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Maggots commented on Video: This Super Mario Maker Player Captures ...:

honestly if anyone is looking for normal levels to play check mine out NNID-maggotcakes... I don't profess to be the best maker but My levels wont be impossible or rediculous... and they won't make you hold still. They tend to be more normal than Insane... yet offer a certain challenge. Often with secrets.



Maggots commented on Retailers In North America Merge Wii U & 3DS L...:

I have to say as well... I really missed the days where Nintendo flaunted their logo in red... for 10 years now the nintendo brand was backseat to Wii and DS...

It was never the Nintendo Wii ... it was always referred to as "The Wii"

I'm looking at this as a good thing. ALSO ... This could have something to do with Nintendo's internal restructuring and merging of handheld and console divisions. Makes sense to portray that even down through the retail space



Maggots commented on Apple Just Announced Its Own Wii, Almost A Dec...:

I think a lot of you have forgotten... Whatever casuals Nintendo introduced to gaming with the Wii... have long since moved on to apple and mobile gaming ... Apple isn't behind the times... it's catering to the 90+ million users that migrated from Wii to iPad

no one does integration like apple, this will be great... I'll end up getting one eventually. But will me and my family game on it ... probably not. Thts what the NX is for.

There is plenty of room for all devices to exist in the same space. When TV came out did it kill movies? NO ... they evolved and things changed and now movies and television co-exist.



Maggots commented on Rumours and Speculation Stir Over Potential In...:


I sure hope so...

Actually if both handheld NX and NX home console both had the same wii U wifi streaming chips ... there shouldn't be any reason why either device couldn't stream to the other. Stream handheld to TV and TV to handheld with ZERO latency... it's still something that hasn't been perfected yet.



Maggots commented on Rumours and Speculation Stir Over Potential In...:


apple really only has 2 ecosystems... devices that run OSX and devices that run iOS.... Thats why they can do what they do so seamlessly... I hope Nintendo can somewhat replicate the environment that apple has facilitated for developers. It would be great if the next handheld was supported for 5 years upon iterations... meaning... apple's iOS still runs on iphone 4s. that was years ago... many apps work across multiple iterations of the same hardware...
How great would it be if developers could just make games and release it across all devices (3DS and n3DS and NX handheld just as an example... ) without splitting the install base with new hardware... xenoblade is only on n3DS... but imagine a new Nintendo ecosystem that would be like apple's ... new and old devices running the same OS and using the same development tools... games could be beckwards compatible rather than the device.



Maggots commented on Video: Fan Recreates Stunning Build Of Ocarina...:

While I can certainly appreciate this from a "that's a lot of hard work and dedication" standpoint. I cant really say its all that great... the waterfall is wonky... and the vapor is weirdly placed... the walls are overly normal mapped and have a bit too much texture... there's no real style just a bunch of assets that probably use all the in engine textures and shaders... Its cool... but It could be so much better if in the right hands.



Maggots commented on The November Club Nintendo Rewards Are Now Up ...:

Why all the hate? Imma let you finish but.... STARSHIP DEFENSE IS ONE OF THE BEST TOWER DEFENSE GAMES OF ALL TIME! If you haven't played it and are talking trash on this months downloads now is the time... Honestly I really like it a lot. Simple yet complex ... You can beat a level normally if you like but then there are these sos cards that call in help or increase your power and stuff.. if you can beat it without Using the cards you get a bonus, on top of that if you defeat every enemy without missing any you get a perfect bonus and a medal displays by the level... MUST HAVE ALL MEDALS.. It's good trust me



Maggots commented on Ocarina of Time Joins Hyrule Warriors With She...:

There's a seriousl lack of majora's mask characters here....
let me help
Skull KId, Fierce diety link, and the MOON should all be playable characters. ... and if the moon isn't playable then skull kid should call upon it to destroy people!!



Maggots commented on Ever Wondered How Your 3DS Battery Life Compar...:

i don't necessarily think this is a TRUE and Valid test for battery life because as you play the processor is experienceing all sorts of work loads... especially the PSP with it's moving parts if you were actually playing a game and it constantly had to load levels and characters it would have died much sooner than it did... just playing the title screen doesn't really put these consoles to the real world tests that more accurately depict an average gaming session. ...



Maggots commented on Wii U Memory Can be Easily Expanded With USB H...:

@cyphid the only thing with a solid state in this situation is the bottle neck of USB 2.0 ... SSD's can have speeds from 300-500MB/s ... attaching that to a 30-40MB/s USB 2.0 would sure be sad for that poor SSD just waiting to scream on a nice SATA 3 port. in essence the performance would be the same as a slow hard drive ... HAHA that is funny that we both talked about newegg... I love that place!



Maggots commented on Wii U Memory Can be Easily Expanded With USB H...:

@DrSlump It really matters not as most hard drives top out at around 60-80 MB per second... even with USB 2.0's transfer speedsit should be plenty fast to stream games off of it...

as far as other options go... my buddy just bought on new egg (i think ) a 128GB SDXC card for $90 and I'm willing to bet they'll be cheaper on black friday deals in november... couple that with the 32GB Wii U and you'll have a pretty 160GB ... as much as the PS3 slim I have! plenty of space for games and junk!...

funny thing is Wii U discs run at 22MB/s ... and that's apparently plenty fast to stream data for games (360 and PS3 disc speeds are much slower---360′s 15.85 MB/s (DVD) and the PS3′s 9MB/s (Blu-ray))... USB 2.0 has a transfer speed of about 34MB/s... and like I said Hard drives are about 60-80MB/s depending on RPMs... that SD card I talked about had a write speed of 37MB/s, and a read speed of 45MB/s (granted... nintendo's DS readers may cap out at a certain speed... so performance boost may be negligible ... however very comparable to every other component on this system...

It's just nice to know all your options... as you see I have considered all of these for a long time now haha!!

also here's a nifty rundown of storage options and data rates...



Maggots commented on Amoebattle's Quarantine Period is Nearly Over:

dang it... another cool looking game that I'm not going to buy because it wasn't developed for the 3DS... if i were a developer and i knew the 3DS was releasing i would instantly begin development for it... regardless of what stage of production i was in



Maggots commented on Nintendo Leaves BAFTA Empty-Handed:

This sickens me... the world likes crap... ... they like terrible things... that's why there's so many SAW movies... I have lost my faith in human kind...



Maggots commented on Talking Point: The Inevitability of Digital Re...:

how about both? ... Buy the Box edish... get a free download version... so you can collect your boxes and just use the download version... you are basically paying for a license anyway... like with blizzard... I bought starcraft II boxed... but downloaded it onto all of my computers that I own... THAT is what nintendo should do...