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LordGeovanni commented on Walmart Announces Foray Into Pre-Owned Games:

I am afraid I do not know what I can tell you. It tends to not bother me as much as others, however I know it bothers me quite a bit already. I could see how that is quite frustrating. I was actually lucky enough to find a Gamestop on a family trip to Florida where they just didn't bother to take the sticker off of its original backing and they literally just slipped it into the cover. That was more laziness than company reasoning, doubt I will ever see another like that...



LordGeovanni commented on Walmart Announces Foray Into Pre-Owned Games:

Well, that is good to hear. I am sure there was a way for unsold games to be returned to Producer, but I was always told that it gets bothersome. I know that the GameStop by me has a handful of Wii games that never sold from their New state and have just been sitting there for 2+ years. Good to know that they haven't been a huge draw on the store.



LordGeovanni commented on Walmart Announces Foray Into Pre-Owned Games:

Alright, while this is a reply comment, I am NOT directly saying anyone is wrong or that their post is mistaken. Please take my words as such.

We live in a capitalistic society. (While I live in the USA, I do speak about everywhere. Why pay more when you can pay less? Everyone just wants to make a buck.) That is run by a model called "Supply and Demand". When a product is produced, such as Nintendo making a single copy of a game, they SELL to the Middle Man (GameStop). If that game never sells, Nintendo still got the $. The Middle Man may refuse to buy other games from that Producer, and therefore the Producer will have problems. Either way, for that product, they still got paid. The Middle Man then takes that game and SELLs to the User (You in this case). THAT is Capitalism. If you can find another Middle Man to sell you at a lower cost, you will BUY from them. As it is, the Middle Man is attempting to SELL at the highest cost they can.

What is "Unnatural Capitalism" is when the Producer has competition where they already hold the rights to that product. You seem to think that it is the Middle Man at fault. They are not. it is the User (YOU). If you refuse to trade the games back in, there would not BE any used games that "leach away money that should be with Nintendo". The Middle Man's JOB is to make the Middle Man money. You CANNOT get upset with them being in a business to make money. That would just be stupid.

I cannot say your experience is wrong. That would be false. As it is, did you look into the amount of games that they had? The whole concept of the pre-order is so that you are guaranteed the game when it is released. If I pre-ordered a game and some kid ranted and raved until they sold my copy to him I would be REALLY upset. Possibly, they HAD no copies for you to buy. I could be wrong, however I have NEVER had an experience like such.

As for the Rewards Program, that is just a consequence of Capitalism as well. The Middle Man (GameStop Main Company) hires lesser Middle Men (Individual stores) to sell. That is not just Games, but also services. In 10 of the different retail stores that I have worked at, all 10 have had some system that they pushed. If it was their Credit Card, or Batteries, it didn't matter. Failure to meet their quota could cost that cashier their Christmas Bonus, Raise, or even their JOB. Try not to cause them problems just because they are trying to keep their job. (NOTE: This is my opinion, and is NOT based on the situation that you had, as I was not there. They still COULD have just been a jerk...)

I did not initially respond to your comment, however I spent some time thinking about it so maybe I can shed some light on the situation. Let us talk about a game that JUST came out. $40 Yoshi's New Story. We have to separate this into two groups because Nintendo doesn't play ball as well as others, so let's us also say Bravely Default JUST came out as well. Both are $40, right? GameStop may give ~$10 for a trade in of those games for the first ~2 weeks. Then, they will sell them for ~$35. GameStop offers a 10% discount for members of their Rewards Program. If you buy in, you drop the cost of that game by $3.50. If you know your coupons, GameStop offers a $10 discount on Used Games if you cash in points. I will NOT say that EVERY game has that coupon used, but maybe 10% of buyers have one. So that would be ANOTHER $1 loss on average. That means that a Rewards Member that uses there Coupons only buys a game around $30.

If they bought the game at $10, GameStop only makes $20. With THAT, they still need to pay rent, ($1000/month around where I live), PLUS Utilities (About $200/month for electricity around here), PLUS Employees want to get paid, right? So ANOTHER $8.25/hour/employee. GameStop (around me) never has less than 2 employees working. I also spend time talking to the employees to find out the newest games to watch for. I can tell you that they MAY make a sale like I was talking, (~$20 profit), once every 2 hours. That is 4 work hours alone. Or $8.25 times 4, ($33). As it is, They LOSE money at that rate. And that is at that large "profit". The little "sale" that they do like the Rewards Program is JUST enough for them to squeak by most the time. And even if there is a bigger "profit" than that, why shouldn't a company be allowed to make money?

