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I'm a math teacher, I game, and I love Nintendo.

Thu 13th March, 2014

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maths commented on Poll: Do Video Game Reviews Need To Have A Score?:

@Kirby_Fan_DL3 Yes, Nintendo Life's review scores are probably biased because they are written by hardcore Nintendo fans. However, I find this to be a useful bias when deciding whether or not to purchase a game. If scores are skewed high here, it's a pretty good bet that a game that receives a 7 or below is definitely not worth my time. Also, I'm not sure how you would get around this problem. It seems pretty difficult to find people that aren't biased toward a particular type or genre of game.



maths commented on Kirby Mini-Games Now Available on North Americ...:

I just bought Kirby Fighters on impulse and am pleasantly surprised. It seems totally worth the $7 to me as they added several new stages and abilities to the Triple Deluxe version. This will definitely keep me entertained and whet my appetite for Smash Bros.!