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LordGeovanni commented on Take a Look at Nintendo's Game Awards 2015 Nom...:

Honestly I find all these awards to be insulting. I can almost never say that I agree with any of the winners because the results always seems like a popularity contest rather than the GOTY because of effort. I figure that Fallout 4 is going to win simply because it is so recent and because it was requested for a long time.

Even further, I think that Half-Life 3 would be handed the award if it comes out (sometime) and that next year is already lost with Final Fantasy VII getting a remake. And PushSquare seems almost certain that the winner is either Fallout or Witcher 3.



LordGeovanni commented on The Super Mario Maker Update Has Cleared Up So...:

While there are trolls that like glitches like this, there are also most speedrunners liking glitches. Some of them go out of their way to keep pre-patch versions to keep the ability to challenge the world records.

There are also glitches that are just fun to see and do. Those are ones I like to see.



LordGeovanni commented on Talking Point: Super Mario Maker's Update Cont...:

I would not mind paying for unlocks for the creation area of Mario Maker. Such as if they added Desert theme and say Pokey, Angry Sun, Fire Snakes, Fire Bros. (or additional add-on to Hammer Bros by adding Fire Flower), Cobral/Triclyde, Phantom Masks, and Block Goomba.

I could easily see Nintendo asking for as much as $4.99 (USD) for that, and while I would think above $3 may get grumbles, I think for the ability to use them in every variation would be worth it.

For the Course World, I would really hate them to prevent non-purchasers from obtaining the levels with paid DLC involved, but additional modes or editable rules for levels is something that I could also see. Like a way to rate other people's levels would be cool, but maybe not paid. But the ability to link up to 16 levels into a "game" would be something I would pay for.

EDIT: Most certainly I would like to see more Bosses or methods of setting up "drops" for if an enemy is defeated to force battles.



LordGeovanni commented on Toys "R" Us Teases More Exclusive amiibo in No...:

I actually think it's a little sad that they are breaking the exclusives when they explicitly said they wouldnt. If they're planning on having that expire, they could have made an official announcement like exclusive expire after 6 months. Instead they had Best Buy get THREE amiibo that are exclusive to others and TRU has Shulk too. This feels very anti-GameStop and I feel GS will retaliate just before Christmas.



LordGeovanni commented on Nintendo Has "Moved On" From Game Boy Games on...:

Sad to say, but I found that most of the GB games I wanted were either out already or Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest games. And with the way Squarenix acts, I never expected anything of that.

The bigger loss, in my mind, is the lack of the GBC games, the COMPLETE lack of GBA games, and the COMPLETE lack of SNES games. Honestly, I DONT WANT portable GBA and DS games on my Wii U. I would rather have them on a portable system. Isnt that what Japan is like too?



LordGeovanni commented on The Pokémon Company Withdraws Settlement in L...:

I find it sickening that your response is to say "You're so messed up lol". That exact apathetic and lackadaisical attitude is why this guy is in trouble in the first place.

Looking over these comments, I realized something. A great way to examine this situation:

Consider us all "fans" of Nintendo (and/or TPC for this discussion). Half of us sees nothing wrong with what this guy did. The other half feel as though this guy isnt a fan of TPC at all and instead used it for his own benefits. And Half the fans here seem to think that perfectly acceptable.

Let us look at this a different way. What if we are fans of Lions. You know, the Big Cats. We all get to enjoy these lions by going to the zoo. We pay for a ticket to see the lions. But then you get our boy Ramar Larkin Jones and he thinks that a lion will draw business to his cafe. So he steals it and declaws it to make it "safe" to display. And then the zoo finds out. And half our group wants to support him on this? What if he KILLED that lion and got it stuffed? You know, to make it easier to display. Would half our group still think it is alright?

I am sure that many of you will look at this contrived story as out of the blue and not related, but it is. Ramar Larkin Jones STOLE something that at least a majority of us likes a lot. He DAMAGED the thing by showing in a public space that same thing crossed with alcohol. With a paid entry to some cafe. With the poor conduct that he is displaying now. How is his actions against Pokemon, the IP and story instead of TPC, any different than declawing and showing off a lion or killing it to stuff it and show how much a "fan" he is?

This guy is a criminal. Just as bad as the pirates that steal the games themselves. Only difference is that he is selling it too. At least the pirates usually drop them off online for free.

