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Wed 8th Dec 2010

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LunarJade commented on Monster Tale on Its Way to the 3DS eShop in a ...:

I have to admit I was excited when I saw the title and then a bit disappointed. Don't get me wrong I really like this game but DreamRift had talked about doing a sequel some time back and I had thought that was what this was going to be.

I'm curious to see how they fix some of the backtracking as later in the game its a bit annoying. Having a little bit of fast travel somewhere wouldn't hurt. Though I would like them to do more with the ending of the game this time around. They do a lot of telling the player how everything worked out instead of showing the player. It'd be nice to see a few extra images that actually show the ending happening rather than having a character show up to say it all at you.

I did really like this game otherwise. Not sure the changes would be enough for me to buy it again when I still have a fully functioning cart but I know this didn't get released widely so I'm hoping this is them trying out the eshop and working towards a sequel.



LunarJade commented on New 3DS Update Brings StreetPass Relay Functio...:

I went by three Nintendo Zones today. Didn't pick up anything but if my streetpass data went up on those and helps someone else get a streetpass I feel it was worth it.
I grab my regular streetpasses at the mall. Since Animal Crossing came out the EB games staff has had their consoles there and there's a Toys R Us demo model thats up and working. I check through the last few Mii's on the demo unit because sometimes you can get an idea of how many others have been through that day.



LunarJade commented on Nintendo Zone StreetPass Relay System Announced:

While it would be cool if you were able to get multiple from one point I'll take the extra streetpasses where I can get them.
I try to hit up the gaming shops in the area in case other gamers or the staff their have them on. A couple places used to have demo units running but they've either turned the feature off or don't keep the demo plugged in anymore for some reason. (Which honestly meant I stopped going over there so often.)

I am curious to whether or not if I've streetpassed a person who is with me, if we will both get a streetpass at the Nintendo Zone or if only one will and then the other won't because it hasn't been long enough between us streetpassing again for the system to take it.
I am also curious to see if you could potentially streetpass yourself, as that would just be interesting. Or maybe the Zone does store a few Mii's but then only hands off one that your 3DS will take?



LunarJade commented on StreetPass DLC System Update Finally Hits Nort...:

I got all four when it came out over here. Liking most of them. The garden one is a bit slow but I'm enjoying it. And I had over 2000 people in my plaza so Warrior's Way was given a pretty nice start for me.

I used to really only get streetpasses when I went to conventions, but I've found since Animal Crossing came out for the 3DS I can get streetpasses pretty consistently every couple of days.
Because I still do go to conventions I would actually like it if they lifted the 10 streetpass at one time limit. It was hard to keep up with them before just to play through puzzle swap and Find Mii. With new games it's going to be much harder to keep up on at events.



LunarJade commented on New 3DS Firmware Update 6.0.0-11U Now Live:

So I went digging on my 3DS because I also was not happy to find out I couldn't backup my save file for Animal Crossing.
I bought AC:NL digitally because it was going to be a daily played game. And in the manual under important information there is a portion that specifically states: "Back-up" or "archival" copies are not authorized.

So that would probably be the actual reason for it not having a backup function. Or from what I understand being able to back it onto a computer? I haven't tried that yet its just what I've read other people say.

However under the System Settings Manual in the 18. Nintendo 3DS Data section I found this written:

Backups cannot be created for the following types of software:
-card-based software
-built-in applications
-Downloadable software that does not support backups
Note: Even if the downloadable software does not support the save-data-backup feature, you can still create a backup but only when deleting the downloadable software from the system in Software Management (excluding Game Boy Advace games on Virtual Console.) When you redownload the software and touch the gift icon, the save data will be automatically restored once from the backup data.

So there's that?



LunarJade commented on Guide: Nintendo 3DS System Update:

I'm hoping they'll eventually be updating maps. Especially since Australia doesn't have a map for some reason.
I don't live in Australia but I streetpassed a few people from that country while I was in Japan and while it says no map is available for Australia I apparently have 3 regions from there. I can only hope that means they intend to add in more maps later.



