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LetsGoRetro commented on Rumour: Intelligent Systems Is Working On New ...:

If the NX is a home console launching Nov of this year (I think it is but I know many don't agree) then i'd prefer they save this for NX. Something like Pkimin 4, Paper Mario, the new Zelda, the new 3d Mario would be a very satisfying first party launch lineup.

Then again, maybe it's for both. Or maybe the NX is neither of those things. Who knows anymore?



LetsGoRetro commented on Nintendo Further Explains Fire Emblem Fates Lo...:

I'm so sick of people scrambling, terrified to add "DON'T WORRY THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING GAY, IM COOL WITH IT GUYS DON'T WORRY!"

It's censored because a lot of people DO think it's wrong, me included. And I'm allowed to say it just like you're allowed to say you're for it. I'm sorry to upset all the PC liberals here but everything in the world isn't okay just because it makes you happy, and the reason things like this exist is because people know this.

Lastly, "it's art" is no excuse to do absolutely anything you want. There is plenty of creative freedom in ten million subjects, you don't need to jump into the few forbidden ones and claim something stupid like "The art wasn't REAL otherwise". Get over it. Some people still have morals.



LetsGoRetro commented on Video: Everything We Know About Nintendo NX, S...:

Whatever it is, there's no more exciting time in the life of a gamer than a new console release. While it doesn't hold the same magic it did years ago when there was a HUGE upgrade in graphics/possibilities, etc. it still is exciting to think of all the possibilities a new console holds. If nothing else, as a Nintendo gamer, you know you are almost certainly getting a new entry in ONE of your favorite franchises (3D Mario, Zelda, Kart, Smash, Mario Party, all guaranteed- Other franchises usually atleast one every other console gen)



LetsGoRetro commented on Analysis: Assessing Why NX Needs to Take Over ...:


But, just like most didn't realize and/or care that the Wii U came out (They just kept their Wii), the majority of casual gamers such as you mentioned will not care and/or realize when the NX comes out (they'll just keep their Wii U).

It's not like as soon as the NX comes out, there will be nowhere to buy Wii U software. I'm sure itll still be on store shelves, if even in a small bargain bin section, plenty long enough and strong enough to satisfy those casual types.



LetsGoRetro commented on Hitoshi Yamagami Talks a Bit About Shin Megami...:

Wow, this is shaping up to be exactly what I was hoping it wouldnt be. Modern music industry with prob all these boring social and dating elements.

I cant for the life of me figure out the appeal of this kind of rpt. I played the dirst hour or so of persona4 and have never been so bored with a game.

I don't want my RPGs to feel like Im watching some offbeat Japanese reality show. I eant epicness with swords and knights and dragons and magic. This sounds lame.



LetsGoRetro commented on Nintendo Remains Bullish Around the 3DS and It...:


You're right, it doesn't, necessarily, but since this is a gaming company filled with people who interact with and interview people behind the scenes, who knows what they have been told or figured out themselves that they can't say? It really says something when everyone in the industry that talks about this seems to assume it's a home console. Also, NX is brought up whenever Wii U is brought up. Funny how at times like this, when someone is talking about 3DS, they don't mention NX, EVER.

@JaxonH EXACTLY! Why replace the money maker and keep the bomb?



LetsGoRetro commented on Nintendo Remains Bullish Around the 3DS and It...:


My stance is its definitely a home console and possibly a hybrid. Im open to either. Me and the guy i was responding to have argued back and forth on the forums about it.

However, you and the other guy that can attest to it, are only guessing, as am I. There are no comments made by Iwata that verify this



LetsGoRetro commented on Rumour: NX Set for 2016 Release With Nintendo ...:


False. They are vey noticeably winding titles down on the Wii U to focus on the NX. What are these "too many" titles. Starfox and Lost Reavers? MAYBE Zelda still coming?

Pay attention, the Wii U is dying.


What will happen to the Wii U is it's being replaced since it's a complete failure. It'll have had 4 years or so of a run by then, and it's being cut a year short since it's just barely hitting DREAMCAST numbers. Simple.



