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Wed 6th Feb 2008

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Mange commented on Picross e4 Is Coming To Western 3DS eShops Thi...:

Still got levels to unlock on original game. Level 11 on normal is well within reach! Picross 3D is great too, downloaded 240 levels to it yesterday. I suggest you do too before it´s too late. Downloadable content for original game in eu is limited to two packs. No picross E for me. I hold my breath for the bundle:)



Mange commented on Zelda: Skyward Sword Bundle Costs $115 in Japan:

@58: I heard somewhere a long time ago that a popular item to compare economics is... a Big Mac.

Anybody believe that Skyward Sword will make it to the WiiU just as Twilight princess made it to Wii?



Mange commented on Feature: BIT.TRIP SAGA vs. BIT.TRIP COMPLETE:

I´m wondering if the Complete version reads my WiiWare Bit.Trip save files or... do I have to beat each game again to get my scores onto the online leaderboards. I still think that they should release a free WiiWare leaderboard channel.



Mange commented on Gaijin Games Details New Content in BIT.TRIP C...:

Wont get it. I have the full series already. I also have mentioned before at multiple times... release the leaderboard as a free channel maybe with a (not free) streamin jukebox feature and story extras. Sad to now see that they used my idea with an all american twist. Kick the hell out of your customers, they will be begging for more. Well Gaijin... look at my finger rising to extreme portions.
Give us the frickin´leaderboard channel for free now.
I´m 110% certain they will release a HD WiiU version too? Maybe even for launch. Will you spend your hard earned cash for that too?



Mange commented on Child Pornography Law TKOs DOAD Release in Swe...:

@DarkKirby: You write...
The point of the ban on child pornography is to protect real children from being forced, tricked, convinced into.... You so has not got what it´s all about!
Most rapes in country link... can´t find sweden in that list! (and I seriously doubt it´s correctness)
Your picture links... I have seen the "alikes" of the pictures that started all this. Found links in an interview with the manga translator. The pictures was not the actual pictures from his hd but similar and picked by himself. Some may claim it´s art but to me it looks like porn, or how would you discribe a very young female child showing off the whole thing in an "oops" style of face? I could repost links but I would most definatly be banned from nintendolife (nl dont need pictures to pick up the scensor scissors, they cut words like f**k and a**).
Japan has one of the lowest rapes per person... Well, call it prejudice.. I think there are countries that have a huge dark figure in reported rapes and I think some asian countries might add to that list.

You could debate if nintendo does the right thing halting the release of the game. I have been looking at screenshots and videos from DOA:D and think that nintendo has nothing to worry about, just release it. Personally I think the game looks like a load of crap with all that sexistic approach to it.



Mange commented on Child Pornography Law TKOs DOAD Release in Swe...:

Where does it say "Sweden" has either banned or cencored this game? Isn´t it Nintendo/Bergsala that choose themselves not to distribute this game? If you want this tits´n A55 game so bad... buy it whereever on the internet.
Did post 68 just got cencored
Edit: LOL!! my (this) post got cencored as well.



Mange commented on Child Pornography Law TKOs DOAD Release in Swe...:

As I see it they don´t want to release it before the supreme court is done with the case. If the "translater" get convicted then the material in DOAD might be considered child porn. Nintendo don´t want to sell that and anyone owning an import could theoratically be convicted as well. On the other hand... if the translater is free to go then it´s ok to own it and ok for Bergsala/Nintendo to sell it.
Personally I don´t mind, Bergsala suck and always have, I don´t buy games from them, I import all my games, mostly from UK.



Mange commented on Review: Liight (WiiWare):

Is it a "demand" from Nintendo to include the manual in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Dutch?



Mange commented on New Elements Planned for Mario Kart on the 3DS:

I´d like to see a release for wii as well and the ability to race people on both platforms. An icon could show if user was playing on Wii or the 3DS (and Café) just like today when the wiiwheel icon shows anybody racing with the wiiwheel.



Mange commented on Nintendo Uncertain Whether 3DS Demos will be W...:

Unbelievable they even consider demos not the way to do it. I´m totally behind DiggerDan. If N doesn´t let you have a demo right on the hardware... release a web based (flash or whatever) version of it for players to test. Did you test the webbased demo of that new Mario vs Donkey kong?? it sucked. don´t do it that way.



Mange commented on BIT.TRIP FLUX Soundtrack Available to Download...:

You can listen to the Runner soundtrack on Spotify for free in good quality... that is if you live in one of the selected european countries. Head over to now, it´s a really super nice service, highly recommended.



Mange commented on Features: The History of BIT.TRIP, Part 3:

@theantman: If you get five of the six you will miss my second favourite, CORE. Get em all.
DON´T rerelease it. Just release a Bit.Trip Leaderboard channel. Free for online leaderboards with the choice to add (buy) a jukebox where you could listen to the tracks (as streams due to size limitations) and maybe some storyboard of the full story with the cutscenes. Wouldn´t that be as you say... rad? Read somewhere that games can read savefiles from same developer. If that´s true then it would be a breeze to Gaijin devs to put it up.



Mange commented on 3DS Hardware Details:

Battery life at worst scenario 3 hours. Charging time 3,5 hours. That means that some games draw more current than the charger provides. I don´t know what to say...!!! lame or fail, you choose. I´ll probably will wait for the next version. I believe it will be out just after next christmas.



Mange commented on Nintendo Confirms 3DS Will Be Region-Locked:

Whoever that wants that special import game wont bother import it, he will use some sort of hacking device and download the game, free. Making stuff easier to get legally, will only benefit sales. Sure they might need to release different versions of the console due to whatever technical reason, but locking out certain games in 2011 is just stupid. I don´t mind not realeasing all games everywhere, but don´t lock out import gamers. I believe those "hardcore" gamers are the first to "unlock" their consoles.



Mange commented on Review: TrackMania (Wii):

I find it an impressive achievement the reviewer not notecing any noticeable slowdown... wich of, there is! Not enough to spoil the fun though. Get it, it´s great.



Mange commented on Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary is 50Hz...:

I still want it but NOT on disc. I´d buy the package if there was a Wii shop ticket included so that you could download it too.
Bummer it´s 50Hz. As this probably is a speed optimised version the real problem is that many flatscreens doesn´t play 50Hz that well. On a crt you only notice there´s less flicker on 60Hz. Animations are still smooth on a 50Hz crt.
My old (now secondary) flatscreen sucks at the above. My new plasma rocks though so I might still get this collection.

@ Mario Party Fan 999: I too have the Lost Levels but don´t have any problems with it. That is.. on my crt or my new plasma.



Mange commented on Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary Edition:

There really should be an option to install this as a regular channel. They could easily achieve it by including a WiiShop download ticket. Right now I´m pretty pissed about the fact that I wont be getting SMBAS on my SMB SD-Menu page It will only collect dust on my shelf.



Mange commented on Zoonami: Nintendo Not Generating Enough Intere...:

If I ever see any Nintendo commercial on swedish TV it´s still about WiiFit or Mario Galaxy 2. They sure need to push the Wii:s (and DS:s) online capabilities. They really should focus all they have on downloadable games/services as it will be the major distribution path for about everything in a very near future.



Mange commented on WiiWare Devs Call for More Advertising From Ni...:

Nic also sings the praises of the Nintendo community and its dedication to quality software...
True, I do. Too bad Nic doesn´t fix the major bug in his own Pop game. Until fix comes along I say Nnooo to his "quality" software. I did enjoy Pop when it was released. Last time I checked I was no:4 in the world charts.