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ljinkakidd commented on Harvest Moon 3 And Lufia: The Legend Returns R...:

Lufia: Legend Returns was a pretty decent game I think. The graphics were great for a GBC game and the music was awesome. Maybe I loved it so much because I was a kid when I played it back then and it was all I had for a while. But, if you even like RPGS, give it a try and play it for yourself.



ljinkakidd commented on Review: EarthBound (Wii U eShop):

This is definitely one of the best games in existance. I love it so much. It has aged reaaaaaaalllly well in the game world. You get about 50+ hours of playtime for $10 and it is well worth it. I really want a 3D remake but I guess that won't happen will it?



ljinkakidd commented on Game Freak Uses a Silhouette to Tease a New Co...:


Yes, I know that, I am talking about the Orange League/first series with Ash as the main character. I'm not talking about the newer games. I just want a Pokemon game that looks like Ni No Kuni aestheticly. Pokemon red and blue had few scenarios that match the Anime. To understand me better tbere is a Pokemon Fire Red hack that takes you through the first dozen episodes or so.



ljinkakidd commented on Smash Bros. Melee EVO Tournament Broke Viewer ...:

I haven't played Melee since some Hispanics broke into my house and stole every game to my name... and a package of Maruchan Ramen Noodles. :/

I will try to find out how to get into this competition if Melee shows up next year. I guarantee I'd win with Dr. Mario. He has electric fists.

Anyway, great job Smash. Hopefully Nintendo puts it on Wii U VC. It doesn't even have to be playable on the GamePad just give it to me!



ljinkakidd commented on SteamWorld Dig Dev: Wii U Is "Very Powerful", ...:

Nintendo should have called it Super Wii or Wii 2 or something else. Wii U just doesn't make sense. And as stubborn as Nintendo is, they won't change it. Their marketing efforts are the worst I've ever seen by them in years. But still, why does Nintendo always have to innovate to get their console across? PS4 and Xbone are just their 7th gen brothers with more horsepower. I don't think Nintendo should have to market the Gamepad with the Wii U all the time. It has a Pro Controller and other alternatives. Then again, Nintendo got themselves into this mess.



ljinkakidd commented on Satoru Iwata Confirms Nintendo's Plans To Brin...:

Iwata is a smart guy. He knows what he's doing. The Wii and Ds did great under his wing. I just hope that we get Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest Monsters. I also heard that they will remake Dragon Quest Monsters 2... I will actually learn Japanese for that game.

Of all the 3DS RPGS out there right now I can honestly say, that even though it is a remake, Dragon Quest VII will be a shining star of all of them.



ljinkakidd commented on Square Enix Teases New Projects on Anniversary...:


I know its hard to believe but yeah look it up. I thought that too but it wasn't true. CGI wasn't cheap in the olden days and many other factors played into it. Game economics aren't always what they seem. Back then a million units or more was success for a game. Today, it's like a million is needed to stay afloat.

What we know is that FF and DQ are huge but Enix still had cash to burn and was quite hesitant on actually merging. I love video game history so this is a good subject for me. :)



ljinkakidd commented on Square Enix Teases New Projects on Anniversary...:

WAIT WHAT IF THEY REMAKE SUPER MARIO RPG!!! (Yeah I know it won't happen but here's to hoping...) NO REALLY WHAT IF THEY REMAKE CHRONO TRIGGER... HD!!!

Anyway, I don't know why people continue to leave the Enix out of it all. Do you guys know that without Enix there would be no Square Enix as we know it today? Square was financially saved by Enix when the merge happened I hope you all know.

As for me I could go for a Final Fantasy 5,6 3DS. Final Fantasy VII PS4.
Dragon Quest 8 HD for Wii U and PS4. Dragon Quest 3 HD for Wii U!!!
If Dragon Quest 3 is ever remade for HD on Wii U Square Enix will never report another loss for the rest of the year. That game is just tooooo EPIC!
So yeah, I think they should release HD remakes of both sides' most famous games. Square's being Final Fantasy VII and Enix's being Dragon Quest III.
I just hope it isn't another smartphone game... ugh.



ljinkakidd commented on Talking Point: An Open Letter To Nintendo:

First of all this letter is kinda invalid. I can agree on some aspects but some things are just completely un-agreeable.
>Okay the Zelda comment was just ignorant and stupid. I can try to respect your opinion but have you not played Zelda: Twilight Princess? That was the most fun I got out of my Wii besides Super Mario Galaxy 1&2, and New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

>I understand our frustration with there not being new games on Wii U. We're getting ports and potential shovelware. I understand but you can't get mad at Nintendo, the company who has been entertaining us for dozens of years, for not making a game in 24 hours.

