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Male, 40, United States

Old-School for over 30 years now. Owner of and Own pretty much every Nintendo console and handheld (even a Virtual Boy)...

Wed 2nd Oct 2013

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marioreport commented on How To Survive Developer Points Out Reason For...:

It is called "being lazy"... Companies see that at the moment the Wii U is not selling a ton of units, so instead of investing a ton of time and energy making a killer app for the system they do lazy ports of the 360/PS3 versions and let their PR guys put some spin on the features missing.



marioreport commented on Pikmin 3 Mission Mode DLC Launches Today:

Have to disagree with Scar... stuff is cheaper here in us... UK and even Germany always pay more. Im from the US, my gf is from Germany and i have family from the UK... From my experience they pay more for tons of stuff...