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Thu 1st Oct 2009

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logins4life commented on The War on DS Piracy may be Hard to Win, but I...:

Weren't there talk about 3DS having the possibility to install games? If games are downloaded from an online store, it could pretty much mean the end of pirating on their next handheld (if digital distribution is all there is and no cartridges, which I doubt will happen btw).
This could very well be the anti-piracy measures nintendo is pondering on taking.



logins4life commented on New Grinder Details Claw Their Way Out:

Wait... only 2-player support online? No 4-player co-op? How can you possibly have a game with 4 unique characters like this and only allow 2 to play together online? Without that it's definitely not "Left 4 Dead" on the Wii, and I'll definitely be passing.

I'm not quite sure how High Voltage could do 12-player death matches with Conduit (and have them running quite smoothly) but not be able to do 4-player online co-op in Grinder. Please someone tell me I just misinterpreted this article...



logins4life commented on Review: Fighting Street (Virtual Console / Tur...:

This is a crap conversion compared to the aracde game. I played this I didn't remember it being this bad. Just to check I then played the Arcade version in Mame, and sure enough it is vastly better. Faster, much better graphics, colors and sound.
A very poor port of the game. (There was no good home port of this game, the home consoles at the time 87-90 couldn't handle it).