And for the sake of my sanity, everyone PLEASE stop saying it is over the poster. The poster was ONE of the things that drew attention to the illegal activity. It WASNT the entire illegal activity. If the poster wasnt made, his actions were still illegal. Nintendo/TPC just might not have seen his actions.



LordGeovanni commented on Nielsen Game Rank Lists the Most Anticipated G...:

It is possible that the survey just lacked the Xenoblade game but really that is one of the three biggest games coming out on Wii U (in my opinion). It seems as though the surveyor may have made a minor mistake, however. There seems to be a lot of data that they went through and a single game may have been skipped.



LordGeovanni commented on The Pokémon Company Withdraws Settlement in L...:


I appreciate that link that you supplied (Post #51). It did help clarify a lot of things for me. But one major thing it made me thing is why are images not covered by Trademark then? I thought images were under Trademark like names, but that isnt part of this discussion.

Instead, the bottom of that link has incredibly useful information under "Myth #11". It says that Copyright cannot be lost, as AceDefective mentioned to me, however legal action is a good idea. As we most certainly do not know the entire story, a C&D might not have been enough in this case.

My reasoning behind the $4000 lawsuit is still the same. I feel as though TPC is completely in the right here.



LordGeovanni commented on The Pokémon Company Withdraws Settlement in L...:

I thought Copyrights worked the same way? Regardless, going "nuclear" as you seem to keep repeating would be demanding the full value of the Pokemon IP.

I doubt they asked for that. Instead, it sounds as if they settled for a mere $1000 per year of the theft. That sounds reasonable to me. If the demand is within a certain amount of time, there is still the fact that TPC is being generous with such a paltry sum for the theft.

And this guy most certainly went and threw TPC's name in the mud which causes me to feel this further problem is also of his creation.



LordGeovanni commented on The Pokémon Company Withdraws Settlement in L...:

You seem to misunderstand the legal requirements of owning a Copyright.

If he did not use the poster, he still would have been in violation. It was the poster that eventually drew TPC's attention. The word "Pokemon" was even in the title of the event.

Copyright Law dictates that the owner must defend their Copyright in cases like this. Usually a C&D is enough. Perhaps that wasnt enough in this case where the guy already did multiple events in the past and didnt get a C&D or charges.

The reason why Copyright laws are built this way is so that Monopolies can be created and destroyed. IF you defend your Copyright correctly, including suing and C&D where needed, you can protect it. IF YOU DONT, you could have other groups do this exact same "minor" events. Then companies like GameStop could host these events because "other people could, why can't we?". Then you have Microsoft (or another major company) say "If GS can do this, then why can't we?" And suddenly, the IP Copywright is lost.

TPC may HAVE to sue to protect their IP.



LordGeovanni commented on The Pokémon Company Withdraws Settlement in L...:

In any case, this is something that TPC objected to. TPC also has the right to sue over damages. If this guy hosted this party and used Pokemon in the name and advertisements, it is easy to assume that TPC is backing it. Even further, he did it for 5 years. Add in the charge at the door (regardless of the usage, the money wasnt the customers paying the DJ, It was the Cafe owner), the alcohol at the event, and other non-pokemon "kid" friendly activities, and this guy was asking for a C&D. AND for those saying the $4000 is too much in addition, well maybe it was $1000 per year of him doing this. By the sound of it, he said that he made "only $60". If that was per year, I doubt the Door Charge was able to pay the DJ and prizes. Maybe he misspoke, but if it was that he made $60 total, at $2 entry, that would only be 30 people and it was "filled to capacity" as he mentioned (at least about the party, which I think he meant about a previous year). I seriously doubt only 30 people participated combined over the last 4~5 events.

It was directly in the previous article.

"Jones manages a small café in Seattle and was formerly a Pokémon fanatic. For the past five years, he's held the "Unofficial Pokémon PAX Kickoff Party" at his café;"



LordGeovanni commented on The Pokémon Company Withdraws Settlement in L...:

I see this exactly as if he was bad mouthing The Pokemon Company. He STOLE the IP. Regardless of the usage. He then Charged for access to the event that he themed around that IP. Then he gets stopped, after 5 YEARS of this, and gets sued. Then complains about it online to get other people to pay for him. It is disgusting that people seem to think this was an acceptable use of The Pokemon Companys property.