Why did I separate Nintendo from other companies? Because Nintendo retains value. If that GameStop FAILED to sell that game in a month, it would probably have to DROP the price and cause that GameStop to lose the little bit they may have made of that game. Bravely Default is a game that is CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED and yet it has had a drop in price to about $38. By this time next month, I expect the price to be below $35. And GameStop will have to be below that price to sell used. What if there is another month? It will probably be even lower than that! Nintendo is the only company to avoid devaluing so often and that is because they care about that. Whenever I try to sell a Nintendo game, I usually get $25 for that point alone. GameStop knows that the value doesn't depreciate.

There are some sprays that you can find to get the stickers off of plastics like the cover plastics. Take a look, they are worth it if that is a pet peeve.



LordGeovanni commented on Walmart Announces Foray Into Pre-Owned Games:

Wow. So much Walmart Hate, and so much Gamestop Hate.

All I have to say is that I live in one of those "states that are entirely sub-urban" and I have a Gamestop next to a Walmart, next to a Kmart, next to a Target and out of those four, I like the Walmart and Gamestop the most. On one hand, Kmart always is old games (Like a generation and a half behind) and poor maintenance in the store. Target, on the other hand, is a little more expensive than Walmart and also refuses to help out any charities or groups in the area. Including the US Veterans. Doesn't make me ever want to support them.

I really don't see why people get upset about Gamestop. It is a company, not your best friend. Sure, a (somewhat) popular game that was released a week ago may be worth more than $5, but they still have to SELL it to make a profit. Then, there is the cost of holding the game. Say it is a popular Nintendo game? Then they offer more. I know that I could sell Nintendo 1st Party games for $20 or more. But if no one buys the game for a month, they have to reduce the price further and further. They still have to pay the electric, rent, and employees. So that ~$30 they make might still cost them another $22 just to sell the game for that "profit".

It isn't robbery, it is business. Why don't YOU go buy up games and sell them at a profit?

EDIT: Forgot there was a Bestbuy there as well, but they never are near the prices of others, usually has an extra $10 minimum upcharge compared to Target. Which is about $55 for a $40 game brand new in my area.



LordGeovanni commented on Review: Inazuma Eleven (3DS eShop):

I am in the USA and all I have to say is that even though this is Download-Only, I will be getting this. (Already have the $, I just want to beat Bravely Default first or I will never get it done!). My reasons?

  • This game was available on the DS, which meant that if I was able to get it imported, I would have a chance to play. I DID. I found some relatives over in Italy and found a few things that I asked them to send over to me.
  • With sales, they may bring over the other Inazuma Eleven games!
  • I will celebrate the World Cup by playing this the ENTIRE time!
  • It is actually in my $-cap for Download-Only games. $20 is my limit. Otherwise I feel as though it is a waste.
  • Encouraging sales of DS games on the 3DS may bring GBA and DS VC onto the 3DS and not just the Wii U.
  • It is SOCCER RPG. What in the world do you think of when you hear "Nintendo"? Exactly things like this! "Middle-Age Plumber that grows on Shrooms, Spits Fire because of Flowers, Flies like Superman because he sticks a feather in his cap, and RIDES Dinosaurs." Compare: "Bunch of Middle-School Children end up earning Superpowers (Sort-of, the Techniques seem like it!) in order to protect their school and Soccer team from being destroyed by other Schools. As an RPG!"

Edit: Wow! I am sort of low on caffeine when I wrote this so it hurts my eyes to read. The message stands true, however!



LordGeovanni commented on Tyrone Rodriguez Continues to Lobby Nintendo t...:

Wouldn't work. At least in the United States. The whole "18 years old" thing only works if the parents get involved. They really only get involved when they have their child get denied something. Have you ever seen an adult scream at a game store attendant because they refused to sell an M rated game to a 12-year-old? I have. Children lie and parents don't care. They just freak out on the companies after something bad happens because otherwise it would be their fault for not paying enough attention to their kids.
Just another thing that I support Nintendo for not wanting to get involved with...