LetsGoRetro commented on Super Mario Maker Developers Discuss the Diffi...:

Really strange how Nintendo can be a Top 5 (Top 3 to me, maybe even top 1) developer, yet seemingly have such difficulty with things other programmers take for granted. They other give these long, winded, almost philosophical answers for something that could be answered along the lines of "Since ______ is important in the game, we made it a top goal to make sure the action had lots of depth to it".

How difficult was it to decide if Yoshi can look at boo's and what he can eat, I mean, geez.. These guys seem to lose touch more and more everyday.



LetsGoRetro commented on Poor Odds of The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth ...:

While I agree it does sound ridiculous that it could handle Bayonetta 2 and not Binding of Isaac, I think it's comical that this site thinks every developer that doesn't want to bring their games to Wii U (you know, 99 percent of them) are big meanies and bullies and lazy! Only NINTENDO are the good guys! It's comical at this point.



LetsGoRetro commented on Rejoice, The Wii U Has Finally Outsold Sega's ...:


I feel the opposite. Nintendo can benefit from the following:

1.) They released the Wii U 1 year before the other consoles released.

2.) They're(apparently) killing off the Wii U 1-2 years sooner than their standard console life cycle time (No less than 5yrs, no more than 6yrs)

3.) The Twins are now seemingly in lifecycles 2-3 years longer than what consoles used to be (7-8 years starting last gen, VS the 5-6 norm), which coincidentally, could end up being the total lifecycle of the U.

4.) The horrible naming choice of the Wii U made it so those outside of Nintendo's die hard, core main audience which is who Nintendo should be (and almost certainly is) targeting with the NX, either never even knew it existed or didn't care.

Add up 1 thru 4 and you have the perfect opportunity for Ninty to slide back in between the twins and attempt to get in on this lifecycle just in time. Ninty's console cycles are 5-6 years, which is what is left of this gen for the Twins. If marketing, pricing, 3rd party relationship rebuilding, etc. is all done perfectly (I don't claim to even begin to know HOW this would be done "perfectly" as I put it, I just feel this way) then Nintendo could have a shot of essentially acting as if the Wii U was either just the last few years of the the original Wii, or never even existed at all.

PS- I'm responding kind of late to this article, therefore not many people may see this, so I am going to make a thread about this, as I'm curious as to others' opinions. Have a nice day, all.



LetsGoRetro commented on Video: Super Mario Maker and Wind Waker Star i...:


I dont think there will be a need to ever "give up home consoles" ss literally all you would need to do would be to include a way to make the next handheld display on tv, whether by cord or wireless, and your handheld is now considered a home console, as well.



LetsGoRetro commented on Rumour: Retailer-Exclusive amiibo Look Set for...:

Does anyone know if there are any plans for a Beast Gannon amiibo? (Pig Gannon?) i realize that chances may be slim to none if he isn't the Zelda U / Zelda NX villain, but it seems a huge shame to not put in the (arguably) best villain on the Nintendo roster, tied, of course, with Bowser.



LetsGoRetro commented on Talking Point: Sweeping Internal Changes Show ...:

Miyamoto's such a BOSS- Literally, now. If I any computer skills I'd superimpose GameFellows over GoodFellas and replace Henry Hill's face bursting out in laughter with Miyamoto's silly goofy laugh.

..hey, I'd think it was funny... and cool..

Anyways, go Miyamoto & Kimishima! Lead us to the promised land again with a stacked NX console!!



LetsGoRetro commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Strategy Needs to be Glo...:

Nintendo's ... (non-word incoming) .... JAPANESENESS !!! is both it's biggest strength and most glaring weakness. It's it's strength in that it is their identity. It very much contributes to the games' identity, feel, culture... (and in MY personal opinion of the gaming industry... HIGHER QUALITY)...

At the same time, for some reason, unlike Sony, they tend to feel they have to STRICTLY release Japanese-centric products, and this SIMPLY isn't the case.

Just have NST make games for the Western market like they HAVE done ( 1080, Waverace...) as well as were TRYING to do (Project Hammer... ouch) and if you're really THAT worried about the whole "If Nintendo's name is on violent products, it ruins our market advantage of being known as family-centric and family-friendly gameplay" ideal, then simply rename NST to something unrelated to Nintendo, and casual observers won't know the difference.

