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Link-Hero commented on Weirdness: Amazon Plans Drone Air Delivery Ser...:

While I do see problems like weather conditions, drone/package size/weight limitations, possible chance of drone/package being stolen/targeted, certain places likes city's/apartment complexes can't use this, etc. Though it does seem to be a nice way to get what you need pretty quickly. It looks to be especially great for delivering stuff like emergency supplies.

Also, at least these drones will treat your package better then most delivery companies will ever do.



Link-Hero commented on Metroid Fan Film Seeks Crowdfunding For Comple...:

Unless Nintendo doesn't want this to happen, then what gives us the right to say they can't make a Metroid movie? Because it might suck? So what? People make bad videos about Metroid (or based on any video game for that matter) all the time. Unless it's like those legendarily bad/its so bad its good kind of films, most people will probably forget about this movie. I mean, does anyone remember that Sonic movie with Jaleel White in it that came out awhile ago?

If they want to make a movie and not make a profit from it, then let them.



Link-Hero commented on Interview: Zelda Producer Eiji Aonuma Talks DL...:

So Wind Waker HD is just getting the same treatment as Ocarina of Time 3d. Just upgrading the graphics, changing the controls, and improving the inventory interface? If that truely is the case, then I'm not getting it.

I've already played the original Gamecube version multiple times, so what's the point in buying a slightly upgraded version if they are not going to add anything new?



Link-Hero commented on New Mewtwo Form Revealed For Pokémon X & Y:

Guys, did you forget that Mewtwo is a failed clone of Mew, not it's actual 2nd evolution form? No, I'm not talking about the movie. In the games, there are hints in journals you can find in a building I can't remember where exactly pointing to this (same place where you can find the Master Ball I think). That Pokémon in the video could be Mew's true 2nd evolution form.



Link-Hero commented on Nintendo States That an External Hard Drive is...:

22GB? Whatever. I've downloaded games around that large before.

Some of you wondering why Lego City is that large? The most likely explanation for this could be for a few reasons.
1- The world you explore is really huge and their is a lot to do.
2- There's a lot of voice acting.
3- It's both 1 and 2.



Link-Hero commented on Dad Hacks Donkey Kong So His Daughter Can Play...:

When I first saw this article, I thought "oh god, is this the same father lying to his daughter again". Thankfully, it wasn't. This was actually quite a pleasant surprise.

Unlike the Wind Waker one, she knows that she is playing an altered version of a game she played before. The father changed the game because she wanted to play as Pauline, not because he wanted to "protect" her from reality.

This is the type of family bonding that I did not get from the other father. A father that doesn't lie to his children and doesn't expect them to be unable to handle reality. A father that talks with his children about problems they are having, no matter the size of it just so he can make them happy.

I approve of this.

I wonder if he is going to do this with the other games in the SMB franchise.



Link-Hero commented on Movie Review: Wreck-It Ralph:

It took almost 30 years, but we finally got a proper good video game based movie. It has set new standards for all video game movie adaptations. Hopefully, future video game based movies will follow suit as well.


Umm, no. She is just a parody of main characters/npcs with overly dramatic back stories in most generic fps's/other game genres.



Link-Hero commented on New Sonic Fan Film Receives Mixed Reception, B...:

Not the best fan-made movie I've seen, but at least it's better than what Hollywood could ever do.

Also, James Rolfe (AVGN), Doug Walker (Nostalgic Critic), Brent Black (brentalfloss), and Craig Skistimas (StutteringCraig)! Did not expect to see any of them in this. I recognize some of the other actors/actresses, but I can't quite put my finger on who they are.



Link-Hero commented on New Super Mario Bros. U's High-Definition Cred...:

It's not just better lighting, dynamic shadows, and higher resolution that's better. It performs a lot better with a lot more animated on-screen enemies/objects/coins with full 3D levels/landscapes unlike any of the previous NSMB games.

Just look at the world map and you can tell it would be impossible to do on the Wii without some watering down.



Link-Hero commented on If Nintendo Ever Made A Mature Zelda, This Is ...:

Maybe if they give him longer hair and put his hat on, it might look better, but this art style doesn't really belong in the Zelda universe in my opinion. Add more color or make it more like Twilight Princess and I might like it.



Link-Hero commented on Wii U Basic Can Only Store 3GB Of Downloaded S...:

Whatever. I was going to get a 1/2TB hardrive anyway and put all of my downloadable games onto it.

From the start, it was obvious that the Basic bundle was for more of people who don't game that much while the Deluxe was for more of the enthusiast gamers.



Link-Hero commented on Father Gender-Bends Link For The Benefit of Hi...:


He could just copy and paste any of the Zelda storyline's. None of them are really that complex. You can easily change/apply whatever you want without being too different from any of the games in the series.

Programs like RPGMaker are made so coding is not 100% required. If you do need to change any coding, there are simple guides online that you can use.