LordGeovanni commented on GAME Sends Out £10 Gift Cards and Apologises ...:

Honestly I would be a bit upset if this was all I got. If I got charged two or three times this would be acceptable, but I would expect more for the people charged seven or more times. And that isn't even saying the overdraft fees I expect were paid.

I would say a £10 gift card per additional charge, but I may be a bit excessive here. Another problem is that the game came out 21 days ago. Did they send that through the slowest mail possible? It feels like an additional insult to bring it up again by now, then again are all the charges reverted and fees paid?

I don't know GAME (I live in the US), but didn't they offer a reduction on Splatoon for those who were affected? That problem wasn't entirely their fault.



LordGeovanni commented on Nintendo Attempts to Show the Fun Side of Anim...:


So I guess you completely missed the point that I said North America instead of the European tweet messaged above? Like I said, rumor has it that na is going to have a three pack exclusive (not to store, but three amiibo pack) just like Inkling Squid, Retro 3-pack, and (soon) Mii Fighter 3-pack.



LordGeovanni commented on 3D Effect Will Be Disabled When Playing Hyrule...:


I am not certain if this fits your criteria, however I do recall an update notice during play on Hyrule Warrior (Wii U copy) saying that all content on the 3ds version will be transferable over to the Wii U version. It sounds like free DLC for the Wii U copy. Could possibly have problems but that's the only information I know of.



LordGeovanni commented on 3D Effect Will Be Disabled When Playing Hyrule...:

This is actually something positive in my mind. I was worried that the game might have fewer enemies because of the processing power on the 3ds. Instead I find out that they're going to cut the 3d technology on the older systems that cannot handle more enemies. That's exactly what I was expecting to have done, exactly what I am pleased with.



LordGeovanni commented on 3DS Version Of Dragon Quest VIII To Feature Br...:

I think I'm getting sick of all the Dragon Quest news not featuring localisation news. This ending mentioned is probably just a bad ending that anyone can guess if they played the original. But still it is frustrating to hear more news about a game I may never get.



LordGeovanni commented on Final Fantasy Explorers is Journeying To The W...:

So this gets localisation but eight Dragon Quest in a row don't? This is why I don't like SE. If it wasn't for Nintendo, we would still be waiting for the DS remake of 6 and 9 too. But "JRPGs don't sell in the West". So just send more FF instead. Idiots.



LordGeovanni commented on Talking Point: Wii U Gamers Have Been Treated ...:

@Dr_Lugae (referencing post #107)

I see your point with Nintendo needing to drop support for 1st party and advertising 3rd party specials and DLC exclusives, it actually made me stop to post although I wasnt planning to any more.

The biggest problem with Nintendo having that concept is that gaming is all that Nintendo is. 1st party doesnt sell on Xbox? Microsoft still has PC. 1st party doesnt sell on PS? Sony still has movies, physical devices, Blu Ray...

Nintendo has... games. That is all. It isnt like Nintendo can afford to survive on only console sales. They still have workers to pay and corporate Board Members to feed.

I dont feel as though you disagree either. I just wanted to say that. I dont see Nintendo surviving as 3rd Party. I just dont. But I also dont see Nintendo able to survive without their 1st Party lineup.



LordGeovanni commented on Talking Point: Wii U Gamers Have Been Treated ...:

The biggest problem that I have with 3rd-Party companies is that they seem to think a scattershot method works on games.

Let me clarify with example, EA. They have both of the exact issue I detailed and it is the best example I can think of:
''First'', they make a game but make it for as many systems that they can. This causes people to not explore other systems. If they can get the game they want already for a system they own, the chance of that fan getting another system lowers. And the options available with the systems does not get explored. So things like the GamePad still look stupid to the PS4/XboxOne fans because they havent experienced the Pad or its Off-TV Play and other capabilities.
''Second", is the quick reload that they have on games. Why should I as a casual (or not even that) sports gamer care for the newest Basketball or Football (or Futbol ) game when it costs $60 and the same game that was released 9~15 months ago is now already bargain bin for $20 or less... 6 months after it was released? The constant "basic" upgrade and then spamming Christmas for new releases hurts a lot more than you think.

Super Mario Galaxy has only had one sequel (two games total). I am certain that if/when it has a third game, there will be much demand, but that is also because of much more quality and improvements. Much more than is capable with a yearly Port-to-everything game.

