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MarkyVigoroth commented on Soapbox: If Nintendo Took On Virtual Reality, ...:

@wariowarewolf Eeyup, though that is not the whole story. They fixated on 3D at the expense of everything else. They served themselves instead of their customers. The Nintendo- DS had 3D graphics, but the console only started selling when Nintendo- tried to expand its audience through the Touch! Generations Series.



MarkyVigoroth commented on Soapbox: If Nintendo Took On Virtual Reality, ...:

The result would be a disaster. Nintendo- would just fixate on that technology instead of going back to the basics on what makes a good game. The obsession with 3D is the reason why the Virtual Boy, Nintendo- 64, GameCube , and 3DS failed. (The Nintendo- Revolution, despite having 3D graphics, made great games that expanded the audience, hence the Nintendo- revolution did not fail in its early years.)



MarkyVigoroth commented on Macronix Will Be Providing Memory Products for...:

I thought that Nintendo- would release DETAILS ABOUT the NX this year, not the NX itself...
...either Nintendo- wanted this to be a huge surprise (even to the hardcore gamers!) or Nintendo- was going to release a prototype this year.



MarkyVigoroth commented on Detective Pikachu Trailer is Revealed, Arrives...:

I wondered back then about what happened...
On the trailer itself, I was pleasantly surprised at how freaking... lively Pikatyu- was. I mean, he was not 'detailed' or 'realistic', but still 'lively'... fitting with the live-action. (Think of how that Substitute Doll was in Super Smash Bros. 4.)



MarkyVigoroth commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Can Exploit Its Rich H...:


The question is... WHICH games? I would like to see a remaster of the oft-overlooked Zelda 2. Super Mario Bros 3, given the value of the game, is also a great contender.

I wonder if this technique is simply Nintendo- pushing 'darling' GameCube games on is, regardless of what the consumers REALLY want.



MarkyVigoroth commented on Review: Rytmik Ultimate (3DS eShop):

'The intimidating nature of the screen layout and slightly strange methods used for completing your songs means that this probably isn't the best bet for someone who is hoping to try out electronic music composition for the first time.'
What would be my best bet, then?



MarkyVigoroth commented on Video: Check Out the Super Mario Bros. 3 Port ...:

I honestly believe that Nintendo- did the right thing by restraining Super Mario Bros. 3 to consoles. After all, this game was a console-seller and therefore would have directed customers away from the NES if this was released through the computers that a lot of people probably already have had.



MarkyVigoroth commented on Hitoshi Yamagami Talks a Bit About Shin Megami...:

I STILL wish that they stayed with the original direction. (This is reminding me of that time when the makers of Hyrule Warriors were not allowed to make their game more true to the original The Legend of Zelda series!) I am now hoping that fans would make a fan-game that is a TRUE cross-over with Fire Emblem and Megami Tensei!
...if they insist on making this Persona Art Online, though, I wish there would be a Gleam-Eyes Performa in the 'new' game.



MarkyVigoroth commented on Feature: A Pokémon Retrospective: Generation ...:

To me, this generation was backwards. The 1st introduced us to this fabulous world of Pokémon. The 2nd one brought up our hypes and delivered with 'everything new'. The 3rd generation brought strong change not just in the games, but also in the Trading Card game (from Wizards of the Coast to Nintendo-) and even in the producing more spin-offs. The 4th generation seems mediocre and largely derivative to me.



MarkyVigoroth commented on Project M Development Ends as Its Team Looks A...:

I really dislike their shutting down the downloads. The modification was excellent. I even played the mod quite a few times!
I can understand their development issues, though; having a project in development limbo is not exactly a pleasant idea, especially when the source dried up. I prefer having a 'final' release than just wait forever.



MarkyVigoroth commented on Pokémon Red, Blue & Yellow Are Coming To The ...:

Aiyah! The bearded(?) Groudon was right!
I was surprised that link functionality was added!
I am surprised that people actually hated on this announcement. Me, these games, despite their pain in playing, formed the foundation of the entire franchise and therefore deserve to be released, first.
...even so, playing these games was still painful (Even Pokemon Silver was more comfortable!). I would only buy these if enough people buy these games in the real world, thus justifying link battles.
I think that the Generation 2 games would be next... though shaneoh's comment woke me up to the fact that the Time Capsule would be an issue...



MarkyVigoroth commented on Mother 3 Heading to the Wii U eShop in Japan o...:

I have some great expectations of the release of the game here in the Americas. The problem is that Mother 1 already had an English translation available (in the 'Earthbound Zero' leak), while no such official translation came out to Mother 3...
...unless Nintendo- takes up Tomato's offer of taking Tomato's unofficial translation of the game.



MarkyVigoroth commented on Final Fantasy's Cloud Is Set To Cause Some Str...:

Aiyah! I remember wanting Puck-Man, Mii, and Cloud Strife to be in the game! this point, I would not be totatally surprised if Gojiira, despite being a film character, was in the game.
This gives hopes that King K Rool would be in the game, though. I mean, given the popularity of Cloud Strife, King K Rool would be possible.
I echo people here: Cloud appeared in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories from the GameBoy Adavnce, qualifying the 'Nintendo- appearance' requirement. (Besides, was not Final Fantasy VII once going to be through the Nintendo- 64?)