LunarJade commented on Nintendo Japan to Release Stunning Zelda Art Book:

I went on a trip to Japan over Christmas and managed to find a copy of this book. I bought it and it is really awesome. Though there's definitely a lot of text I wish I could read. I hope they do end up translating this.

Even so it's got really nice artwork in it and I guess I'll just have to learn Japanese or something in the meantime.



LunarJade commented on Capcom Objects to Ace Attorney Investigations ...:

Later on in that same forum thread that you got this from though there is a moment where he says:

"I'll be having some conversations tomorrow with our roadmap planning team on this topic given the feedback here. I have a few ideas. We'll see what happens."

It's on the 11th page.



LunarJade commented on Review: Samurai Warriors: Chronicles (3DS):

I was looking at getting this game but I'm thinking I'm going to hold off on it. The history aspect makes me want to get it but I like strategy games better and this probably won't have me as interested as I think it will right now.
It may be something I pick up later though.
From reading the review and comments though I can see that this is a game I'd at least have to look more into and maybe even see if I can borrow a friends copy first for a bit.



LunarJade commented on Angry Birds Dev Calls Nintendo Games "$49 Piec...:

It sounds like he's just saying that Nintendo is worried that mobile gaming is taking over the market. When I figure it was more like Nintendo was saying that the constant amount of cheap mobile games is helping the consumers to expect everything to be free or cheap.

While I think the market overlaps a little, I think theres room for both currently. That may change down the line.

Nothing lasts forever after all. And no I don't mean Nintendo or mobile games won't be around but if they're going to continue to be around they will have to constantly change with the market.
I think Nintendo will manage to keep changing and keep going with the market. Mobile games though... not sure... but I guess as mobiles keep getting upgraded there will probably be some sort of market there too.



LunarJade commented on Review: The Sims 3 (3DS):

I'm glad I waited for the review.
I was originally looking at getting the DS version but then it got announced that there would be a 3DS version and I figured it would be better to wait then.
I'd read the review for the DS and figured that it would score roughly the same for the 3DS.

I was excited for a portable version of SIms that would be more accurate to the original instead of being some weird storylined thing. Glad I didn't have to have the first hand experience of disappointment with it. It sounds like it wouldn't be quite what I want in the end after all.



LunarJade commented on Talking Point: 3DS Launch Line-Up Lacks Fresh ...:

I think Nintendo not putting in the Mario or Zelda right off at launch is just to help show that they really do want to support third parties more with the 3DS.
There's not much I find overly interesting in the launch lineup but that's fine with me. I'll be getting the system anyway. It's the first time I've been able to afford something at launch and have been really excited about it.

I agree a little that it does seem rushed when things we've heard about like the e-shop don't actually show up until later.

However while I'm interested to see what new games come out eventually (hoping for lots of news during E3), I'm mostly just watching what Level 5 is working on.
The games they announced probably had me the most excited for what is coming up on the 3DS. And honestly I was sold the moment I found out about Layton vs Phoenix Wright. (Even if it likely won't be out here for quite a while).



LunarJade commented on Iwata Hits Out at Smartphone and Social Networ...:

I hardly think Nintendo is doomed at the moment.

However I'm glad that they seem to be paying attention to anything that attracts people's attention. It shows they're listening and hopefully that they'll continue to change with the market.

I think Nintendo will continue going for two reasons.
1. They hold many popular franchises that can't be found on any other hardware. (I seriously think it would be a sign that they don't have faith in their own hardware if these franchises started showing up on other consoles.)
2. They are paying attention to what's going on in the market. The article above proves that much. They know that people game on their phones and they understand why. How does he hope to fight that? Continue with quality.

When I look at the 3DS, I see a gaming device. But it also gets pointed out again and again that there are other features on it that would be appealing to those who are "non-gamers".
I think that shows how much they are paying attention and that they are trying to capture up even more of the market than before.