NINTENDO is on the Japanese products, and VELOCITY GAMES (horrible name, I know, insert your own) is on the Western ones. This way both markets are covered under your careful eye, and your company name isn't "stained". Surely you're not against this when you've recently allowed Bayonetta 2 and Devil's Third on your system?

This way, you just have more direct control over both products and start to increase your standing with the Western-style game fans. You're already the King to most of us Japanese-style game fans. Just broaden like the market has since your dominance.



LetsGoRetro commented on Weirdness: Mayweather vs Pacquiao Gets the Pun...:


As a boxer familiar with the ins and outs, I can tell you, that is absolutely factually incorrect. He was defeated in every facet. He was outpunched (both in amount of punches thrown and percentage of punches landed), out game planned, and completely baited into doing exactly what Mayweather does to everyone: Forces them to charge him and then dodges & counter punches their life away. It's boring if you're not super into boxing, but it's highly effective when you're as talented as him. And he'll have considerably less brain damage than a "charger" who trades punches his whole career.



LetsGoRetro commented on Fire Emblem's Two Versions Will Offer Very Dif...:

@rjejr , @jaxonh , @firstnesfan

It always surprises me when people complain about games being a little more than usual, because games are one of the few things that essentially have never gone up in price. Sure, there were $50 average games that now are $60 average games after 30 years of this industry, but I specifically remember some games costing $10-$20, or even $30, more than others many, many times- particularly back on the N64- And these were back when games cost MUCH less to make.



LetsGoRetro commented on Konami Removes Its Listing from the New York S...:


I came here to type this and then said "I doubt it, but let me see if someone else happened to think of it first"

It's amazing to me that Suikoden never became as big as Final Fantasy. My own personal theory is it's because of the name. Up above, an NL user even just said 'Last game I played from them was for the DS called Sudi something and it was great'. I myself may have never played the games had I not read about the first one in a magazine before it came out and gotten extremely excited about it.

Suikoden is my 3rd favorite gaming series, behind 1 Zelda and 2 Final Fantasy- And obviously FF is living off it's past with me. I personally loved 12 no matter who didn't. And I'm anticipating 15. Suikoden should have been rebranded as a name to do with war (a common theme for the franchise) and I think it would've sold much better.

I really do hope it's brought to a competent RPG developer that keeps all the things that make Suikoden, Suikoden: The 108 Stars of Destiny, Building and maintaining your castle, the war, the themes of friendship, love, death, betrayal....



LetsGoRetro commented on Game Jam Tasks Developers With Creating A Zeld...:

@aaronsullivan @khaosklub

You both make a very good point that a female Link could save a female princess. A kind of silly oversight on my part when stating my points of view.

To Aaron, I do suppose there are females that would be frustrated about everything you mention. This conversation is on the verge of entering a "non-gaming" conversation and I would really like to avoid where that could potentially end up, hehe.

I consider my views "old fashioned", others can and do consider them "ignorant" and "shovinistic" (I'm almost positive I misspelled that). I am not in the "men and women should be able to do absolutely every single thing the other does in all circumstances" camp.

I think nature and biology is very telling as to who should be doing what- There has to be SOME reason men are born with much more muscle and naturally are much more aggressive, no?

Ok, so I've officially taken the conversation right where I earlier stated I hoped it wouldn't go, hehe. Anyways, to any females (or males) offended by my points of view, I apologize. I would enjoy a female-led Zelda game a tad bit less, but my opinion is no more important than you who would enjoy it a tad bit more, so hopefully we both get our games made in a way that maximizes our enjoyment!

Happy gaming, all!



LetsGoRetro commented on Game Jam Tasks Developers With Creating A Zeld...:


Yes, I do think there are probably female players who feel the same as I do, in reverse. However, I would guess that there are less female players who feel this way than male for reasons such as:

1) Growing up with every lead being male, we're just kind of used to it.
2) In real life, men tend to be the ones who would do the things that make up most video games (war, fighting, etc.)
3) Women may feel they're kind of stepping into a "man's world" when they play games, the same way many women probably feel when they play a sport, or get involved in organized fighting.

Again, I don't know any of this for a fact, and as time goes on it does become more common for women to do the things I mention above, but I'm just answering your question(s).

