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Thu 17th Jun 2010

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Markystal commented on Ono: "Wii U More Capable Than We Saw at E3":

Vitality sensor built into the controller that senses our gaming mood? New online features integrating Nintendo Network that also connect to all platforms with a new Club Nintendo app? Even higher specs!? Oh the possibilities are endless!



Markystal commented on Nintendo Won't Keep Miis Cooped Up in the Plaza:

While Nintendo has stated a disinterest in free software, they should make a game to be included in the DS itself that is similar to Animal crossing or something of the sort to give the casuals incentive to buy the 3ds. For example, it would use the Miis you find in Street Pass to fill your city. Maybe they can add an occupation to your Mii's description to make it so they do things in their elected profession. Maybe you can even do some daily tasks too like eating or something. Just something to give them a purpose.



Markystal commented on Koizumi has "Too Many Ideas" for Mario on Wii U:

I'm actually hoping this game will be Super Mario Galaxy 3 because of the fact Super Mario Bros. 3 ended up being the best Mario bros so why not try doing that again. I mean come on, Nintendo has a track record when it comes to trapping lightning in a bottle more than once.



Markystal commented on Koizumi has "Too Many Ideas" for Mario on Wii U:

I'm actually hoping this game will be Super Mario Galaxy 3 because of the fact Super Mario Bros. 3 ended up being the best Mario bros so why not try doing that again. I mean come on, Nintendo has a track record when it comes to trapping lightning in a bottle more than once.



Markystal commented on Talking Point: The GBA Games You Want on 3DS V...:

Fire Emblem and Fire Emblem Sacred Stones would be enough. Although, Mario & Luigi Super Star Saga would let me have the whole Mario & Luigi RPG series. Other than that Nintendo has hit the nail on the head in terms of their revealed selections.



Markystal commented on Sorry, Looks Like Netflix Isn't Getting 3D Movies:

I just want to be able to view anime on my 3ds. Is that really too much to ask Nintendo? Really? I really don't want to have to carry around an iPad or PS Vita just for the sake of videos. Maybe I should just hold out to the inevitable 3ds XL



Markystal commented on EA CEO Loves the Wii U:

I can see genres once exclusive the pc like the rts and the mmo (hopefully) joining the console bandwagon with the wiiU controller. Using the touch screen to contol troops or having an MMO with engaging gameplay. The possibilities are endless.



Markystal commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Try to Recaptur...:

The whole concept of hardcore and casual is completely null and void due to the fact that that it's difficult to establish anything that follows the criteria of either category. I feel that the argument should not be as to whether or not a game is hardcore as it should be to variety and quality. If I asked 100 gamers of the so called hardcore jurisdiction whether or not Call of Duty is hardcore, they'd either respond yes or if they're ignorant say it sucks or is the best game ever.
I own Call of Duty yet I don't play it with too much vigor or energy, or in other words, I play a hardcore game in a casual manner. This also goes with the argument that you can play a so called causal game such as WiiFit in a hardcore manner. If I spent 15 hours in a long WiiFit session, can I be judged as being a casual gamer even though I have spent 15 hours playing a game non stop? Please, the hardcore vs casual war is nothing but mindless bickering about the types of games and consoles one plays. I feel that Nintendo has helped our industry in a massive manner with the ds and wii.
I have some younger cousins that never gamed before until I introduced them to the ds and wii. If you look at them now they are on their way to being devoted gamers whom play games for what they were meant to. Think to yourselves all you so called hardcore gamers, can you complain that so casual games might be just gateways for the general public to playing along your side in a game of your liking? I think so and I really hope that you all do too.
So, the answer to if Nintendo should try to capture is a they don't need to. All they truly need is quality and variety. I may not have been a nes gamer, but I can still appreciate some history and when I look back at the NES, SNES and Playstation, I saw a bunch of games that were fun and varied. If you ask me, Sony and Microsoft have done little to drive incredible or outlandish projects with their teams. That is what has truly hurt our industry. At the end of the day, we just need to hope that we get console that isn't stagnating and drives creativity.



Markystal commented on Top Screen Backlight to Blame for 3DS Battery ...:

I wonder if the battery life increase of 2 hours is including the 3D on. I personally am not all that interested n the 3D in that of itself. I was excited by the games, not the 3D. I may play with full 3D on at home while charging the 3DS, but wouldn't the possible 3D induced eye strain from before be even more cumbersome while on the go?



Markystal commented on Nintendo's 3DS Events - We Want Your Questions!:

Ask questions? Well I guess since I can't make it to the New York event I guess I might as well ask away.
1) Will the multitasking run with the music app?-As in will I be able to listen to songs from my sd card while gaming?

2)Was the recent announcement about te 3DS only getting 3 to 5 hours of gaming with the 3DS games with the 3D on or off and at what brightness.

3) Nintendo's launch titles for the US

4) Whether or not retailers like gamestop will have them placed at there stores for testing (Gamestop has systems one can try out at their stores so will nintendo allow them to display it?)

