobile And Tablet Gaming Is Creating ...:

It really depends if you're into playing thinking games or reflex games. The former isn't really going to be an issue if you're playing on a touch screen, a pad, a joystick, or waving a Wii remote around. The latter? I'll stick to my arcade stick and joypad thanks.

The more serious concern is that the freemium model of gaming is going to infiltrate and infect mainstream console games, and that IS what worries me. There was a panel at San Diego Comic-Con that discussed this in some detail, and opinion was heavily divided whether it would be a good thing or not.



Mayhem commented on First Impressions: DuckTales Remastered:

@sinalefa - Yes, to my knowledge, all the original voice talent is present. I got to meet June Foray a few years ago, lovely woman to chat with. And I got to meet a few others of the Duck Tales voice cast this year as well.

Oh, and the game is just as hard as it was mwa hah hah, having tried the demo out at San Diego...