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Wed 1st May 2013

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logan2419 commented on First Impressions: Donkey Kong Country: Tropic...:

Not saying that this game wont be awesome. Its just bad timing. I feel like we have been donkey kong'd out for the moment and it was time to bring something fresh to the table like metroid or even star fox. I am sure this was a business decision to sell more units but could you imagine a new innovative star fox? That could possibly have done so well it would have taken us all back to N64 days. . Guess we will have to wait until next year to find out what they are planning.



logan2419 commented on Smartphones And Tablets To Be "Primary Screen ...:

Yea this wont happen. Not everyone wants to pay a dollar or two dollars a day just to play their games. If all these game companies keep making it impossible to play games without spending money all the time then I actually think you will see a consumer backlash. Why pay all the time when you can use a 3ds and buy the game for good with no further purchasing required and no content with held from you. It just wont happen people aren't that stupid.