It's not rocket science, we all know that CoD games come out in seconds because the framework is basically copied and pasted every time. The level of innovation and creativity is highly low. With Nintendo their games are being crafted on an unfamiliar platform. Their first HD console games that now have to somehow take advantage of the gamepad. I don't have anything against other third party developers but Nintendo is just brave. They're making games that not only just use the basic controller but a Tablet styled controller as well. Nintendo's games will take a lot longer to create because they're trying to create something that'll blow our minds. It's happened to me every Nintendo console since 64. They are planning something big and we'll know what it is this year's E3 and I have a feeling that their announcements will be overkill compared to Sony and Microsoft.

>Yes there are gamers that are mad about that Battle Field fiasco but really who went to buy a Nintendo Wii U for Battle Field? Where in the heck is CoD BO2 on the Wii U software charts? I know there are people who want AAA software like CoD, Halo, Battle Field, Crysis, etc. on a Nintendo but that percent is very low because most of the people who play those games own a PS3, XBOX 360 or are going to own a PS4 and XBOX 720. Gamers aren't tied to a specific console I can agree but it's pretty split down the middle here. As of now Nintendo need not worry about getting Battle Field 4 on the Wii U but worry about the next Mario Kart, Zelda, Smash Bros., 3D Mario, Pikmin 3 etc. on the console.

>Why so quick to doubt Nintendo? The company that brought us the top 15 Best Selling Games of ALL TIME! The company that saved the videogame stock market singlehandedly. Why in the wide world of sports are we doubting them now. We should be encouraging them! Negativity only makes Reggie and Iwata sweat but deep down they and I know that the Wii U is an awesome product but its hard to sell right now. The Wii U needs more ads and somebody who can explain the product clearly to a mass amount of people.
I'm just appalled that even Nintendo fans are turning on them after all these years dubbing them doomed. The console hasn't even been out 6 full months yet. Good things come to those that wait. Just wait dagnabit!



ljinkakidd commented on Indie Puzzler The Witness May Explore a Wii U ...:

It looks good graphically. It kinda makes me think this is how Zelda Wind Waker HD will look like. But the gameplay looks quite boring indeed. But you can't please everybody. People will like this game, people will hate this game, you know?



ljinkakidd commented on Renegade Kid "Certain The Wii U Will Have an E...:

If the Wii U is having a rocky start then the PS4 and Nextbox will be trudging over mountains. The Wii U isn't doing that bad it just isn't doing as good as the Wii. That's not saying much considering that in the Wii U/Wii comparison time frame the Wii U sold 3 million and the Wii sold 3.2 million units. If Nintendo doesn't outdo themselves they'll get doom posts, if Nintendo outdoes themselves they get doom posts. I've been around for a while this always happens. I happen to love my Wii U very much and I do see that it has a brilliant future ahead.



ljinkakidd commented on Animal Crossing: New Leaf:

Can somebody explain to me what Animal Crossing is like? I've never played any of the games and it sounds like a lot of people like it. So what do you actually do?



ljinkakidd commented on Wii U Virtual Console Games Support Wii Classi...:

I hope that they introduce Gamecube and Dreamcast titles soon. This will increase the VC install base for sure. Since you can play SNES and NES games on the pad it's inevitable that NGC and Dreamcast are next. Please make it happen Nintendo! It'd be really neat if they release Mario Kart: Double Dash, Super Mario Sunshine, Wind Waker, and Super Smash Bros. Melee to proceed the next gen game releases.



ljinkakidd commented on Nintendo Unveils The Legend of Zelda: Wind Wak...:

I just simply cannot wait. It's like a remake that isn't a remake. Toon Link looks like he could jump out the screen and slash you with his 12 inch sword. Nintendo, you just sold me a Wii U and you haven't even shown footage of Super Smash Bros. Mario, or a new Zelda. Well played Nintendo. 3rd party games are essential for Wii U's growth but Nintendo will manage on its own for quite some time.



ljinkakidd commented on Nintendo Announces 890,000 Wii U Sales in U.S....:

I don't see why people bicker over Nintendo so. It's worthless! The company will die when need be. And I don't see that for at least another 100 years. Nintendo is a generational thing. Kids will enjoy pokemon and mario for years to come. When Nintendo runs out of money and their top creators are gone then we should expect some slow down from the company. welp until then let's just sit back and wait for what Nintendo has for us, shall we?



