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Moi : A old school gamer from times past and times new i love video~games through & through. My first nintendo game was Mike Tysons punch~out on the 8bit nes. I love and adore nintendo and the panasonic Q.

Fri 25th October, 2013

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Luna-Harmony commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Wii U):

IGN 98% :) wooooooo Gta v vs Smash Bros .......
Gta last years game but Mario 3D world won :) this year Smash Bros game of the year i knew it would be ...Yes yes yes...
Now people will be buying up wii u's like no tomorrow and we can say to xbox and sony gamers we told you the wii u was amazing :).
I game on ps4 but when i say wii u and how great it is people bog it down .. now they know the power !! :)



Luna-Harmony commented on Out Now: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, amiibo a...:

Snubbed by nintendo again in the uk & eu if they took stupid region locking off they could pack smash bros ntsc in uk box's. Region locking and late games for the eu and then nintendo wonder why people in the Eu flock to ps4 and xobxone.
I love nintendo but they really need to wakeup to these times of gameing like sony have.



Luna-Harmony commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Wii U):

10/10 ..... & 98% would be great and mop the floor with ps4 and xboxone game reviews for the winter hollidays.
That would be great last year mario best them all in a cat onesie and this year smash bros won again :)



Luna-Harmony commented on Nintendo Aiming To Create A Stronger Bond With...:

Downloadable games like SNK does would be great on smart phones and tablets so people get a taster of nintendo. Lots of young people are on pay as you go so can;t go online all the time with there phones with out paying a lot of money. For tablets it would be good though as it uses home wifi.



Luna-Harmony commented on Region-Locking May Be a Thing of the Past Soon...:

Welcome to the next gen nintendo back i the day we used to have to saw plastic and open consoles and do some wireing but now we are stuck with region locking by nintendo so we can't own many games in box's that never came out in the uk like code of princess. they need to undo region locking to move forward just like sony did.



Luna-Harmony commented on Nintendo Direct: New Nintendo 3DS Models Comin...:

Great means we all have to shell out £250 for a new 3DS xl and sell are old models on ebay to get funds to play the new games.
The 3DS is getting on now why not just say a new model i bet at E3 next year they say a new handheld just after we all but this new model.



Luna-Harmony commented on Video: Nintendo Broadens its Girls Club Advert...:

Fantastic i am a big fan of Nicola Adams and watched her fights at both games on telle she is amazing i bet she loves punch out :) and little mac on smash bros. Not only is she amazing and knows her games but comes from the snes era :) i just know she's got to love Super punch out.



Luna-Harmony commented on Feature: We Put Bayonetta 2's Nintendo Outfits...:

So great :) Bayonetta 2 should pick up even more sales for wii u and smash bros will pick up even more :)
I have loads of friends on playstation network that love bayonetta and are gutted it's not coming to playstation.
Mario kart 8 did well for sales in the uk limited edition wii u games sell out fast now.



Luna-Harmony commented on UK And Australian Pricing For Nintendo's Amiib...:

Who's going to peel them off the blister pack ? once you open them the packet is no good i wish they where in an easy to open box.
People will be buying backup's for the ones they want to use so one keeps mint and the other is for heavy use.