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Thu 28th Feb 2013

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markross commented on Nintendo Gives US Government Recommendations o...:

(I'm sorry for my awfull english)

Hi. I'm brazilian and had to register after seeing this: the taxes here sucks! It's a recurring joke over here every time a new console arrives. Our monetary system is the "Real" and each dollar is approximately 2 Reais. So, if you use some logic, a Wii selling for U$ 130 should cost R$ 260, right? Wrong... It's over R$ 700 (U$ 350) in some stores.

The XBox domains brazilian marketing because has lower taxes since the console started to be produced here. But, even so, it cans cost over R$ 1400 (or U$ 700). The Wii U didn't launched here yet, but we're expecting something around R$ 2000 or higher. The PS3 should be more expensive than a car.

Btw: the games are also way expensive! 'Till today, Mario Galaxy 2 costs R$ 140 (U$ 70)... No wonder the country I live has lots of piracy. I have 8 original games on my Wii, there's no homebrew on it, but that cost me a lot. A friend of mine, that has a XBox with 200 games and up, all pirate copys, call me idiot for not embracing piracy.

Me and many others, who still keep buying original content, get those only importing from paraguay or even in US... I think the solution here is only one: lower taxes on eletronics =/