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Fri 3rd April, 2009

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LEGEND_MARIOID commented on Review: Darts Up (Wii U eShop):

This is a shame actually. Could and should have been a lot better. I like the control method. How accurate does it feel on the Wii U? Can't believe i can't believe i can't use any of the dozens of miis in my wii u. That us actually a turn off



LEGEND_MARIOID commented on Review: One Piece Unlimited World Red (3DS):

I actually downloaded this and pretty much agree with the score of what I have played so far. I am only a 'casual fan' of the anime series with a fair knowledge of the Universe. Think if you are a hardcore fan you could another point to the score



LEGEND_MARIOID commented on Review: Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympi...:

Good, well reasoned review. However, it sounds like the reviewer just isn't a fan of this type of game or maybe even the original which Nintendo Life reviewed as a 9/10. If this is fundamentally quite similar to the original with on-line then I am optimistic for it to be honest. The review itself reads like a 7 looking at the scoring policy of this site as well.

Thanks :-)



LEGEND_MARIOID commented on Review: Star Wars Pinball (3DS eShop):

The same problems here are in Marvel Pinball 3ds but not in Zen pinball for some reason. Try playing zen pinball then marvel pinball straight afterward and you'll know what I mean. Seems star wars pinball has the same port issues. The wii u and iOS versions are aces.



LEGEND_MARIOID commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's Limited Hard Drive ...:

Went ahead and bought a 2 tb hardrive which works ok. However, the intial deluxe model should have been 500gb, especially at the entry price back then. Also, especially since Ninty seemed to bang on about big plans for the DL scence, including retail downloads. Still, Wii U is aces.



LEGEND_MARIOID commented on Sony's Indie Maestro Has Respect And "Deep Lov...:

That's interesting as I had an altercation with him on twitter over him re-tweeting an indie dev who was belitting the Nintendo indie gamers and brown-nosing Sony indie gamers to the extreme. (This same dev then started to talk about how his game was metroidvania influenced.) This was over a year ago mind. Still have a tremendous respect for him in the industry (even though we have blocked eachother ha ha ;-) )



LEGEND_MARIOID commented on First Impressions: Wii Party U:

The third party mini game comps, besides a few exceptions, has been dire. However, first party mini game comps have been brilliant. If you've purchased or played the poor, third party mini-game comps then that's your own, poor purchase decision. They can be great, especially with firend and family. Wii Party was outstanding, and one of the top 25-30 games on the excellent wii system of the close to 90 I played (which on the whole all good or brill). Wii Party U is one of my most anticipated games along with Mario party 3ds



LEGEND_MARIOID commented on Soapbox: Why Region Locking Is A Total Non-Issue:

Around 30% or more of my DS games (using that as an example) was from NA. I have played a colossal number of DS games in my time too. Most of the time from games that never made it over here and some times from games that we ended receiving very much later on. I support the consumers right to import tbh. Great article though. Well done.



LEGEND_MARIOID commented on EA: We're Not Writing Off Wii U:

To be fair, NFS MWU and FIFA 13 (though not as good as psbox features wise) were excellent. However, its wierd they're happily supporting Vita, which has bummed for a long time and not the Wii U in its early months/first year. I know they've prob got an agreement with Sony that they must support Vita AS WELL AS the PS3 & 4...but STILL



LEGEND_MARIOID commented on EA Has No Publicly Announced Wii U Games Plann...:

ACTUALLY, EA DID make a fair amount of money with a fair few Wii games (especially FIFA) but not to the levels of PSBOX consoles. However, that statement seems to indicate they're waiting till the Wii U sells in bigger numbers reading between the lines). At least they consider Wii U same gen as PS4 and Xbox One unlike the makers of the Unity engine.

For me personally, no FIFA 14 on the WII U is a big blow and very annoying.



LEGEND_MARIOID commented on SEGA Reveals Its E3 Lineup:

I'd be a tad surprised if Castle of Illusion doesn't come to Wii U considering SEGA have got into bed with Ninty with the exclusives. Then again, SEGA could just say that they've given Ninty its exclusives anyway. Will Company of Heroes and Total War: Rome come to the Wii U?