LunarJade commented on Feature: Nintendo Life 3DS FAQ:

I have a question that I wonder if anyone knows the answer to. Although if Nintendo hasn't said so anywhere then I suppose it's something that can't really be checked until the NA or EU releases.

The 3DS is region locked. But if someone with a NA region 3DS were to walk past someone with a EU or Japan region 3DS, would the streetpass function still work between them?



LunarJade commented on Kirby, Your New Game Deserves Better Than This:

That's too bad. Although they probably could have used some brighter colors of the yarn to help.
I've seen some great yarnbombed pieces... and while the plushies on this look good, and the knitwear bags look interesting.. the rest of that bench just looks a little sad. Could just be the clouds but I think brighter colors might have helped.



LunarJade commented on The Legend of Zelda is 25 Years Old Today:

My first Zelda game was OoT.
I remember I had gone to the store wanting to buy a new video game. I only had a couple of others and had spent a long time saving up for the N64.

Then I saw OoT in the display case. I had no idea if it was a good game or not. I really hadn't done much gaming and hadn't done any research.
I bought the game based off the fact that the name seemed familiar to a cartoon I had enjoyed way back but couldn't remember any details of.

I was even confused because I had thought the name of the main character must have been Zelda... but I was certain the main character was a boy in green and that Zelda was a girls name.
I bought it anyway. I was hooked. I played the game through three times in a row before really giving it a rest and moving onto something else.



LunarJade commented on UK Gamers Get to Celebi at GAME Stores this Month:

@6 US is from the Feb 21st to March 6th? At least it is in Canada at Gamestop so I imagine the dates are probably the same for the US.

I think there's booths you can get it at as well with the B&W tour but I've only looked into the Canadian areas that they are doing that.
For Canada they're only going to Vancouver and Toronto.... so most Canadians will be going to Gamestop.



LunarJade commented on Talking Point: Is the DS Dead at Retail?:

I also had a hard time finding Ghost Trick. I don't know about Best Buy but when I was checking out and looking at ordering it off there (the game had been released for about a week by this point) they were selling it as a preorder that said they estimated that it would come out March 15th!

In fact I just checked now and they still say that.

I checked GS on the release day and they didn't have it in until a few days after that, but at least I was able to snag a copy.



LunarJade commented on Talking Point: Is the DS Dead at Retail?:

I've still got plenty of DS games to work through. I've certainly bought more DS games over this last year than before.
Besides Okamiden, Pokemon B/W, and Radiant Historia are still coming out.
And I suspect there will still be a couple more DS games on the way. Ace Attorney Investigations 2 is just coming out in Japan shortly (and hopefully over here) and I can't see them remaking that into a 3DS game.

Then there's also the fourth Professor Layton game that we haven't gotten yet. The fifth one is a 3DS title and I suppose they could go back and redo the fourth for 3DS but I don't see why they would.

After all the 3DS will still run DS games so I expect when they eventually release other DS games that haven't made their way over here yet they won't be converting them since they'll still play on the system.



LunarJade commented on What Do You Make of This 3DS Prototype?:

It looks like this was just used to try and figure out how to do the controls.

After all it pretty much just looks like a DS lite but with swappable buttons. So I certainly doubt this prototype was ever going to be out there.
Although I think being able to swap the d pad and slide pad would have been a good option for some, I imagine extra parts that can pop off wouldn't have been so good for some of the younger audiences either.



LunarJade commented on Review: The Seller (DSiWare):

For a dollar I can go buy a pack of cards at the dollar store and find four people to play with.
I understand they use different cards than a regular deck but quite honestly I think card games are more fun with real cards.... but if it has to be a digital set I don't see why multiplayer wouldn't be a function.
Only solitaire is really meant to be played alone.



