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Tue 17th Jun 2014

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martimusprime commented on Mighty No. 9 Has Been Delayed Once Again as Ke...:

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, and I'll keep saying it until Inafune, comcept, or someone officially makes a statement or gives me an answer:
Give me one reason that backers who helped you make this game in the first place have to wait until retail release for this game, a game that is now getting a collector's edition physical copy that we were never promised or able to get via backing?

Making the very people who believed in comcept, in this game, and in Keiji Inafune WAIT so they can have a retail release as well is astoundingly incompetent and proverbial spit in the face of those people.

Maybe they need to contact Yacht Club Games and figure out how to run a successful Kickstarter and make a video game.



martimusprime commented on Review: Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros. (3DS):

My only question is: is it better than Sticker Star and Dream Team? Because both of those were kind of repetitive and had lots of unnecessary fetch quests and the like. It bogged the game down in ways the older Mario and Luigi games and Paper Mario games didn't. The "Luiginary" and sticker mechanics were pretty clunky and took away from the core aspects of the game, as well.



martimusprime commented on Deep Silver And Comcept Confirm Launch Date Fo...:

As a backer, and an early one at that, I have to say that all the shenanigans around this game have pretty much killed any expectation I have for it. But, two huge issues have angered me:

1. The demo is for PC only. I have all Apple devices and can't play it. Plus, I got my copy for Wii U, why is there not a demo for each system. I know this would probably take time but if the games are being coded for each system and it releases in February, surely some significant progress has been made for each version enough to get a demo out of it.

2. Originally, when a publisher was announced for the game, no mention was made of how this would affect backers. I personally feel that backers should get the game before its offered as a physical release in stores, because we are the ones who made it possible to even have the game in the first place. But, I waited, thinking that it would be announced later. So far, nothing has been said about when backers will get their download codes which leads me to believe that we will get our copies when everyone else does, which feels like a slap in the face to those who believed in Comcept and Inafune enough to back in the first place.

sigh I guess I'll just go back to playing Mega Man Legacy Collection and keep hoping Capcom remembers Mega Man someday.