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Sat 26th April, 2014

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link422007 commented on Exclusive: MercurySteam Has Been Working On A ...:

I would rather take WB games than MercurySteam. Lords of Shadow and its sequel were the reason Castlevania bombed post Igarashi.

Until MercurySteam can make a good and solid game, I won't trust them with any other series. Castlevania was enough.



link422007 commented on Masahiro Sakurai Tackles Criticisms of Bonus F...:

I find it hilarious that people who insult others as weebs find it disturbing that they are playing a game made for weebs.

Fire Emblem has been that way even before the 'muh weebs' Fates game that asshats have been doing. The incest, the rape and all that jazz has been discussed before with one of FE's greatest games before Fates, Genealogy of the Holy War. Now if people are still disturbed about it, then go play Animal Crossing to make you feel comfortable. And please, not brutal and no perma-death? Why are you even playing FE anyway if you don't want the hard as nails difficulty but still like a challenge? Did you not like Dark Souls because of the same difficulty? Why should Fire Emblem adjust to different standards? The save feature may be horrible but I've never once complained in playing the game even if Radiant Dawn kicked my ass more often times than not. It's part of its charm and Fates can have that while also trying to rake in new fans.

My impression of people about the difficulty are either too weak to adjust for a new strategy, or too judgmental to other communities who now play the game too because of the additional features. Tell me again more about your accepting community, tell me again how everyone is good, tell me again how there are no exceptions, because the more you people say it, the more idiotic you look.

Those precious support points may be important in raising your army, but it's not a problem if it's not, you're going to have to adjust to them.



link422007 commented on Mighty No. 9 Delayed Until Early 2016:

Off to the bargain bin with this. I'm glad I had second thoughts on this kickstarter and it became even more obvious now with the Red Ash pitch. With new info coming to light, it makes me wonder who is more awful at this point, Capcom or Inafune. Capcom may have dropped the ball with the Megaman series out of spite, but at least they tried to release content unlike this guy.



link422007 commented on Nintendo Is Licensing Hudson Soft IP From Konami:

@John_Enigma Most likely. There has been few and far in between examples of a Japanese company just buying an intended IP compared to absorbing/buying out smaller companies (I've never heard of Nintendo actually absorbing IP's from other companies, and they have a difficult time in maintaining them). You can hear mergers there but that's about it IIRC.

But until Konami's pachinko and slot machine business goes bust, it will most likely hold on to all its IP as well as Hudson Soft's which is sad because once the company stagnates into oblivion, most of the stuff that they have will only be left in the memories of fans and in history books unless they hand out licenses to other companies to make their games. If licensing isn't an issue, I could see other developers taking up the slack with a very minimal investment needed from Konami itself. Actually, I think they wouldn't have to spend a dime on their licensing, step back and let the others do the dirty work. Granted, profits would be smaller but hey, more money with less spending is always a good business decision.



link422007 commented on Nintendo Is Licensing Hudson Soft IP From Konami:

@John_Enigma From what I recall, no. They don't usually buy IP from dying companies, they just straight up buy the company/development team instead. A good example of this is Monolith Soft and Nintendo's acquisition of them from Bandai Namco. That way, they can get the IP with a development team who knows their IP well enough and use them without having to redirect their own resources to the acquired IP's that they just bought.



link422007 commented on Nintendo Is Licensing Hudson Soft IP From Konami:

Nintendo should get Suikoden, Silent Hill, Castlevania and Zone of the Enders! DO EEETTTT!

I don't want another Metal Gear Solid without Kojima and I doubt Konami would relinquish that lucrative title anytime soon.



link422007 commented on Obituary: Satoru Iwata:

@PlywoodStick Sadly, Cholangiocarcinoma (cancer of the bile duct) has very poor prognosis even after surgery. There's only a 30% chance of a 5 year survival rate.

I can not even begin to think of what was going through Iwata's mind as his doctor has said to him how very little chance he has to live past 5 years even with Surgery.

Can anyone honestly tell me if they would do the same? To continue to work with what he loves despite the fact that something is slowly killing him? Imagine the pressure of what he had to endure against his investors fervently demanding shifts to the mobile platform even if he was against it, the outrage of fans and the cancer eating away at his life.

