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Mon 12th Nov 2012

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mandlecreed commented on Nintendo 64x64: Extreme-G:

At first, it did seem utterly uncontrollable at top whack, but with practice, it became a damn fine edge-of-the-seat racer. I liked it, anyway



mandlecreed commented on Review: Super Mario Kart (Wii U eShop / Super ...:

@JCnator The driving mechanics in this game are completely faultless. Go / stop, easy. Turn with just the d-pad, or hop and turn for a tighter turn, hop back out of a corner to straighten up. Easy. Mastering it does require patience and effort, of course, but attributing the fact you have to learn this is no way indicative of a game whose systems are limited by the hardware it runs on.

The AI certainly doesn't cheat, in the sense that they won't zoom off in to the distance faster than you could ever hope to go as in Mario Kart 64. Sure, they're programmed to not make many / any errors but if you're good at the game, you will win - testament to the fairness of the game.

As for bigger tracks, it's a kart game. You don't see real Kart racing taking place at Leguna Seca, or Silverstone do you? The small, perfectly formed tracks are designed for fun first of all, and once you MASTER THE CONTROLS, become excellent for slinging your kart around them as fast as is possible.

In fact, if the driving mechanics weren't utterly sound, I doubt the Time Trialling community would be as big as it is.

So yeah. In my opinion, your opinions are incorrect. But that's what discussion's for, right?



mandlecreed commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Confidently Outlines Nintendo...:

Focussing on one thing doesn't mean abandoning everything else. They need to adopt an approach that will hoover up gamers of all types.

Perhaps the "core" (ugh) gamers should stop reacting as though Nintendo have broke in to their house at Christmas and nicked all the toys from under the tree when they do release stuff for the "casuals" (ugh - again)

Still, if this means a hastier return to the franchises we'd all love to see, I'm all for this shift.



mandlecreed commented on Review: Super Mario Kart (Wii U eShop / Super ...:

I've had the US version since Christmas '92, played it on a PAL SNES for a couple of years then on my US SNES when I finally invested in one. Moving to the PAL version was horrific. Sure, they 'optimised' it so it was about as fast as the NTSC version, but they ruined most of the mechanics in the process. the hop landed quicker, the steering was fudged, and the tight looseness of the whole thing seemed off. Okay, they toughened the CPU up to provide a bit more of a challenge but also took most of their ability to screw up with it, leaving a much less FUN game in its place.

Also : there is no rubber banding what-so-ever. Now, when I hear the term rubber banding, I think of it as the CPU against the human. Sure, knocking a CPU kart from second to last will result in that kart going extraordinarily fast to get back up to 2nd if that's where it is "meant to be" but they certainly don't rubber band up to and way past the human player, Which is good.

The controls are the simplest yet most satisfying of any of the Karts I've played (all bar DS), the track designs are all nice and tight and none of them over-long, and the battle mode has yet to be beaten.

But that's my opinion.



mandlecreed commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo Super Famicom:

I have the US version (a minor cart slot modification with a stanley knife allows for use of SFC carts), and UK one, and 99 games in total. To this day the library of games I have for the SNES beats that of any other console I own