LordGeovanni commented on Tyrone Rodriguez Continues to Lobby Nintendo t...:

The part of America that is known as the United States. You missed the part about "moral values" I think. Sex is easily discriminated against. (And I mean nudity and sexual acts, not Gender, At least for this topic...). Regardless of amount produced or purchased, it is still against the majority's moral values. It is why there are stupid stories of High School girls being brought up on charges of Child Pornography just because they texted a nude picture of herself to their boyfriend. I really doubt that Japan or the UK would be so intolerant for situations where they want to make a 16 year old girl into a Sexual Predator for LIFE over this type of stupid mistake.

Like I said, Nintendo doesn't want to get involved with stupid things like this. Good for them, I don't want to be involved either.



LordGeovanni commented on Tyrone Rodriguez Continues to Lobby Nintendo t...:

Please let us all remember that we are talking about the United States, Not "America". That would include Canada, Mexico, and the entire South American Continent. (No, I actually am from the USA, but I know many that get offended with the neglect.)

(Remaining post is to the general population)

As it is, the United States has "moral values" in its society. Ones that allow things like cursing, tattoos, and drugs in its movies, TV shows, and games. The US does NOT truly like religious persecution, nudity, sex, and other similar avenues in its media. While Japan would discriminate against Tattoos, the US discriminates against Religious Hate.

Nintendo is just trying to make sure that they don't have to get involved with all that.



LordGeovanni commented on Tyrone Rodriguez Continues to Lobby Nintendo t...:

I am not completely opposed to what you say, but just take it from another perspective.

You built something. Put YEARS of effort into it. Let us say that it is something expansive. Millions of people want to use it or already do. Then you have one snot-nosed punk that starts railing on you because you don't want something associated with your product. I am sure that there is Something that you do not like. It could be drugs, cursing, prostitution, rape, sexual acts in general, Teletubbies, Microsoft, whatever. Should you not have the Right to refuse something be associated, especially this intimately, with your masterpiece?

Just consider something for a moment: I wasn't thinking about Nintendo for the entirety of this post. I was thinking of YouTube. Good luck getting Sex and associated acts on it. If you want that, go somewhere else.



LordGeovanni commented on Tyrone Rodriguez Continues to Lobby Nintendo t...:

Welcome to the commenting side of NL. If you now look towards your left there is a Gift basket with a small pile of cookies. After you have commented on at least 10 articles, please let us know so that we can allow you into the VIP lounge and its awesome Cookie-buffet bar.

More seriously, I actually agree wholeheartedly with your comment. Nintendo has the right to censor their console if they want to. I still don't think that is a good idea. It limits growth. Especially on consoles like the Wii U which is suffering right now. If this came out, I would merely avoid it. Simple as that.
More on Nintendo, I would actually prefer more games with less focus on graphics. I would much rather have a new Zelda game with New concepts like the LBW Buy-your-weapons system than continue playing the same mario platformers all the time. As it is, Mario is only semi-stale, but it is still getting to that point...



LordGeovanni commented on Tyrone Rodriguez Continues to Lobby Nintendo t...:

I was merely making a statement that shared description of the game that the Creator himself made. I do not see how that is me "forc(ing my) beliefs on others here". I made a Statement to when I found out about it. Said that I didn't enjoy what I saw and supplied the statement previously mentioned.

Why are you attacking me and my post for something that Truthfully has only factual statements (as the first two statements are from me and therefore I am the perfect witness to their accuracy) that also contributes to the discussion being held. (Where people are discussing why Nintendo isn't "being cool" and letting this game be on the eShop, at least on the initial attempt).

I didn't get the game. Simple as that. Why did I comment? Well... Both the Creator and NL were asking for my input. Just keep in mind that I didn't ask for yours.



LordGeovanni commented on Tyrone Rodriguez Continues to Lobby Nintendo t...:

All I want to say is that I heard about this game around 2012, (probably when NL was mentioning it). I looked it up around then and wished that I didn't.

To sum it up best, I turn to Wikipedia: "According to McMillen, the game touches on dark, adult themes including child abuse, gender identity, infanticide, neglect, suicide, abortion, and how religion might negatively affect a child; all concepts which video games generally avoid"



LordGeovanni commented on Weirdness: The Makers Of TV Show Resurrection ...:

Just saying, regardless of their "wishes", the act of putting this game on an illegal system and showing it in their show is not right. It doesn't matter if it is "fiction". It is still something that will encourage people to break the law. I think Nintendo should step in...