Death, may have been a sweet release to him, but I don't know. The man was probably the most optimistic of the lot, probably more so than gamers themselves these days. He was the complete anti-thesis of what gamers are. His legacy will live on, and the man's optimism will stick with me even past my time.

So you gamers better get your act together and hope for a better tomorrow.



link422007 commented on Nintendo of America Confirms Plans to Bring De...:

@ultraraichu Histrionic and Borderline people and some depressive disorders. The comments are always a colorful place filled with the loudest of turds and some people trying to convince an idiot to turn right in absolute futility when he keeps turning left. Nobody in the internet who is insane enough is going to admit that he/she has a problem. The conversation will just devolve into a ****fest via Godwin's law while people throw labels like sexist, racist, nazi, etc.



link422007 commented on Nintendo of America Confirms Plans to Bring De...:

AHAHAHA! Not going to America? Then not being handled by Nintendo? Hell, I know that I haven't been caring about rumors, but this is just hilarious how paranoid slack jawed idiots ate the rumors up like a fat kid to pizza.




link422007 commented on Talking Point: Raw Power Isn't Vital to Ninten...:

@Kirk If you want Zelda to have voice acting, then I want that voice acting to be complete Hylian gibberish with translations on the bottom screen to act as text boxes. If I want to play a compelling, living, breathing environment that is, essentially a different world, I want it to be a complete immersion, go big or go home.



link422007 commented on Talking Point: Raw Power Isn't Vital to Ninten...:

If we're just going to argue about this power BS, then I'm going to quit console gaming as a whole and go for PC. Console gamers need to understand this; that console gaming should not go for the easy PC malleable route, because if they did, the whole competition is going to be completely unsustainable with services like STEAM and GOG. The console market will die if they compete with the PC route because the PC route offers more than just a gaming experience as it has become a box of important utilities as well as a multimedia device. It is completely stupid to argue that power is a definitive thing for console gaming these days.

It is not and the only thing that awaits console gamers from here on is a desolate wasteland filled with old consoles and games that PC already has. Trying to keep up with PC's these days with consoles is utterly futile. If Nintendo is going to match their specs on PC, they might as well release games on the PC and regularly upgrade their machine with parts instead of a whole package and cannibalize themselves for it.



link422007 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Approach to Transfor...:

It's a conundrum, actually. Fans generally have 2 opinions on such things especially Nintendo.

On one hand, you have the fans clamoring for more remakes which is why Nintendo has been dubbed with derogatory remarks as the "rehash" empire. Remakes are low scale budget quick cash grabs in my opinion and let's just leave it at that.

On the other hand, you have fans calling for more new IP, even when Nintendo has been doing so for quite a while, the problem is when new IP are presented, people tend to ignore the new IP and just head straight to what is familiar. Splatoon got a good reception when it was presented, I just wished Eternal Darkness, Geist and Disaster: Day of Crisis received as much as well as they were interesting for their time.

And fans expect Nintendo to listen to them? Laughable.



link422007 commented on Editorial: Cheer Up, There Are Some Exciting G...:

Honestly, I would expect Nintendo to fail at some point. There is only so much tactics that they could create in the situation they were in before it all goes to hell. And right now, it's just one of those failures.

Adulthood has made me realize how terribly childish it is to sperg on things that matter so little to me in the end and it won't make me happy just harping all about the horrible stuff that can happen with Nintendo with what I deal everyday in the hospital because that would utterly affect my work. People are understandably angry and that's fine, but this is just one of the failures that happen.

Remember folks, **** happens, it's part of life. Nintendo isn't going to be great most of the time and it's funny people try to both defend and bury them to the ground.

Hey what can you do? Keeping all those lingering emotions does nothing but make you more sour. What I propose is for people, in typical form, "to just let it go." and just let it take its natural course.

If things end up bad for Nintendo in the end, then like Reggie said, "not my problem".

But if it's good then good.



link422007 commented on Sony Is Assisting With The Creation Of Shenmue...:

@Peach64 So, if I were to say that Metroid Prime 4 was going to be made by crowdfunding, published by Nintendo but not funded while you see Tanabe on the video saying, "If you don't fund this game with x amount, this game won't ever be made", you're still saying it's okay?