If you want further proof of how this damages the systems overall, just look at Ubisoft. System EXCLUSIVE Rayman was reduced to a YEAR wait past the system's release. And it wasnt even Exclusive any more. In fact, the ONLY system that didnt get it was a Nintendo one. The 3DS. (YES, it was on the PSVita too.) That just encouraged PS and Xbox gamers to ignore Nintendo (and save their $ from buying what they believe to be a garbage system), and praise Ubisoft for giving them the game too. At the same time, people who supported Nintendo and Ubisoft in order to get the Rayman EXCLUSIVE were left sour and holding a bag of rotten apples. Game was LATE, Not Exclusive as promised, and Nintendo lost out. But Ubisoft got $ from the PS and Xbox gamers, right? Good Job Ubisoft! /sarcasm



LordGeovanni commented on The Square Enix Teases for Dragon Quest 3DS Lo...:

I love dragon quest so much. If the only way for me to get dragon quest 7 in states was to purchase two new 3DS XLs (I have been holding out for a Standard), AND having to cook and EAT my left shoe, I would cook my right shoe too, "just in case".

But it isn't like I am eager to give SE my money I suppose...



LordGeovanni commented on Square Enix Shuts Down Dragon Quest VII Fan Tr...:

A cease and desist for something like this should also come with an announcement of a translation coming. This still leave the possibility of them not doing anything for the fans. It is right out insulting for them to stop fans from making a translation when they themselves feel it is too expensive.

Until they provide more info, I am considering this SE's way of yelling at us that we're not allowed to play the game no matter what.



LordGeovanni commented on Smash Bros. Presentation Confirms Ryu and Mii ...:

I want all four of the ones above. As well as Roy (and all the other FEs still)

And I will probably get one or two of the Mii Fighter amiibo. Mewtwo as well. But I still need to get Dark Pit and Olimar. Maybe Dr. Mario and Bowser Jr.



LordGeovanni commented on Sonic Dash Passes 100 Million Smart Device Dow...:

I hope this continues to work out for Sega, but I dont like mobile. I stay as far away as I can, it doesnt feel like a platform made for games (it isnt) and therefore anything made just feels like it lacks polish to me. I would rather ust stick with my 3DS, Wii U and PS3 (and hopefully soon, PS4).



LordGeovanni commented on Hands On: Checking Out Splatoon's Freshly Unlo...:

Ranked seems a slap in the face to me. I have already thought of at least 4 different methods that they could have some competition in 4v4. They currently use two of them. King of the Hill (the current "Ranked") is just incredibly insulting to anyone wanting Rollers as their main weapon. I have noticed that the Zones are lower and if it isnt the Chargers sniping you before you have your weapon out, it is the Splatters raining on you before you can do anything either. Rollers need their weapon out for inking. If you ''fall'' you LOSE the Roller. You have to pull it out again. Or at least have to wait for your Inkling to get ready to move. ALL the ones seem to be in lower areas. This causes Rollers to STAND STILL and they already suffer from distance fighting.

I thought that Nintendo said that they made each of the games balanced for whatever style of play (weapon) you like? The game flat out states that Chargers are King and while not saying it, Rollers are most certainly Tier 4.

This also does nothing to talk about how the Rankings are based solely on you winning the match, regardless of your strength. And top that with the COMPLETE LOSS of exp, coin, and equip upgrade if you lose and it is not worth my time. I already lost 4 of 5 matches, including ALL the ranking points I earned in the second game, and walked away with 1300 coin and exp after half an hour. I would have that in about 7 minutes in regular battle.



LordGeovanni commented on Reaction: There is a Positive Angle to Nintend...:

