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United Kingdom

Sat 30th Jan 2010

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leander commented on Review: Dead Space: Extraction (Wii):

Why on earth do you need to warn of bad language? I know censorship works that way, but are there honestly real people who enjoy games with this level of gore, but then gets offended at a couple of rude words? That disturbs me more than Dead Space itself!

Anyway, I've looked at many reviews for this game and I can't believe nobody has mentioned the diabolical camera work in a negative sense. Both me and my fiance found that the constant shaking and swerving around made us feel sick - and we play tons of games like this, for good periods of time, and never had a reaction like that, let alone both of us. And no, it's not the gore. The first Dead Space on Xbox is a lot worse, and it's not THAT kind of sick.

Not only that, the game emphasises accurate dismemberment of the enemies, and when you are playing with two players with enemies in the distance, this is difficult to achieve.

I could like this game, if they could present the cutscenes a tad more normally - this is what caused the motion sickness-type problem the most. (go into a room, LOOK IN 63 DIRECTIONS) Yeah, the game's immersive, it makes you feel like you have the Marker sickness as well. o.O

I was really sad about this as I loved the original Dead Space, and thought it would make a perfect co-op rail shooter. One of my biggest game disappointments in recent times.