5) What are the change with the 3DS's music feature

If you could answer any of these I'd be quite thankful



Markystal commented on Mario and His Sporty Friends Go to Court in Fe...:

Sounds pretty good, dodge ball has me interested. If my memory serves, hockey and volleyball were in Mario Party 5 as extra games. Square and Nintendo should really be spending some time on a certain little sequel to a certain little classic. (Mario RPG 2. GIve me Geno!!!).



Markystal commented on 3DS Game Cards Could Reach a Mighty 8GB:

With that kind of space the possibilities are limitless. Now Sqeenix mmight have some more room for, well, I don't know, how about Final fantasy 5 and 6 remakes! FF 6 would be awesome and most of us who don't import or read Japanese haven't even played 5!



Markystal commented on Review: Goemon's Great Adventure (Nintendo 64):

Forgot review was great by the way, though I'm biased and would hve rated it higher. Oh and the part about the "GAME OVER" screen is no joke. I died on purpose when I was a kid just to see that sometimes(Kind of creepy now that I think about it.).



Markystal commented on Review: Goemon's Great Adventure (Nintendo 64):

The first game owns me. The coop for this game is so good that I honesty have never played a game that has surpassed it. I can remember all the fun times I had with this game. I probably would still be playing it had my n64 controllers not lost functionality. Though this game didn't receive as much love from other people, it has a very close place in my heart. It is behind Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 for the best game i have ever played. The levels were fun, the Japanese culture references were great, the different characters were a blast. The game play was so much fun me and my best friend lasted our entire n64 gaming sessions playing this game exclusively until we moved. I love this game and would probably suffer heart attacks worse than e3 2010 if this game was brought to the US virtual Console. Me and my friend kept track of how many times we beat it. The last time was # 1003, I hope to increase that number some day...



Markystal commented on Tales of the Abyss Coming to 3DS:

Oh my gosh! I don't care if I have to go to Japan personally to get this! It will be mine! I have wanted this ever since I beat this game about 4 years ago. The 3DS has to be a miracle machine! Wooo
lay off the cruise control, plz -- TBD



Markystal commented on Prepare for a Perfect Super Street Fighter IV ...:

Street Fighter on the go in 3D is a potential system seller for fighting game fans. Still, I just hope Nintendo finds a way to work a second slide pad into the mix for fps games and to help a Monster Hunter game that could see a 3DS debut. There seems to be a need to have something in the space below the buttons Nintendo!



Markystal commented on First Impressions: GoldenEye 007 Multiplayer:

Wow, the Wii is getting 3 good fps games. I probably will get this game and Conduit 2 because TCon gets more playtime from me than COD: MW2 on the PS3 because of superior controls. I hope the controls for the W+N combo are good. I 'd be disappointed if they were bad while the dual analog was king. I have a PS3 for dual analog and I just don't fell that too much focus should be placed on them. As an extra feature it's great though. The only thing I can see holding these games back are bad frame rates or major graphical hitches. Maybe I should remind everyone that Black Ops is also coming to Wii, but then again, the COD games on Wii generally aren't all that great. Wii FPS games FTW.



Markystal commented on Tetsuya Nomura Wants to Make The World Ends Wi...:

ngkodfbvgifbvgsdsbgbiobsky85843y7...sorry about that, I must have accidentally hit the comments section while having my seizure. TWEWY is the BEST RPG I've ever played, so TWEWY 2 would be like a dream come true. Too bad I lost my job...



Markystal commented on Nintendo President Wants Gamers to be Surprise...:

When Nintendo does release a new Wii, I Just hope they call it a Super Nintendo Wii to bring back the memories of going from the NES to SNES. Plus Super Wii sounds kind of catchy.
NES -> SNES -> N64 -> Gamecube X
Wii -> Super Wii O



Markystal commented on We Experience 3DS in London:

The 3DS is looking to be huge. The casuals will probably love Nintendogs + Cats, but Nintendo has delivered on pretty much all fronts. Wonder what the next e3 will bring from Nintendo. Virtual reality, full on voice command, SUPER NINTENDO WII!



Markystal commented on Yes, There Really Is a Zelda Master Timeline D...:

Should we really care if there is a timeline? Whether or not a timeline exists or not shouldn't really matter. If you really care about a timeline of Zelda so much that you really need to to know, then I don't get your interests in the slightest bit. I play my Zelda games to enjoy the game and the story to come second. So if Shigeru Miyamoto made a future Zelda, that lacked any form of story and didn't fit into this "master timeline", I wouldn't mind because the game play is all that matters. Now, if Zelda games began to lose their quality, a timeline of that would be useful as a means to reminisce over the good old day.



Markystal commented on Metal Gear Solid Creator Briefs Us on What We ...:

The graphics in the screen shot could be better!
"The high level models are about the same quality as the stuff we made on the PlayStation 3, although it's tough to see this. If we'd had a bit more time, we could have made something better..." epic

"...What we wanted to do this time is show that we're making an entry in the Metal Gear Solid franchise that can be enjoyed in goggle-free 3D on the 3DS." goggle-free 3D, LOL!!!!!!!