If you're not an artist, it comes with pre-installed graphics so you don't have to make your own. If you want to make the game look more like a Zelda game, you can go online and find Zelda graphic templates that other people made.

If he puts this much effort to changing a game, I'm sure he can put a little more in making his own.



Link-Hero commented on Father Gender-Bends Link For The Benefit of Hi...:


Yes. Thank you. When I found out that Santa, the Easter Bunny, monsters, ect, were not real, the magic and enjoyment for those holidays drained significantly making me slowly stop caring about those holidays.

You know what would have been better then changing an already existing game? By making your own Zelda like game but make Link a girl instead. You can easily change the story/other characters/whatever to your liking to be more centric around girls or something like that.

Doing this will show how much he loves his daughter by making something she will love for years but yet not force lies onto her.



Link-Hero commented on Father Gender-Bends Link For The Benefit of Hi...:

I love it when parents force lies onto their children. When the time comes in the future when she gets older, she will eventually find out what she was REALLY playing and come to a realization that the thing she loved as a child was a lie. A big fat lie.

Didn't you just LOVE it when your parents did stuff like this to you!?


Another thing I realized. When a big video company does something like this (changing the story/characters/other elements) to a game believing it's better for the children, everybody gets mad at them, but if a parent does something like this, it's considered "OK", "awesome", or even "cute".

Doesn't make any sense to me. >_>



Link-Hero commented on Nintendo Confirms Wii U Will Be Sold At A Loss:


You two clearly don't get how technology works. The price of the system is NOT based on the games, but the HARDWARE.

The Wii U is capable having games that look better then most 360/PS3 games with minimal effort while being displayed on TWO screens SIMULTANEOUSLY. You call that "the same as the PS3"?

Sure, the PS3 has more games, but it's been out for about 7 years while the Wii U still hasn't even been released yet. Of course it has more games.

The logic in some people. >_>



Link-Hero commented on First UK Wii U Television Advertisement Breaks...:

I say getting the word out that the Wii U is a new console and not a Wii add-on is more important right now then showing games. Helps get rid most of the confusion about the Wii U early on. This did what they needed to do. Besides, they did show games in the commercial, they were just not the main focus.

Now, we need some commercials like this in other parts of the world.



Link-Hero commented on Reggie Fils-Aime: "The Nintendo Power Brand is...:

The printing industry lately has been taking a huge hit because of the internet. A lot of newspaper and magazine companies have slowly been going out of business since the early 2000’s. Most of the printing companies that are still around have been putting in a lot of ads into their newspapers/magazines just so they can stay alive.

Nintendo is just making a smart business decision by not continuing Nintendo Power. Anyone thinking otherwise are just fooling themselves.



Link-Hero commented on New Super NES Game Project Launches:

I would like to see if they could use the Super FX 2 chip (the one Yoshi's Island and Star Fox 2 used) and make a game out of it. Really curious to see what they could do with it and what potential it had (unless those two games listed above haven't already).

Any genre will do, though an action/adventure game will be nice.



Link-Hero commented on Nintendo Power Magazine Looks Set to Shut Down:

I knew this was going to happen someday. Magazines are outdated sources to read and has been since we entered the 21st century. The Internet is a much better and quicker source to read the news of anything gaming related.

Most of you need to get over it. We've entered an era where magazines have become irrelevant. This was going to happen sooner or later and you knew it too.



Link-Hero commented on Real Life Skyward Sword Controls Don't Work:

I never had had trouble with the controls. They worked great for me. The only times I had to re-calibrate the controller was whenever I start up the game. I also rarely had to re-center the cursor. You must be doing it wrong.



Link-Hero commented on Welcome to the New Look Nintendo Life!:

Well, finally! Took you guys long enough. The redesign looks great and it feels a little more professional and modern.

My only gripe is that you didn't even update the comment box/editor. It's a little too basic and I would like it if you can make it more advance so that it makes editing your post easier (like making lists, bolding letters, changing the text size, ect at a click of a button). Besides that, I don't see anything wrong.



Link-Hero commented on Skyward Sword's Music Sounds Even Better When ...:

It's rare for fan-made remixes, re-orchestrated, or 8/16-bitfyed music to sound even half as good as the original, and this is no exception. It sounds like it's more for a Metroid game then Legend of Zelda. While it sounds good, it still doesn't hold a candle to the original version.



Link-Hero commented on Digital Makes Up 14% of Key Nintendo Franchise...:

If Nintendo actually advertises their downloadable services, then those numbers would double or even triple the amount.

The reason why XBL and PSN are doing so well is because Microsoft and Sony advertise them. Most people don't look up the web searching for video game news, so they learn about those services from places like TV commercials and other advertisements. Even if you put something right in their faces, they will ignore it and not try it out until someone tells them what it is.

We probably wouldn't be in such drought with the VC, WiiWare, and the EShop if Nintendo put in their time and advertise them.