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Fri 29th Jan 2010

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madwitchy commented on Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal ...:

I'd give it a 40% or less. Short game is right. Unless you get caught up in re-fighting all the monsters every time you go through and doing all the side games. Lots of side games that have nothing to do with the storyline and are not necessary to complete the main scenario.. Lots of nice graphics but little play time that does not involve running back and forth between the areas or re-fighting the same monsters. Once you get the point, grab and throw thing down, its a piece of cake to get through. Which is about all the main character can do - pick things up and throw them. Fight sessions are almost fool proof and short .Half the time spent is scanning the sidelines for things that you can pick up. A map and compass would have been nice. As would some decent instructions. Where some games run up to 160 hours, this less than a quarter of that and most of it is more like a movie than a game.