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Tue 14th Oct 2008

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Mainstreamguy commented on Zelda Gets a Makeover!:

please stop this stupid talk
we here in europe got metroid prime trilogy in some stupid cardboard case; not in a metal case like you americans
only because you got some games later you shouldn't make wrong accusations
we at Europe still get most games 2 weeks - 1 year later than the other regions and sometimes never



Mainstreamguy commented on Inside the Game Boy:

i actually opened all my game boys (pocket, color and advance) to clean the contacts for the buttons when they didn't work properly anymore



Mainstreamguy commented on Nintendo Rep: Virtual Console Being Toned Down:

Actually Nintendo already started marketing its downloadable titles
in german television there is a advertisement that shows gameplay from WarioWare: Snapped and then some voice says something like "You can download WarioWare Snapped and other titles with your Nintendo DSi" and then they explain where and how a bit



Mainstreamguy commented on Super Mario Galaxy 2 Announced for Wii:

@Super Smash Bros. Fan1999
they will absolutely not delay it
they announced it as the first second Mario 3D-Platformer on the same console ever, and so they'll release it on Wii
In addition so many people own a Wii and so they'll use their opportunity to cash in even more
And they obviously use the almost perfect engine of Mario Galaxy 1 so it wont be necessary to delay it further in the future



Mainstreamguy commented on Bomberman Blast:

The Classic Controller doesn't work for me on Bomberman Blast

The game is definitely worth the 1000 points. The modes are a lot of fun and you can fight online very fast.

Same for me. However, I downloaded Mega Man 9 and Bomberman Blast anyway and I like them