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Fri 6th Jul 2012

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maxkollide commented on 3DS Sales Momentum in U.S. and Europe is 'Not ...:

I just thought I'd say my piece here.

First of all, it's not the game selection that's the issue. It's culture and image that's the main stumbling block of the 3DS. The hardware and the games are stellar. The games that are coming out soon are also brilliant, and I know a lot of folks who want to see some of the games... yet, these are the exact same people who are refusing to buy a 3DS. Wait, what?

Yep. I know at least 15 of my friends who I have talked to about handhelds are not planning on buying a 3DS. Every single one, without exception, has told me that the reason they're not getting one is because "It's a DS. I already have a DS." The way Nintendo has managed to market the console by calling it the 3DS, then only focusing on the 3D, has shot themselves in the foot. Nobody seems to realize it's actually a new console, with new features and new functionality. The 3D is deemed a gimmick, and a poor one, and everyone I know believed (until I talked to them) that the console simply was "A DS with 3D".

And now, the fun part. I'd actually managed to convince a few of them to buy the 3DS, and just when they were going to get one, the 3DS XL is announced. They dropped it ENTIRELY, vowing not to get the console, because of Nintendo's history with the DS line of consoles. I can't speak for everyone, but of the people I know, releasing the 3DS XL was a deal breaker. Nobody wants to spend $150-200 on a console to see it obsoleted in only a year. Releasing a new color is one thing. Releasing a hardware upgrade is another.

TL;DR Nintendo's business model and marketing tactics are driving people away