LunarJade commented on First Impressions: 3DS Video Round-Up:

Out of the titles mentioned above I'm looking forward to Mario Kart, Paper Mario, and Animal Crossing.
Mario Kart has always been a fun game. This will also be the first time I'll end up owning a system that can play a Paper Mario game so I'm pretty excited about that one.
I enjoyed Animal Crossing on the DS but I'm looking forward to it (I'm assuming it would use it) using the streetpass feature.
I know for some people that streetpass might not be a great feature but I go to about five anime conventions a year and bringing along your handhelds for the lineups and the handheld gaming lounges are something a lot of people do.



LunarJade commented on There's a Limit on Transferring Software from ...:

I only have two downloads and I'm not sure if I'll be moving them anyway. I'm planning to keep my XL.

I'm glad for those who will be able to move their stuff over though, and would think that you'd be able to continue to do so when a newer version comes out at well.
I'm thinking the some software might not being able to be transferred could be for those people who try to move 3D software onto the DSi.
Kind of like how you can't take the newer generation of pokemon onto the older games when trading.

As for the limited times thing it makes perfect sense to do it that way, and I'm sure we'll get more details on how it will work by the time it comes out. It's more important that we know it is something that will work though, as I'm sure plenty of people were worried about that when they heard about the new system.



LunarJade commented on 3DS Hits North America on March 27 for $249.99:

I still want one... I'll probably put a preorder through now and think it over for the next few days.
I'm going to Japan over the summer and I wanted to have one to take with me to see what happens with the streetpass while over there.



LunarJade commented on 3DS: Including StreetPass, SpotPass, eShop, Mi...:

Definitely some good improvements. I'm not sure why they couldn't link your friend code to your club nintendo account since you can link that to your DSi... but only one code to deal with over multiples is still far better.

I'm also excited about being able to download demos (hopefully they mean to the actual device). Having to get the wii going so that you can download one demo at a time, that you have to play at that moment was a bit of a pain.
Especially when I had to use a friends Wii to do it.



LunarJade commented on Nintendo's 3DS Events - We Want Your Questions!:

I have a curiosity that I've been wondering about.
I don't know if its been asked before but if I were to buy a 3DS that is NA regioned and go on a trip to Japan, would the streetpass function still exchange information even though it's interacting with a Japan region 3DS?



LunarJade commented on Grab a Shiny Legendary Trio of Pokemon at Game...:

I went to the local GameStop here today and they told me I'd have to preorder the new game. I checked the wifi and they didn't have it on.

I phoned another location and asked them about it though and they said there was no purchase or preordering necessary. I'll be going there later today.

I have read other comments online where people have been told they need to preorder but the wifi has been on so they didn't have many problems. The local one here though is pretty small so I'm guessing they don't think they need to have it on.

Thankfully I have things to do tonight in the area that the other one is located at as it is a forty minute drive from where I am.



LunarJade commented on Get Your Hands On a Ghost Trick DS Demo Right Now:

The DS demo was pretty fun.
I'm glad it was different then the online flash demo. It also gave me a chance to show it to my fiance. (He thinks demos should be done on the system the game is meant for... not online in flash.)



LunarJade commented on Features: Don't Touch my Samus: Metroid's Cont...:

Haven't played the game... or actually any Metroid game for that matter.

I remember when the first video was released though and my fiance seemed disappointed by it. The video showed no game play and he said that it felt like they Final Fantasied Metroid up.

We haven't picked up a copy of Other M yet. Usually Metroid seems to be an immediate buy for him. Though I think we'll end up picking it up eventually I kind of wonder what he'll think of it.

I also wonder what I'll think of it. He's played all of Metroid and I haven't played any. So I expect our opinions will end up differing.



LunarJade commented on Research Shows More Consumers are Choosing The...:

I have an Iphone. I also have a DS.

I like the screen on the Iphone but mostly the apps I tend to use on it are not gaming. They are organization based and let me do several things I want to keep on hand with me...
I have a couple of games that are basically very short and only used for the odd time I need to waste about five minutes.
If I had to play something really long on it my battery wouldn't be able to take it.... besides I really do like buttons for playing a lot of games with.

I think it would be interesting to see Nintendo come up with a phone edition of something... but I also wonder how well that would work for them?