LordGeovanni commented on Matters of Import: Dragon Quest Monsters 2 Sho...:

First, I was making a list. There was not a colon after that thought. The two MMORPGs referenced were FFXI and FFXIV. I am well aware of the make-up of FFXII. It also had a character (Vaan) that was not really needed in the story and the fandom had some backlash over that. Bravely Default being "what a Final Fantasy was suppose to be" is the reason why I called it a neo-Final Fantasy.

As for DQ being Dragon Warrior, I am also familiar with that. Dragon Warrior is what I grew up with. The fact that DWVII came out in 2000 and the next game was DQVIII where multiple things were heavily shaken did sway me away from the series. I still hate DQVIII to this day because of the rigid stance on what the characters could learn and the "new" names for the spells. Your belief that "Dragon Warrior" was the original name is actually false, however. The game was always Dragon Quest. It was only in the NA region (and possibly PAL?) that it had to take the name "Dragon Warrior" due to a patent preventing "Dragon Quest". The bigger issues with the fandom were not the fact that the name changed but that so many crucial icons of the games were changed and/or removed. Spells changed their names. Monsters changed their names. Between that and the fact that there was a SIX year wait before another DQ game was made (2006 for DQVIII), lead many to stop interest in the series.

There is also a claim that DQ games don't sell well in the NA and PAL regions, however it is the same issue with Ubisoft and EA not supporting the WII U and then claiming that the games don't sell - SE has NEVER supported their (DQ) games enough for them to sell well.



LordGeovanni commented on Matters of Import: Dragon Quest Monsters 2 Sho...:

SE didn't actually bring DQIX over. Nintendo stepped in to bring it over. That is why you saw such a large amount of advertisements everywhere - Nintendo wanted to show that DQ was not dead in the NA and PAL regions.

With that said, it means that Squareenix has skipped on the localization of DQ IX, DQ VII (3DS), DQM (Terry), DQM2 (3DS), DQX, DQ Battle, and DQHeroes 3 (the Rocket Slime series). I may be missing another, but even if I am not, it is getting disappointing...

And for anyone mentioning Bravely Default, just consider that it is more of a neo-Final Fantasy. It has Final Fantasy elements without the Final Fantasy name that has recently been dragged through the mud. Since X, Final Fantasy has had two MMORPG, FFXII (known as a waste for several reasons, especially a focus character that apparently had no purpose in the game), and FFXIII (and sequels) that was described as a "$50 movie ticket" due to a lack of exploration through most the game. While I am quite happy with the games like Bravely Default, I still consider them to be a Final Fantasy game.

The difference is that the Dragon Quest games are being ignored even if these "neo-Final Fantasys" are not...



LordGeovanni commented on Nintendo Direct: Trailers Round-Up:

For the VC, the biggest let-down for me is the fact that they are not on my 3DS. Would I buy a lot of them? Well... just the ones that I am interested in. BUT, I haven't bought all that many because I know they are not available "on the go". I still do not have any VCs for the Wii/Wii U except the Mario RPG. And that was a Club Nintendo reward.

And I still cry a little inside when I hear things like Earthbound (which I am still thinking about getting), Zelda Lttp (Why is it not on 3DS?), and Megaman X being released and still having no 3DS counterpart.

(Not to mention that they should have an option to cross-platform VCs between Wii U and 3DS, even if there was a smaller cost than the full price. I would buy the games much faster if I knew that I could get them at half price if they ever make a portable version.)

Just to compare,I have a LOT of 3DS VC games: Zelda 1, Zelda 2, Zelda Awakening, Zelda Seasons, Zelda Ages, Kirby Block Ball, Kid Icarus (Myths), Megaman (GB), Megaman 2, Megaman 3, Megaman 4, Sword of Hope II, Dragon Crystal, Quarth, Super Mario Land 2, Mario's Picross, and Super Mario Land. I also plan to get many more... if they come out!

I was all excited when I heard about DS games for the VC... Until I heard that it was Wii U VC.
Same with the GBA games for Wii U VC. WHY NINTENDO? WHY? Is my money not enough?