I think the simple solution is to do what many games do and have a Male/Female option at the beginning of the game. All it takes is a few extra drawings and animations and it becomes a possibility. Zelda tends to be about saving a princess, so it would require them to switch it to something along the lines of a female saves a male prince. To me, that's silly, but if it increases the enjoyment for a female player (or any other player), than who am I to say it's a bad idea?



LetsGoRetro commented on Game Jam Tasks Developers With Creating A Zeld...:

I just have to be honest, I don't care if every single other member in my party is female, but it takes away a little something from the game for me if the main character is a female.

It depends on the game of course. FF3 is an ensemble piece, so I didn't mind it at all, but in a game like Zelda, where it's all about one character, one hero, one you, it.. Just wouldn't do it for me.

Sorry to be "that guy"...



LetsGoRetro commented on Study Finds That US Consumers Are Buying Wii U...:

These are all good reasons to own Nintendo consoles, although their #5 would be my #1. As far as the discussion about Nintendo being "kiddie", I agree. But to me, it's not the things like the games being colorful or the content, because Nintendo games have always been like that.

To me, the "kiddie" part is how over the past 10 years Nintendo has added an extra layer of "cute" to it's already colorful stuff. Every character speaks like a squeaky toy, there is a "toy like" gloss over everything in the Mario games.

I was playing Skyward Sword with a buddy of mine, and we got to the part when you first go down to the surface and have to find those 3 creatures by dowsing, and the "cuteness" level was actually uncomfortable. Each creature squeaks and squeals and wiggles and jiggles and you can literally just imagine a group of little kids playing it and laughing with glee. My friend and I kept awkwardly looking at each other, thinking "Kind of weird that 2 30 year old guys are doing this right now..."

Legend of Zelda, Adventure of Link, Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time... were colorful, but you didn't get the feel of "This was specifically made to appeal to kids" like you do with the new stuff. They were just games that had color.

Nintendo goes out of it's way to add the kid-like touches to it's games nowadays, in my opinion...



LetsGoRetro commented on Eiji Aonuma Explains That The Legend of Zelda ...:

The writer hit it head on when he mentioned how it is about how things unfold and tasks are laid out. I love the old style of RPG's of "find a town member, he'll tell you something as a hint, so you go do it". REALLY disappointed that things are moving towards "Do you accept this QUEST? PUT IT IN YOUR QUEST LOG! KILL 10 DEER!"

I don't want to feel like I'm "accomplishing tasks", I want to feel like every move I make is progressing towards saving the world. This was the 1 gripe I had with Xenoblade, and a recent screenshot showed me XCX will also do this, which really disappointed me (Still my 2nd most anticipated game, next to ZeldaU)



LetsGoRetro commented on Video: Nintendo Minute Shows Off 'Super' New L...:

This game should be pretty fun, but after this, I really hope Nintendo goes for an "epic" style game, ala Mario 64 and the Galaxies. Either Galaxy 3 or a whole new concept, but I hope the feel they go for is epic over cutesy. SM3DW and this are SMOTHERED in "look how cute everything is!" and it takes away from the feel of the game, imo. (The games are still good, just not on the level of the absolute classic Marios)



LetsGoRetro commented on Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric Speeds To Earlier Re...:


I apologize for coming at you out of left field, but take a chill pill, friend. Always jumpimmHg down editors' throats for what they posted, or didn't post. Stressing over release windows like the world is going to end if Smash and Captain Toad come January 3rd vs 2014. These are only video games, my friend, and I can assure you, "Holiday 2014" means "in time for christmas, to catch the Holiday sales", despite your childrens' elementary school calendar including January in the kids' Holiday break. Can you find an example of a game being announced as Holiday and coming out the following January, barring delays?



LetsGoRetro commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Expo Banner Raises Q...:


I didnt say anything about MH3u, i said that THIS game is a monster seller, as it sold a ton on the 3ds and thats all i have to judge it on.

Does it mean itll automatically sell well on wii u? Of course not, but its always good to have a game that is proven to be popular come to your system.


I was not aware that such a standard existed, but thats silly that it does. Im all about supporting nintendo (well, most gaming, in general, but Nintendo is my fav)