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Re: Super Smash Bros. Will Have The Same Character Roster On Both Wii U And 3DS


"This, however, makes it sound like 3DS version will be a port, with a different graphic style."
Or like the WiiU one is a port of the 3DS with a different graphic style ^^ It's not true, Sakurai said they worked on both version at the same time, not on one then port it on the other console
About the roster, I'm quite happy : I only plan on having the 3DS version but if one day I want to play on the wiiU of somebody else, my training won't have been for nothing regardless the character I've chosen since there won't be any exsclusive character...

Re: Talking Point: Nintendo's Curious Decision to Monetise StreetPass


Don't know where to post this but there is a new interview with Sakurai from the french website
I started translating the first 2 questions, I might translate more if needed :
PN : At E3 2011, Iwata surprised everyone with the announce of a new super smash bros for 3DS and WiiU, what will be the main differences between the 3DS and Wii U version ?
Masahiro Sakurai : When the development of Kid Icarus Uprising came to an end, Iwata came to ask me to develope a new super smash bros game, he asked me wether it should be on the 3DS or on the WiiU. We were at a point where the franchise couldn't really evolve so we asked ourselves if making it for a portable sytem could be the solution. In the past we added a lot more stages and characters but that wasn't enough.
We could have chosen to develope it only on the 3DS but the system showed limitations. I'm talking about playing on a small screen. So even if it's not easy to develope two versions of the game at the same time, we chose to adapt the experience to the specificities of both console.
Even if the characters will be the same for both versions, the arenas will be completly different. In the 3DS version the stages will be based on portable games and in the WiiU version they will be based on games that appeared on non-portable systems.

PN : How are you organized developping the two versions of the game ? Is there a lead platform or are they developped simultaneously ?

Sakurai : The team is the same for both version, they are developped simultaneously. There is no « lead platform ».

Re: Review: Rabbids Land (Wii U)


...still looks fun...
but I was wondering, is there going to be a review of rabbids rumble on 3DS, because I searched everywhere and no one has reviewed it although its out...