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Tue 21st Aug 2012

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marshallamps commented on Rare Final Fantasy II NES Cartridge Hits eBay:

Its a little scary for me. I see a few things with the auction that would red flag me from even a $5000 offer but thats just me.

#1 I'm sure he gave good money for it so why dump the ROM? Are we supposed to think the Square or the second owner dumped it? Why would they? I would think it would be easier to prove legitimacy and worth more if the cartridge itself contained the only version of it known and there was no easy way to find ROM of it on the net. If you were going to fake it, you would at least need the ROM of it which everyone has access to. As most folks know, there are ways to get these roms on a chip within a cartridge.

#2 And this is just a petty thing but I am curious as to why a Nintendo/NES collector (as hardcore as this guy would have to be to pay this type of money for a FF Proto) would own a Yobo (an Nes/SNES repro knockoff type machine) console. Wouldn't someone dealing in NES collectibles of this level and rarity at least be using an NES or at the very least an NES with replaced 72-pin connector? Its my understanding the Yobos have a cartridge slot that is so snug and holds the cartridge so tight that people have actually damaged the gold connectors on the game carts themselves with them. They purposefully made the Yobos this way so people could plug their vintage games in and make them work easily, even if the game was dirty, slightly corroded, etc. This way the old games will actually haver a higher likelyhood of working with the new Yobo(and similar repro machines) than they will in an old NES. But the downside? Its BAD for the cartridge! Why plug a proto into one of those? It screams newb and newb and protoype cartridge in the same spot send up a red flag for me.

#3 The vintage and collectible video game market is increasingly being hit with counterfeits created by scammers looking to cash in on BIG bucks. When you get into these dollar amounts there is heavy incentive. Everyone just saw that the Zelda rarity went for $55k. More then likely its how the pricing was considered for this item, being as its $50k. Lastly, its really not nearly as difficult as people might think to fake these type of carts. They have crude hand labeling, basic stickers, and chips that can contain anything that someone wants to put on them (given they have the proper equipment and knowledge).

Without the proper paperwork, photos and provenance NONE of them are worth these type of prices IMHO.

All those are just my opinions and concerns. I certainly don't mean to offend anyone.