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Re: Dragon's Lair


Wow this game manages to get on pratically every system. It is a very old game but it is still fun. I personally think it is more worth 500 points than the 800 that is charged.

Re: Bookworm


Bookworm for the DSiWare is overall a good game. It lacks some of the game modes like the Timed one which I loved the most, but considered at how it is a mere $5 as opposed to the $20 pc version it is a really good value. It tracks your scores and saves your best words. And as Bobpie said I would absoolutely LOVE Insaniquarium to be ported onto here.

Re: Legends of Exidia


DSi Ware is full of puzzle games and useless apps. An RPG would be amazing for this system. I hope its a good one and I hope it comes out soon!