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Thu 7th Jul 2011

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lethib commented on 3DS Big Three Keep on Selling in Japan:

"Between them the games have sold 3.94 million copies in Japan, an incredible figure as the most recent hardware sales put the machine at 3.6m units in Japan. We're guessing there's either 340,000 very confused people out there or the 3DS is continuing to sell." Or is it that some people bought both Mario Kart and Mario 3D or the 3 games all together. Or is it the writer of those lines who is confused?...



lethib commented on Preview: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword:

I think it's wrong to judge game by still image. The important is what it looks like in motion. Many companies are famous for twisting those images, like EA with Photoshop or Square for showing quite only cute scenes, and not actual gameplay.
I think it looks great, and looks even better in motion. Anyway I'll make my final judgement when I'll have it in front of me.



lethib commented on Rumour: Kid Icarus: Uprising to Miss 2011 in E...:

I think Nintendo is right to delay this game. I had the opportunity to play to Kid Icarus during a 3DS presentation, and it was the only game that really impressed me. And the only game that made me think that 3D was useful, and amazing. This game is a potential system seller, and Nintendo knows it.
It will be released when it is finished.