LordGeovanni commented on Nintendo Direct: Trailers Round-Up:

I was just skimming the comments for this page real quick and I just have to say, "No one asked for Inazuma Eleven?" REALLY? I am in the NA and the ONLY way I have EVER played any of the games was by IMPORTING the EU version. I am FINALLY getting something that I found out about in 2008. I really doubt that the NA getting something after so long is the result of "No one asking for it". :P



LordGeovanni commented on Team Meat's Name Originated From a "Random" Ni...:

Wow. I have heard about these guys, but I never really considered their games because I don't play PC games. My PC is too busy doing other things to play games. I usually have it working on other things while I play my games...

So, NO I will not be buying their stuff. iOS and PC games are not for me. Maybe if they were on the 3DS...



LordGeovanni commented on Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians Campaign D...:

Because even Kickstarter knows that people love Nintendo products and either of two different mentalities come about:
1. Higher Nintendo $ means that more people donate for the purpose of getting it on their system.
2. Supporting the "underdog" allows for those people to jump on the project because that system has so little going for it. Sort of how a game designed for Wii U would get a lot of support because there are so many with nothing to do on theirs...

Either way, it is Nintendo getting the shaft. Has there even been a fully completed Kickstarter for video games yet?



LordGeovanni commented on $1.2 Billion Wiped Off Nintendo's Market Value...:

I don't like downloads. I stay as far away as I can with that. The microconsole would probably irritate me a whole lot. That is also why I think the hybrid hand-console would be best for Nintendo. Wii U when your home, 3DS when traveling. Best of both worlds, and for one price for the system. Make it transfer my games from the current systems and possibly allow companies to hire someone (and Nintendo having to actually hire more people to have some available) to program the game in Nintendo's coding (or... you know, just make it a little easier to code for...) and I think it would be the best system ever designed!



LordGeovanni commented on Video: This Bravely Default Story Trailer Goes...:

As a HUGE fan of Dragon Quest(/Warrior), I actually agree a bit with you. We (Na and EU) have been shafted on about 7 DQ games now... But, I am not opposed to this because it is more like a true Final Fantasy instead of the MMORPGs and the "Movies". Even 12 was sad after I got all the gambits and just walked around...

...And I recently complained to SE about the lack of DQ games. Their reply? Too Bad.
...I got further with Nintendo when I commented that they should pressure SE into allowing Nintendo to publish like they did DQ IX...



LordGeovanni commented on UK Retailer Argos Drops Wii U Premium to £179.99:

@Artwark Nintendo has never really "competed" with Sony or Microsoft. It was more like Nintendo was playing in its sandbox and those two showed up. Then when they got bored and moved on to "Cops and Robbers", Nintendo was still the one playing in its sandbox. Nintendo is still in "Gaming", but with its Kid- and Family-friendly situation, it isn't competing with them. It is actually more along the lines of Companies like EA and Ubisoft complaining to "daddy" Sony/XBox that "mommy" Nintendo doesn't like them. And "Daddy" pats them on the head and gives them a cookie. Nintendo still is playing in its sandbox and it did fine last gen. I doubt that a Super Significant EXTREME Loss that Single-Handedly Brings About the Video Game Crash of 2014 would be Nintendo's fault. Nor would they lose everything from it. Maybe if they did poorly for the next 20 YEARS, but not now...



LordGeovanni commented on $1.2 Billion Wiped Off Nintendo's Market Value...:

Okay, a LOT of answers, however I may have rambled a little...

I actually hate the push for higher power and graphics too. I actually have a condition where I "gloss" over details. This causes me to blur an image when I am not paying in-depth detail to them. In other words, unless I look, there is no HD for me. I, instead, have received a whole NEW world through the 3DS and the 3D technology that was developed. I cannot explain enough how different it is to see detail when not focusing on it.

As for the "handheld that can push HD graphics to a TV," I would rather think of the system as a "base" that functions as the console like the "Wii" part of the Wii U. Then, have a system like the GamePad which can operate on its own if it leaves the surrounding area of the base. Games like the 3DS, VC, and 3DS Downloads would be capable on the GamePad system alone while the base system would handle Downloads and Wii U style games. Then, the VC, 3DS Download, and 3DS style games could be moved to the TV screen if you want, while allowing "additional" functions that are redundant to the GamePad screen. Sort of how a lot of DS and 3DS games redundantly issue buttons on the touch screen that you could also access through the Start (/pause) menu.