ljinkakidd commented on Feature: Pokémon X & Y - What We Know So Far:

I can't wait for this. I just knew they'd shift to full 3D this time. If you could have 2-player via wireless connection, that'd make me buy 2 copies! I've always been lonely in past pokemon games after I've done it all. Playing with somebody around the world wound be absolutely fantastic.



ljinkakidd commented on Mutant Mudds Deluxe Details Revealed:

Let's not forget one of the first games to introduce layer platforming... Wario Land for Virtual Boy! I loved that game! Very happy to hear this though. I loved the 4-1 theme on MM1 I'll definitely get this. Howcome Nintendo isn't this consistent with DLC?



ljinkakidd commented on Nintendo Announces 890,000 Wii U Sales in U.S....:


I see where you're coming from but you gotta understand that 7 years ago, our recession wasn't as grousome as it is today. The PS3 might have sold more, which I think isn't that accurate, but they're just now making profit on the console 6 years later. No, the Wii U isn't Nintendo's best selling console yet or ever but If the U fails then the PS4 is doomed. I mean what else can a console do nowadays besides improving specs? We'll just have to wait until they can advertise the product better and when more people have excess cash to blow.



ljinkakidd commented on Nintendo Announces 890,000 Wii U Sales in U.S....:

The Wii caught fire because it caught everybody off guard. It was different and engaging for the time. For Wii U it is different but harder to advertise. Not only did this make sales units a little less Wii worthy but also the horrible mix of high price and recession.

The Wii U will succeed or Nintendo isn't Nintendo. I see this system selling better when greater games arrive. Nintendo's strategy since forevermore.



ljinkakidd commented on Team Ninja: Wii U Is "Definitely Next Generation":

Did the Wii have "Next Gen" CPUs? And how successful was that intended fiasco? Nintendo will deliver in time. Ever since DS their strategy has been to make well rounded hardware. Not make it the most powerful thing on the Earth. They make a large profit due to their 1st party titles and rely on 3rd party to bring in whatever they can. It has worked for them since, seeing that they're the most profitable video game company.

Next gen depends on how useful the system is. The Wii U does have its flaws but what console doesn't? How come nobody criticized the 360 and PS3 when they didn't have motion control. Why weren't they "next gen"? JK I just want Nintendo to do well since all people seem to want to do is bash their every move until they are baffled themselves.



ljinkakidd commented on GameStop Sales of Wii U Are Reportedly "Slight...:


Then everyone who bought a Xbox or Ps3 would have bought a Wii then. I'm not saying everybody wouldn't buy Nintendo games, I'm saying that not a substantial amount of people own 2 or more 7th gen consoles. I have all 3, I'm speaking from friends I know which are probably fanboys to say the least.



ljinkakidd commented on GameStop Sales of Wii U Are Reportedly "Slight...:


Hey, it's not an opinion it's a fact bro. Nintendo won't put their games on a playstation or Xbox because they're a competitive company. When you think about it Nintendo games do best on Nintendo consoles. With the top 14 best selling games being Nintendo's own I don't see them changing their ways.



ljinkakidd commented on GameStop Sales of Wii U Are Reportedly "Slight...:

Game stop gave me a jank Ps3, Soulcalibur 4, and even a WiiShop card that didn't work. I still like Gamestop tho.

I think the Wii U didn't do so good is for

1)It has a hefty price for a country just stumbling out of depression.

2.)The launch lineup was big and bad, literally. People need to understand that people will only play Nintendo games on Nintendo consoles.The only Nintendo games to be released are NSMBU and Nintendo Land which are argueably sub-par to say the most. Nintendo will find its groove when these games release: Mario 3D Wii U, Zelda U, SUPER SMASH BROS UNIVERSE, Pikmin 3, Mario Kart U, Dragon Quest X, Metroid, Miyamoto's new IP, and hopefully that rumored Yoshi's Island game(YEEESSSS!)

3.)Ports of already released games which look slightly worse than the other versions. Who'd buy a port of a game that just came out! Call of Duty and Halo will never succeed on Wii U because the fanbase for those titles in the Nintendo fanbase is weak to say the least. I mean, how poorly would mario have done on an Xbox.

4)Hopefully the Virtual console on Wii will merge with the new one and it must include: Dreamcast titles, Sega Saturn titles, Sega CD titles, Gamecube titles, and yes probably Wii titles as well.

Just give Nintendo time. This isn't 2006 where the economy was okay and Nintend was a magic bean from Jack and the beanstalk. Now we have to plant Nintendo and slowly watch them grow.