@mjc0961 #1

There are three major issues with pre-orders. The three issues are the people involved.
First you have the company producing the game. In this case, Nintendo. Pre-orders should be something that the company uses to judge interest in the game. If you have 10,000 pre-orders for a game, it might not be all that interesting to the customers and therefore the company should buck up and get out to showing the customers why the game is so good. If the pre-order amount is higher, like 250,000 copies then Nintendo needs to buck up and produce that many copies earlier on.
Second problem is the selling company. Take for example, Best Buy, GameStop, Target, Whoever. Now this is the part where things get iffy... They usually have a HARD LIMIT on how many pre-orders they can sell. While this isnt the point of pre-orders, they still need to Work Within That Limit. Best Buy selling thousands of Majora edition New 3DS XLs just to cancel is a plague on pre-orders. A pre-order is a contract for purchase. If they cannot fulfill the contract they shouldn't sign the deal. They need to gather the pre-orders and then bring them to Nintendo and ask for more FIRST.
Third group is the customer. You. Me. That guy by the telephone pole. Whoever. We get pre-orders for three reasons. First is the pre-order bonus. I like this a lot. It helps us show interest in the game, it gives us a bonus for dropping money early, it allows collectibles that are frequently difficult to obtain in other ways, and it is GUARANTEED if you pre-order. (Of course this doesnt apply when the bonus isnt made enough, that is a fault of the company). Second reason is to support the company and game that we are buying. How will Nintendo know we want that game or amiibo if no one pre-orders it? Then Nintendo should limit production so that they dont make too many. You make for the demand. The pre-order defines the demand. The third reason is actually tied in here. The pre-order GETS US THE GAME. Nintendo has played smarter with the amount of games, systems, and toys made. We have ALL felt the lack of a game, toy, or system. Pre-orders get us those games. If the pre-order failed, it was because of the selling company (Best Buy, Target, etc...). That still doesnt mean that pre-orders are bad, because it is also how I ensure that I got my amiibos and how I got my games.

For you to support the cancellation of pre-orders is insane. pre-orders are essential for Nintendo to know how many games to make. Do you want MORE shortages? Because that is what will happen. And I cannot blame Nintendo if they have NOTHING saying the interest in their game.

@bizcuthammer #40

Quote for Truth.



LordGeovanni commented on Talking Point: Mario Maker Can Be A Game Chang...:

I really hope that a Zelda Maker is coming. And soon. While it would be a bit repetitive compared to the other IPs that never get anything, I think that people would really enjoy playing through a dungeon designed by other players. And unlike Mario, Zelda is harder to ROM hack so it would be a fresh experience for those players too.

And we already know that Zelda 1, LttP, and LA can be different skins.



LordGeovanni commented on First Impressions: The Addictive Futility of t...:

South New Jersey checking in. I seem to have "enough" Streetpass hits here. But I DO have to use the Streetpass Relays for my hits. With my 3(!) McDonalds and Home Depot around, I can get a bunch quick. This would be awesome if I didnt have to go a little out of the way for the Home Depot and one of the McDonalds, but I still have two Relays right on my usual paths. In addition, I have a second 3DS so I will always be able to play (and with a 2 Play Coin/game discount )

As for the three new items:

Ultimate Angler seems well designed. It is spaced out and rewards multiple SP brought in at the same time. It also allows a nice amount of design to share and the levels and upgrades are built for you to understand what is going on.

Battleground Z is interesting for me too. The levels are clear in their requirements, the additional "metals" for additional challenge adds replay (slightly), and not having to store the weapons allows me the fluid motion between weapons instead of Monster Manor where I was constantly pressed to improve my weapons and keep 3+ weapons around for improved damage.

And finally, the "VIP" room. It is a bit weird. It (currently) has only 4 benefits and those vary based on your impressions and importance. The first is the "VIP" Room itself. If you collect over 1000 (non-Invitation) Miis, you PERMANENTLY lose access to the oldest Mii for the games. While this sounds silly for purposes of using the Miis in the games, the Special Spotpass Miis are included in this. They usually give an additional benefit to the game when they are recruited, so this is welcome to prevent them from expiring. Second, the "Birthday Collector". Basically, it is little more than a Puzzle Swap where the other person can only give you one day out of 366. It also has several Plaza Tickets involved which allows me to get the newest hats (and speech bubbles) quickly. It also claims to give more Tickets than the other games (combined?). The final two things are REALLY minor, however. Simply the ability to change the music playing in the Plaza, and the ability to play the music from the Music Player through headphones while the game is in Sleep Mode. This also is highly inferior, (by what I understand) because it doesnt seem like there is a way to control or modify the list of songs playing. I havent looked into this all that much, however. I could easily be mistaken on this.



LordGeovanni commented on Reminder: This is Your Last Day to Register Pr...:

I waited until the last few days to go looking for codes for that reason. I also only took codes from games that were Pre-owned. Technically, GameStop classifies them as "promotional inserts" which means they are the same as bonus material. They are actually ordered to remove them and destroy them but no one ever does that with bonus material in that company, maybe keep it for themselves, but not destroy them.