Wow. what a bleak message. Maybe Microsoft should have stopped as well. After all, it wasn't until the 3RD Windows that anyone actually got interested. Which means that they did HORRIBLE with the first two, right? And Edison made over 1,000 failures on a light bulb before he made a successful one. Too bad. Maybe he should have quit while he was behind. It isn't like you NEED light bulbs... By the way... it is almost dusk. Have a nice night... because there is no way for you to see after the sun goes down. Unless you have a surplus of candles you are hoarding...

While Nintendo may still focus on the "kiddie" aspect of gaming, BOTH XBox and PlayStation state that Nintendo is VITAL for their companies because the Big N brings in the most new gamers. Another issue you fail to realize is the Slippery Slope of iOS gaming. It is NOT the path to Eldorado. Phones were not made to play games. Games were not made to play on phones. These are NEW things that really (still) do not mesh. Even better, If people are demanding the Nintendo games so much, they will buy the system. Or Pirate, but who thinks they will buy the games anyway?

I know that you will not like this, but let us look at an example of what I mean. Squareenix. Great company that is the result of two GREAT RPG companies. Then the Dragon Quest series all but disappears. Then the Final Fantasy line starts to die with 11. It is an MMORPG. Then 12 is not liked as much. Then 13 is "a $50 movie ticket with a little bit of button mashing". Then a number of sequels to justify 13 as a "good game". 14 brings another MMORPG. They let TWEWY die without a sequel because they ignored their fans and decided to "worry about games that already have a dedicated following". Most of these, I would consider to be a poor look at the company. Then they move to iOS and even with them still around, I consider them dead. There has been about SEVEN Dragon Quest games that they haven't considered to localize outside of Japan. They will have to swim over to take my money. iOS is just one of these poor choices. Why would I want Nintendo to do the same? It is not like I have seen ANYONE playing a Final Fantasy on iOS anyway. And it "cheapened" the games as well. Why should they ever make a remake of any of them if people would easily ignore their $40+ game if they could instead get this iOS for ~$15?

I am sorry, but I nearly laughed at your comment. First, the Wii U IS a "next-gen". It is HD while I still know a LOT of people in the USA, (New Jersey even) who don't even know what an HDMI port is. They just don't have HD TV. It is also capable of ENORMOUS potential that was not possible at the time that the PS3 and XBox360 were designed. XBox and PlayStation are too similar. It is why they both failed to be #1 and the Wii ended up on top. Microsoft is trying to call their XBOne(-eighty) more of a "whole system". Even still, they cater to the same people and have the same style of games that PlayStation 4 has. You want to see even more? Take a look at the cost of the XBox systems:

(Taken from

That isn't even just the XBox. It also doesn't show the ''production costs of the original'' And how is the Wii the "last nail in the coffin"? That infers that it is the "final loss that kills the (target)". Wii was SO not that. You need to think your statement out a bit more...

And to finish, about Iwata, just keep in mind that you are a Capitalist. Make sure to fork over your money for everything, k? Iwata is Japanese. They don't have such a strong Capitalist mindset as the USA (NA and Europe as well, but the USA is MUCH more arrogant with this). If he truly was that horrible, then the Japanese Board in charge of his job would have forced his removal from the company. If it really HAD to happen, it would have already have been done. The Board is (maybe not "happy") "content" with his current position. While that may change if Nintendo keeps oozing losses, it hasn't shaken them up enough yet. (Also keep in mind that Sony and Microsoft are Capitalist-style companies that have HEAVY roots in Capitalism. They are swayed for removal of CEOs quite easily. For the Eastern style, they allow one to fix their mistakes before lynching them...)



LordGeovanni commented on $1.2 Billion Wiped Off Nintendo's Market Value...:

Soo... why is Nintendo down $1.2 Billion if the company only registered a loss of 35 Billion yen? ("35 billion Yen ($335 million / £205 million)). This is the stock market at its worst. The sad thing is that the company hasn't lost that at all. Its "assumed value to people" has lost that much. Which is a little bit bad, but still...

