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United Kingdom

Wed 14th Nov 2007

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m1ke_tayl0r commented on Summer Of Sonic:

WOW! I never thought that NL would make an appearance at this! This i awesome! Can't wait to see you guys there!



m1ke_tayl0r commented on Nyko Wireless Nunchuk - OBJECTION!:

This is such a mess...

a) I cannot believe Nyko didn't think about looking into the problem of licensing when deveolping this. Hello?! Nintendo arn't stupid in that department!

b) Nintendo are in fact stupid in the area of customer satisfaction! First they say that people who want extra storage on the Wii are geeks... and now they are going to sue a company for making their console better with no sign of implementing this themselves.

Maybe my point b) will be proved wrong at E3. Lets all hope so.



m1ke_tayl0r commented on Wiimote Used For VR Research:

This is pretty much a 'MUST HAVE NOW!!' technology for me! Imagine the possibilities of that in something like a shoot'em'up! Time Crisis VR anyone?



m1ke_tayl0r commented on Pro Evo 2008 Wii Details:

Sounds awesome, and a demo video I have seen shows that it has the possibility of being awesome.

I will probably be trading in FIFA 08 Wii for this! LOL.



m1ke_tayl0r commented on Europe: Stars = Wii Points:

This is an awesome idea from Nintendo. You can even gain 'Stars' for registering your products on the site! Not sure how many at the moment. Going to be trying that out later.