If you're a publisher, it's on or not at all. I know that people wanted Shenmue 3, but to be backed up by a big name publisher AND STILL ask for money? That's asking for exploitation of the worst kind just like how Nintendo does it with Amiibo.



link422007 commented on Sony Is Assisting With The Creation Of Shenmue...:

@abe_hikura I know right? And Shenmue fans, tormented by the cliffhanger ending of the last game are salivating at the mouth while Sony laughs all the way to the bank.

And people go for this "muuuhhh PS4" bandwagon. How sorry am I to see people be conned to invest in something they will buy for another time because the publisher doesn't want to and still expect the money from the sales.



link422007 commented on Sony Is Assisting With The Creation Of Shenmue...:

By assistance, only partial payment? Why not produce the whole damn thing? Why the whole kickstarter approach? This whole E3 has been nothing but a waste of time in my opinion. Sony needs to set its goals closer and have its killer titles on more promising dates (we don't want another last guardian scenario), Microsoft needs to look for better ventures and invest in more risky moves (make Rare do something) and Nintendo needs to come clean if it still wants to produce content with the Wii U or not.

If you think this E3 was a wonderful year, then you're piss out of luck. This year, I thought I would never hear this coming from a show floor meant for AAA development, "It's gamers who are funding game developers for a project that they will eventually buy because publishers don't want to."

Stop patronizing, people, and maybe one day these companies will get all of their collective **** together.



link422007 commented on Interview: Lilian "Milktea" Chen Talks Smash B...:

@WreckItRyan The blame lies solely on marketing. The reason why gaming is ultimately a male dominant hobby is because males during the 80's and 90's usually are the ones who are drawn to the hobby itself thus establishing the demographic. It's all about the numbers given to them to make it a lucrative investment. Blaming the white man for the inequality in this community is hogwash. If people want to attract more women, gear the marketing enough for them and the remarks of ill-gotten folk would fade into the background.

If women are objectified in the gaming community, then meek and kissless virgins of the community are labeled by the same people like @hYdeks to be anti-social when they are more likely having anxiety or avoidant personality disorders.

In any rate both sides of this debate are being irrational. The moment you give anyone labels is the moment you turned into something you hate.



link422007 commented on Interview: Lilian "Milktea" Chen Talks Smash B...:

@whodatninja I would argue that there are people who fall to the obvious bait of trolls just to incite a fire within a certain community due to my cynicism but that is neither here nor there. That is what trolls want, inciting controversy and Lilian has shown how to handle it with logic, finesse and arguments that will win anyone over. For that alone, she's a great person in my book.

Lilian is someone I can respect, she plays it cool and produces good counter points.



link422007 commented on Feature: The Poor Career Choice of Super Smash...:

@SethNintendo Agreed. Interactive media is individually reliant not mass reliant like movies.

Video Games are meant to be played not watched. I don't watch Let's Play videos by this principle alone because not only does it spoil the game for anyone, it also dumbs down a demographic. It's nice to have user based content, but Let's Play are something I would ignore on my list to watch on YouTube or other streaming sites like Twitch. I watched an SC tournament and it bored me to death, the same goes for the MOBA tournaments like DOTA 2 and LOL and even fighting games like MvC3 etc.

But that's not a knock on e-sports players though as I just find watching someone play video games, even if something big like Starcraft II or something quick like DOTA 2 are difficult for me to pay attention to.



link422007 commented on ​Feature: The Poor Career Choice of Super Sm...:

Being in an e-sports career is a tough call, although I can understand these people, they should have had backup plans in their lives to their career choices. Putting everything at stake with not fall back is absolutely an atrocious life choice and only filled with undeserved romanticism.

Going after what you love is good, but being smart about it is better.



link422007 commented on Nintendo and Universal Studios Announce Theme ...:

Either an Anchor's Away style Zelda ride or a "dragon boat" ride using the king of red lions.

Log Jam ride for DK attraction

F-Zero coaster with the cart shaped like the Blue Falcon

Star Fox and Metroid could be a VR type of ride like back to the future. Or laser tag.

