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Tue 11th January, 2011

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Luffymcduck commented on Feature: The Unexpected Legacy of Wii Music:

I never forget the disappointing E3 2008 Nintendo's presentation. I never got into Wii Music, I tried several times.

But hey, it's nice that it inspired you to make stuff like that. Your F-Zero Go Fast album is nice.



Luffymcduck commented on Masahiro Sakurai Tackles Criticisms of Bonus F...:

I had some fun with FE Awakening and I'm glad that and Fates had some bonus features.

People complaining about the lack of challenge, well I have a great game for you from my top5: F-Zero GX. Have fun with staff ghosts.

Who knows, maybe Nintendo's next waifu simulator is F-Zero? "Come on! Show me your moves! YES!"



Luffymcduck commented on Rayman’s Creator Is Designing One Of The 60 ...:

So you don't enjoy Rayman titles, or is it some other title from him like Beyond Good & Evil? A shame really, especially the newer ones are very well designed and better than the New Super Mario Bros titles.

Now I want some levels made by hardcore japanese developers. How about a Platinum Games or Treasure world, only for true players?



Luffymcduck commented on Chris Pranger From Nintendo Treehouse Discusse...:

Captain Rainbow sold like 10 000 copies in Japan. I would have loved to see how many fans it would have had in the west.

When talking about JRPG's and such I'm on the side that supporst releases with japanese VA and english subs. No need to make an english dub. Since my native language is not english I'm used to reading subtitles, especially as a kid before I knew any english. Or have these guys at Nintendo seen that SImpsons episode where Homer is watching a movie with subtitles and moans that he has to watch AND read at the same time, and they fear their english speaking audience would react the same way and not buy these games?



Luffymcduck commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Game Updates and DLC...:

Damn, now I just want them to make a Splatoon special edition thing and giving it me for free, whether it's on NX or whatever.

Smash DLC is expensive but I really want to see more characters maybe two moree even after the Smash Ballot is finished. And some new levels, not just classic ones.



Luffymcduck commented on Talking Point: Fatal Frame's Trial Version and...:

Sure, but when you have an external hard drive for one system you don't want to buy another just for Wii U. 32 GB is ridiculously small amount of space for an 8th generation console, they need to have more with NX.

I'll propably get a limited edition version and give it to myself later as a christmas present.



Luffymcduck commented on Rare Co-Founder Has No Idea Why Nintendo Didn'...:

I'm sure they could have made some wonderful games for Gamecube. Even though Star Fox Adventures isn't very exciting, I was really waiting for DOnkey Kong Racing, Banjo-Threeie and Perfect Dark that would have been better than the N64 one. Oh, and the Conker sequel too.



Luffymcduck commented on The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Dated, P...:

Why can't they just call it Fatal Frame here, isn't it a game about taking photos of ghosts anyway?

I'm happy that Zelda Tri-Force Heroes arrives that early I was sure it'd be late November like everything else usually. Now I'll have some time to play it with my friends.



Luffymcduck commented on Interview: 13AM Games on Getting Up to Speed W...:

Infobox says it supports 8 players but it's 9 like the interview says.

We're having an 8-player games meeting with my friends two weeks from now and I can't wait to play Smash4 and Wiiware Bomberman (and Mario Party 7´s 8-player mode). I hope this game arrives soon to Europe, 9-player local is going to be a blast.



Luffymcduck commented on Poll: What Do You Think of the Super Smash Bro...:

Is there an option for co-op tournaments, like playing with a friend against two opponents over Nintendo Network? Because that's what I'm missing.

Their online is so much behind their competitors so they won't be abandoning local play anytime soon, otherwise, Nintendo is doooooomed!



Luffymcduck commented on Super Smash Bros. Evo 2015 Champ ZeRo Is Join...:

Oh this is one of those NL comment sections where people just want to hate the winner. Grow up kids.

Even if I prefer Melee I really enjoyed the Smash4 finals of EVO2015. People also hate Diddy (I don't) and ZeRo won again even after nerfs Diddy received. ZeRo played really well and it was fun to watch.



Luffymcduck commented on Editorial: Super Smash Bros. Should be Integra...:

Ultra Smash Bros 4 Turbo. It will include a Melee mode with wavedashes, L-cancels and stuff so we'll get two different formats to play.

Seeing how there aren't too many Wii U titles coming next year (Shin megami tensei x fire emblem and Zelda, that's it I guess) November 2016 seems the most likely to be the time for NX´s release. Past Nintendo consoles have had this before, almost no new games before the new console launches.



Luffymcduck commented on First Impressions: Trying to Believe in Devil'...:

I've bought a lot of games for Wii U but this was never going to be one of them. By the end of the year there will be Mario Maker, Star Fox Zero, Xenoblade Chronicles X and Fatal Frame 5 and that's more than enough games for me to play for the end of 2016.