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Sat 5th Apr 2008

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Majora commented on Got an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3?:

billy-beauts: "I have a PS3, but my interests in it are in no way limited to Move only content. So I don't think Movemodo is the right place for me."

Just the same. I don't have Move, but I am really interesting in a Nintedo Life style site with all about PS3.



Majora commented on Review: Magical Drop II (Virtual Console / Neo...:

Great review for a great game; Magical Drop III is even better, but this is very good too and more arcade oriented. And I didn't notice 50Hz PAL issue in this.

Pnickies next, please Capcom. It's best than Puyo Puyo, and a good companion for Magical Drop.



Majora commented on Review: My Starry Night (WiiWare):

Stellarium is, for me, better than Celestia: simplistic, but more beauty and more friendly. My Starry Night is, for me, between Celestia and Stellarium. Not as beauty and overall refined than Stellarium, not as deep as Celestia, but with a lot more features than Stellarium. Planetarium Tour in My Starry Night is a relax astronomy and mythology class. And because I love Greek mythology, My Starry Night is the perfect companion to Stellarium: one in my PC, the other one in my Wii seated in the sofa. The only really bad with My Starry Night is music and sound. The first time I put it, I go to configuration menu to turn off both (only volume in voice for tours in Planetarium Mode). Stars looks better in silence.

My english is very, very bad. But I expect you can understand my reasons.