MarkyVigoroth commented on Feature: Why We're Still Playing... Pokémon G...:

Fufufu... I am playing Pokemon Silver while I read this article!

Seriously, I remember the Joy I got getting hype over the new 100 Pokemon and the new types, them ending up stimulating the imagination of mine. (I even thought that, if I figured out what the entire Annon alphabet meant, I would be a Pokemon Master!) The hype was quite early; my earliest memory of Pokemon was me seeing the Farfetch'd microanimation from the VCR of Pokemon: the 1st Movie at ToysЯUs, hence I got into the series at the border between the generations. (Right now, though, the Pokemon from Generation 2 felt different... not the same Joy I got from the previous generation... Is this the '1st love' effect?)

Yes; I got figurative nosebleeds (and some Fear and Surprise) from the Hyper Beam animation. Speaking of animations, I remember thinking that the way the games would upgrade the graphics would be having trainers get animations. (Back then, I found difficult that the graphics could get any better; Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire being quite some time away.)

I also felt excitement from the new Types... though this started the 'Light Type' controversy... (Myself, alongside Light, I thought that Nintendo- would make a Rainbow Type because the Rainbow Energy had its own symbol in the TCG back then!)

I heartily agree with how Gold and Silver improved upon Red and Blue. I remember not playing the first-generation games much, me starting on Pokemon Silver. After playing Pokemon Red in its entirety this year, an experience that I expected to be pure Joy was, in reality, mixed with Disgust and Anger. The moves, while plentiful, were still too small in number per type. I mean, I felt that there were too little POKEMON per type, Dragon types notwithstanding! Also, the general interface felt so uncomfortable. While Pokemon Silver had its own flaws (Fury Cutter being the closest to a decent Bug move!), the game was so much better than the previous generation.

I reiterate the time thing. Back then, I did not have a wristwatch nor those fancy cellular telephones from back then (which were less advanced than those from Nippon, not that I, a youngster at the time, was appropriate with one), hence my Pokemon Silver game WAS my 'wristwatch!' I did appreciate the time features... though there were a few moments of Anger that resulted from them... Also, I actually enjoyed the telephone calls... though I do not recall Youngster Joey from being that annoying...

The exploration (of both regions)... that had Joy, location-wise and music-wise. I even enjoyed the Generation 2 remixes better than the Generation 1 originals! (I do not deny the points of Anger from the HM obstacles, though...) The chasing Legendary Beasts was Disgust leading into the Sadness of resignation that I would never catch those beasts, though...

Do we not remember Karen's words from this generation... about playing with your favourites? (Back then' I did not understand what she meant.) Nowdays, in the remixes of the Generation 3 games, a gentleman talks about how we trainers eventually have to pick function above all else in Pokemon. I wonder about that zeitgeist...



MarkyVigoroth commented on Site News: Nintendo Life Turns 10 Today:

I remember when someone non-seriously suggested the name 'Nintendo... Life?' (No; really, who was that person?) I also remember when the new website got a question that said 'Is this an April Fool's joke?' only to have NintendoLife say 'That's what you hope.'



MarkyVigoroth commented on Feature: A Pokémon Retrospective: Generation ...:

Let me elaborate: the graphics had their best appearance here... quite soft-looking while 'stabilising'. The Natures and double battles added better dimensions to battling. Our Pokemon could relearn moves! The Contests added a pleasant yet immersive addition to the Pokemon world. The world was great, having what I found a good balance of water and land. Even the berry system was excellent! I even liked the e-Reader functionality!

Of course, later titles added great things: better moves of every type, the Fairy type, restoration of the Day-Night system, wireless interaction... even the Dream World/Online world! I just like this generation the most.



MarkyVigoroth commented on Nintendo Is Unique, Different And Does Its Own...:

I wonder if Sony and Microsoft would copy Splatoon, given the popularity of the game... They already copied the Revolution Controller...

Either way, I fear that Nintendo- is just trying to follow the 'dudebro' gamer, Michael Patcher, and numerous third-parties. Nintendo- did do its own thing in very much all of its consoles: the NES introduced the D-Pad alongside gaming in general to a landscape that preferred computers over consoles; the N64 was Nintendo- obsessing over 3D, the GameCube was self-fanservice, the Revolution not only reintroduced gaming to former gamers and never-gamers but also introduced a feasible motion controller. The Cafe went back with the self-fanservice. The GameBoy brought affordable (not just up-front) portable gaming to others. The 1DS was Nintendo- playing with technology while the 3DS was more 3D self-fanservice. Even so, did anyone notice that the GameCube switched to discs after criticism that the N64 failed due to its dependence on consoles, or again, that the Cafe switched to HD after criticism that the Revolution 'needed' HD?



MarkyVigoroth commented on Yo-Kai Watch Will Be The Next Pokémon, Claims...:

If Viz Media was true, then that is more telling on how far Pokemon has fallen. I still enjoy the main seires, but, after Pokemon Emerald, the series has stagnated in the main series. (At least Game Freak has gotten spin-offs... but those may be overstaying their welcome...)