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Sun 14th Aug 2011

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Link245 commented on Feature: Bizarre Emails Sent to Nintendo Life ...:

@theblackdragon I threw my Wii Remote at the TV once playing Wii Sports baseball. The strap broke and my then brand-new flat screen TV almost busted. The TV cabinet got a dent in it though.

Anyways, you guys need to just combine all you websites to "Gaming Life" or something so people will stop confusing you for Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft.



Link245 commented on Nintendo Donates 5,000 3DS Consoles to The Louvre:

This is a TERRIBLE idea. You'd have to be charging the 3DS's constantly, and plus, who would want to use a 3DS to tour an art museum? I'd rather have the traditional audio tour. Plus, why would they use the 3D?



Link245 commented on Feature: Memorable Zelda Moments:

I think I remember that puzzle in Phantom Hourglass. It didn't bother me too much, as once I couldn't figure it out I just got on a walkthrough to find the solution.



Link245 commented on Kid Icarus, Kirby Getting 3D Classics Makeovers:

I was shocked these two weren't Ambassador games. Now I know why. Anyways, I'm glad we're getting some 3D Classics I'm actually interested in.

Also, I'm glad we're getting Swapnote but I wish they'd name it PictoChat 2 or PictoChat 3D or something. That name just reminds me of the good old DS.



Link245 commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd September 2011 (North ...:

I'd like some Wii VC titles and a GBC title. I think I'll wait for a review for Twinbee. Never played it before, and a lot of the 3D Classics don't interest me and are overpriced in my opinion. Hopefully Nintendo will turn one of their games into 3D Classics (besides Exitebike).



Link245 commented on Expect New Product Announcements at 3DS Confer...:

I highly doubt there will be a 2nd circle pad, if they did that so early they would lose all buyers. I think it's likely we'll get a Metroid announcement, since we got Zelda and Mario's coming. Of course, we could also get those Majora's Mask and A Link to the Past remakes Miyamoto was talking about.