As it is, there is only a few things I would want Nintendo to push moving forward:
1. - Nintendo needs to set up an account-based system that registers downloads for recovery. Even better, one that shares across 3DS-Wii U lines, (VC for example) but I will not push too much. I would be quite happy with just the security.
2. - Nintendo needs more games being made. Period. I don't really care (for the sake of this argument) if they are Nintendo IPs or not. I don't care if it is Nintendo or some other 2nd or 3rd party. As long as they are System-sellers, or quarter System-Sellers ("must haves" without the System-Seller status), I would be quite happy. With the combined 3DS and Wii U expected games list being less than the expected games for PS4 or XBOne(-eighty), it is looking grim on that account. Nintendo is Games. Not movies, not apps, not TVs or computers. Games. Make the games Nintendo. Games drive hardware sales.
3. - Seek the Future. I think that I would be upset, (but not completely lost in faith), if Nintendo stopped "console" in the future. Stick with Handheld. It is where I spend most my time and money. I prefer my gaming on the go like most others nowadays. I think Nintendo will do this or the next:
4. - Seek the Future (part 2). Maybe look into a system that actually is a hybrid console-handheld. Make a Gamepad that is the actual handheld. One that IS the next 3DS. A few games that requires the whole system would be assumed, but one that you can take with you as well. No longer does someone need to get two systems to play all the games. And more options for developers too.



LordGeovanni commented on Updated Zelda and Animal Crossing 3DS Card Cas...:

I just have to say that after CHristmas, I had a lot of coins and I went and picked up two Zelda sets. Chances are, my friend will get the Animal Crossing one and I may be able to trade for the Goomba page that has my interest, but the Zelda is just that cool that I want two. As for my games, I have 19 3DS games already, (it filled my first case) and I have had to buy TWO different Game system cases in order to carry around my DS games. I just bought a whole bunch more too so again I was starting to lose space. (Stupid Gamestop and their low prices on a whole bunch of DS games. Really, who has Final Fantasy games at $10?)



LordGeovanni commented on Video: You'll Get A Kick Out Of These Inazuma ...:

...I didn't actually take that the wrong way? But maybe you took my comment the wrong way? It was actually a bit of a mix between enjoyment/excitement for the "niche" game and actually not caring about the (extreme) situations that come about when dealing with the game.

I actually seem to enjoy niche games more because there are less people who play that don't really enjoy the game. Sort of like a Pokemon game, except there is a large decrease in the "meta game" and more into exploring the game as fully as possible.



LordGeovanni commented on Review: Witch & Hero (3DS eShop):

For anyone still thinking about this, the Price Drop is still active until the 8th! (In NA at least.) If you Really think that $4 is too much, it is currently only $2.79. Cannot get much better than that without it being free! (And you got the demo to play too! That IS free)



LordGeovanni commented on Review: Witch & Hero (3DS eShop):

Sorry for not replying quickly. You ended up encouraging me to play the Hard Mode.

As it is, Yes, there are only 20 levels. The final level is a Colossal Final Boss that is insane to deal with. The trick to the boss is the L and R buttons (sorry to those who don't like spoilers). Then, the game invites you to the Hard Mode. All you need to do is hit these buttons on the Title screen.

Up, Up, Up, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Right, Right, Left, X, Y.

Shortened: Up x3, Down x5, Right x2, Left, X, Y.

This makes the game MUCH more difficult and last even longer. Especially for such a "Horrible" game, I still have 76 minutes on the demo and 15 HOURS on just the main game alone. But I do take my time playing games so that is not nearly as accurate as will be for others.



LordGeovanni commented on Soapbox: Nintendo's Appearance at VGX Underwhe...:


Okay, I didn't bother to read most the comments, but REALLY? THAT is what you got out of this article? That show was horrible. I ended up walking out on it and then returned 2 hours later. To my surprise, the show was still on.

As for your "comment", GTA V IS a violent game. End of story. No wonder why a lot of people feel that it is "too violent". As for PS4 vs Nintendo, um... Duh! Nintendo markets to kids. No wonder that kids tend to like the system that isn't moving away from them. (By kinds, I am referring to the "under 13" crowd here.) Additionally, the rapping. (Yes, I know I am ignoring the comedian. That is personal preference. I hated it too.) Music is (usually) a mixture of multiple sounds, instrument and words, that flow together. Rap seems to be nothing more than overbearing slang. I agree that Rap is almost 98% rude ALL THE TIME.

Aside all that, I completely agree with the article. Great job!