Mario Kart derby

Pokemon Snap like ride

Kid Icarus can be the same like Pokemon snap but an on rails VR feature, kids will go ballistic with it.

Heck they can just make it like Nintendo Land and every kid and adults alike would go nuts.



link422007 commented on Video: Did You Know Gaming? Tackles Metroid Pr...:


>Implying that metroid was a system seller to begin with.


No seriously, stop deluding yourself thinking that Metroid can move copies. The problem we have as to why Metroid never sells is because of people having no interest despite fans pushing for it to be made. Metroid Prime, the best of the series to date didn't even move units for the GameCube era, what makes you think it will move now?



link422007 commented on Gallery: These Project X Zone 2 Screens Give a...:

Why do they keep pushing Yuri and Flynn into this? It'd make more sense if it was Lloyd and Genis or Lloyd and Zelos. Heck, maybe Shing and Kohak are better choices but Yuri and Flynn? But eh, it has Dante and Vergil, DMC never made it to Nintendo consoles anyway (shrug)

I'm hoping Nintendo finally lets their franchises crossover to this. Would be glad to see Link and Zelda, Fox and Krystal/Falco, Samus and Captain Falcon, Ness and Lucas, Robin and Chrom heck Mario and Luigi interacting with X and the crew with dialogue for once.



link422007 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Plans for DLC and Mi...:

I usually withhold my judgement on DLC depending on how much content a game can have. Everybody gets angry for inconsequential DLC yet when Valve does it on their games like TF2 and DOTA2 nobody complains and proceeds to meme the poop out of them most probably because of their community opening up shops and designing the same costumes to make a quick buck too but in the earlier days of "Heavy has a new hat meme" microtrans full retail purchase of games, everybody loses their shite over it.

So really, I don't understand why some are upset over it. People wanted Nintendo to get with the times and they did. They offered DLC because they're "modernizing" and that they're not "trendsetters" anymore.

It's the future you chose.



link422007 commented on Yoshi's Woolly World Knits Up Some Release Det...:

Going to buy the pink one for my girlfriend and one for me and my desk. She loves Yoshi so much that I think she'd go bonkers when I get her one of these and one for me for my desk for when children visit my clinic. That little thing would probably distract a lot of kids.



link422007 commented on Animal Crossing Helped This Artist Get Through...:

@Moshugan It's the same as eating your greens. But cancers are very specific in terms of origin, cell type, invasive nature and metastatic potential. Hodgkin's Lymphoma is, according to the cases reported, infectious in origin (30% of Hodgkin's Lymphoma cases have history of Epstein-Barr Viral infections) but most of the time we're still baffled as to what the cause of the disease is but we do know it has a strong genetic predisposition.

The study that I've read on cherries are so far inconclusive but we can't exactly recommend it yet because there's no study developed on actual humans and as we only know, Anthocyanin is more or less a phytochemical with antioxidant properties. Emphasis on antioxidant properties because that is probably why it was researched in the first place and why people concluded it may have use against cancer by targeting oxygen free radicals that make cancer cells thrive.



link422007 commented on Animal Crossing Helped This Artist Get Through...:

@SupremeAllah Innoculating cancer with specific viruses is the new treatment researchers are currently looking into. If I'm not mistaken, this is currently in their human testing phase with volunteers. Unfortunately because it's in testing phase, we won't be seeing this form of treatment en masse for another half a decade at least. My hope is that it comes out sooner because this would be a big help for many of our patients who can't afford chemo.



link422007 commented on Animal Crossing Helped This Artist Get Through...:

@Dolphin64 What is the basis of your assertions? Has there been a study conducted on cancers concerning the effects of natural supplements to a cancer gene like CA125?

That is the kind of dangerous thinking that people like you do without reading the proper materials. If you're going to assert treatment options, become a doctor first. I'm speaking this as a doctor who does research on medicinal plants.



link422007 commented on Game Jam Tasks Developers With Creating A Zeld...:

Make it like pokemon then and have this "Are you a boy or a girl?" question at the beginning and have avatars for them ready it's as easy as that.

Or, since the game is all about, you know, ZELDA, why not make HER playable?