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Lostog commented on Video: Time to Learn Some Facts That Link Pok...:

@BlackSpy you don't want to go creationism vs evolutionism on a gaming site. just accept "common ancestor" as an accepted scientific theory: that doesn't mean it's true, so you can choose to not believe in it if you wish so. but, the video involves science, so it's to be expected it invokes a fairly accepted scientific theory. it's a parallel between pokemon and science, not necessarly between pokemon and truth, accept it for what it is; noone is arguing science is right and this doesn't seem the place for that. (but i admit i did not yet watch the video and i'm just guessing its contents) (and i don't think "jontron is god" was meant to be taken seriously, but it is a bit silly comment)



Lostog commented on CoroCoro Reveals Details on New and Existing P...:

the professor's name seems the romanization of "platano", which in some languages is the name of the banana plant. they could call him professor cavendish! professor banana would be just silly. also, is patrice the name of a plant i'm not aware of?



Lostog commented on Thinking Of Buying Animal Crossing: New Leaf? ...:

i don't think not planning on buying animal crossing despite knowing about it implies not being interested in it and being a grumpy person
there can be many reasons to not buy a game you know
not having huge amounts of money for instance
i'm interested in the game, but that holds true for many other games too, and i have to choose. sorry for not buying everything i want because i can't?



Lostog commented on Interview: Renegade Kid Praises Wii U as a "Ga...:

@Ryno: well, i didn't know of this partnership: when was this announced?
also, to my eyes it doesn't seem advantageous to neither party. how is "slowly make your name more and more annoying" beneficial to him? how is "periodically write the same uninteresting article about what renegade kid thinks" beneficial to NL? ok, i'm exaggerating, and this is very subjective; i'm just suggesting that some things good on paper might be counterproductive.
for instance, i bought mutant mudds and wasn't that impressed, but it's not like i hated it. seeing the developer pop up so often just decreases the chance i'll ever buy something made by him ever again. if the articles were interesting this wouldn't be the case; these though are just like saying "i'm ignoring the fact you considered a game of his just average. he's important. look what he has to say." and then, nothing interesting.
again, no hate: just giving feedback, as this could be something going trough others mind, and could translate in... i don't know.
also, if someone liked a game of his, but is annoyed by is articles... well i don't see that as beneficial either.
i just don't see what good this does to anyone: at best someone likes what he has to say, but again: you can just follow him on some social site for that!
end of rant



Lostog commented on Interview: Renegade Kid Praises Wii U as a "Ga...:

ok, why renegade kid news pop up SO OFTEN in this site
can i not care about what some random developer says or thinks? if i really would like to know i would follow his twitter or something. i don't see why "renegade kid" is even a tag.
that said, no hate, just wondering: i don't think any other developer gets this much attention on this site, that's all



Lostog commented on Evidence of a Functional 3DS Flashcard Emerges:

so much hate in the comments
i hope for the day when the things considered bad will be impratical and beneficial to noone, rather than those the law forbids. if it's beneficial to someone, the only thing to do is to benefit them in ways that don't hurt others. not easy, but BURN WITCH BURN isn't exactly a mentality i like. burning witches too feel better with oneself. what about the witch? you sure it's a being of evil and not an human like you?
that said, ok, piracy is bad, we get it, but it's interesting to see how tight the 3ds's defenses are. the requirements to make this work seem pretty impratical.



Lostog commented on Round Table: Let's Talk About the 3DS:

for me the e-shop is fundamental. ok, i didn't even know of its existence when i got it, didn't even have a wifi connection, but once i got one and discovered the eshop, and later eshop cards, it became fundamental, as i'm more at ease spending 15 euros for two games than 40 for one. if i was more stable i would buy more retail games, but for now i'm ok with an eshop game once in a while (and once in a wider while, a retail one that really interests me, if there's good wind)



Lostog commented on Miiverse: Super Metroid - Too Taxing For Today...:

the only one i can understand is the one stuck in the part that requires you to use the super dash.
for the others, well I never beat the original metroid, so i can kiinda relate (the problem there is either i don't know where to go, or i get killed before i can get where i want to, or i give up and play something else)
in general though the solution is always the same: TRY EVERYTHING
unfortunately asking is included in that everything, and often comes up before trying the right thing. sometimes you just don't know if you have what it takes to do it.



Lostog commented on Thomas Was Alone Creator Responds To Nintendo ...:

@LzQuacker oh, so you're a teacher. well, it's not like there's only one way to teach. enforcing rules is typical of behaviourism, the most primitive and ineffective way of teaching (not sure if that's the word, i made i literal transation from my language)
that said i'm not saying you shouldn't ever enforce rules, but if you want someone to learn something, giving them a goal is enough. if you make a rule, it should be to enhance the creativity of the student, not to limit it. "you can't do this just because" doesn't work; "try to reach this without doing that" is another thing. nothing is going to work if teacher and student have radically different goals to fulfill.
more communication is the answer, not just random rules. sharing goals is what matters. for instance, i wouldn't be surprised if the next step from nintendo will somehow soften the blow.
I just hate "STOP"s without dialogue. it's easy to say "well what you were doing was stupid so stop" if you can't understand the action to begin with, and don't find trying worthwile.
that said this long comment wasn't fully directed at you, it's just the teacher thing that tipped me off (i'm not, but probably will be at some point, so i care about the subject)



Lostog commented on Talking Point: DLC's Increasingly Important Ro...:

@rjejr: sure, it stands for 'downloadable content', but what is intended is, -extra- content for a game that already has some content. so an eshop game is simply a downloadable game; for the rest, yes, the distinction between free and paid dlc stands (and is used troughout the article). but, simply buying more in-game money is not buying content, so 'micro-transaction' goes for things like that. that's how i understood it anyway



Lostog commented on 3DS Version Of Super Smash Bros 4 To Be Shown ...:

@Lan: I think he means he doesn't want incorporating the peculiarities of the consoles (3D for the 3DS, the gamepad for the Wii U) to be the top priority. the incorporation will add something, but the game isn't built around that.