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LavaTwilight commented on Sakurai Explains Why Chrom Didn't Make It Into...:

I really feel that Lucina could've done well as an alternative costume for Marth. It's a slight sacrifice to make but meant that it freed up another spot on the Roster. With the in mind I also (now) agree with Chrom not being unique or 'exciting' enough to be a character in his own right, but you never know, he may be an alternative 'costume' for Lucina. At the end of the video do they not say "No, you'll get it today" and that's him fighting alongside them. Or does that mean he's an Assist Trophy or a Final Smash?



LavaTwilight commented on Takashi Tezuka: Mario Maker Won't Move Quite L...:

I just want them to allow us to create longer levels. The feel I got from the demo's and E3 videos is that the size of the levels are very short. Hopefully this was just because it's in it's alpha state but I'm sure we'll see soon enough.



LavaTwilight commented on Rayman Trophy Revealed For Super Smash Bros. O...:

A lot of people are gunning for Captain Falcon. While I agree he is probably on the roster I doubt he is the reason for the surprise unveiling. It's more likely to be someone obscure, someone who hasn't been in a Smash Bros Game before, maybe someone new entirely. The way the fans have responded to the new IP, I'd love to see a Splatoon Squiddie being a new fighter :D



LavaTwilight commented on Matters of Import: Genso Suikoden Card Stories...:

I love the Suikoden series as a whole and the UK really does not receive enough of it! What we do get is insanely expensive! I got Suikoden 2 for £30 new and when I sold it, it fetched nearly 4 times that at £115! I was sad to see it go. I also bought and sold the DS Suikoden Tierkreis for about £50. I would love to see it get an e-shop release if they're starting to bring DS games to the WiiU! I'd also love to see a new Suikoden game make the WiiU :) but I doubt that's going to happen any time soon.



LavaTwilight commented on Mercedes DLC Confirmed for Mario Kart 8 in the...:

Sure yeah ok
Meanwhile the rest of us can say how we love the fact that Mario Kart is getting some loving and Nintendo are getting some publicity!
I'd be willing to buy DLC that enhanced the game, such as Bobomb Blast in battle and a new cup, new racers, new carts etc. As long as it kept everything fair and those who used such characters were not more enhanced than those who didn't then I'd definitely be up for it! Maybe even Super Luigi Kart? Similar to how Super Luigi Bros brought in practically a whole new game, so can Super Luigi Kart :) Just a shame it's not year of Luigi anymore...
... Super Peach Kart anyone?



LavaTwilight commented on Nintendo 64 Titles Heading to the Wii U Virtua...:

I'd say Yes. Mostly, I just want to play Gamecube titles, but it was also inevitable that the N64 would come first so it's a step in the right direction. Not sure how many titles I would be 'repurchasing', maybe just Mario and the 2 Zeldas, but if they can get some fresh N64 games too like Castlevania 64 then I'd be prepared to lay some extra money on the table.



LavaTwilight commented on A Fresh Super Mario Bros. Infinite Lives Trick...:

Now is it me or the warp world in Level 1-2, should those 3 pipes not warp you to level 2, 3 and 4 respectively? This could just be because they're playing in Game B (unlocked after completing the game once) but doesn't that mean this video is faked? Also at 2:37 he bounces off a piranha plant.



LavaTwilight commented on Guide: The Biggest Wii U and 3DS Retail Games ...:

No poll? How bizarre...
I'm still yet to pick up the Wii Sports Club games but since I'd only be interested in the 3 that are already released, I'd probably just download those 3 and leave it there. With that exception I'm only interested in the following three games (in order of excitement):
1: Smash Bros
2: Watch Dogs
3: Art Academy
And I fear they may all be day 1 purchases. With that in mind, I may still get Toad's Treasure Tracker thing and I might get Hyrule Warriors, but that'd probably be when they're cheaper.



LavaTwilight commented on Talking Point: Mii, Myself and I - The Argumen...:

We don't know if the inclusion of the Mii Fighters meant that someone else had to hit the cutting floor. Unless we hear Sakurai-san say it, we're never going to know and it's just speculation. I'm not totally against it but I don't see how I'm ever going to use them. That said, there's certain characters from both Melee (Pichu, Young Link, Zelda) and Brawl (Wario, Toon Link, Zelda) that I never play with except where they're necessary to unlock a trophy. Then I do it on the easiest setting and never pick them up again. I'm sure people can do the same for the Miis, as I'm likely to.

Maybe the Mii-fighters could've been free DLC for those who choose to have them and those who don't, negating the space that could be used on other characters, but again, we don't know if the space they filled up wouldn't have otherwise been used for another means. IE, to have Mario run right and left at the start and some orchestra chime "Nin-ten-do" do we?



LavaTwilight commented on Feature: Catch Up With Ten of the Nintendo Tre...:

I love in Splatoon how both sides are the good guys, and the one ur up against are always the bad guys. Kinda blurs the lines between who is good and who is bad. There's no Freedom Fighters V Terrorists, just one side against the other.



LavaTwilight commented on Feature: A Cross-Platform Look At E3 2014:

Despite what they say, on GameFAQs the poll (today) shows Nintendo currently ahead with 54.36% of the votes, Sony at 18.44% and Microsoft at 4.88% falling behind third parties (9.03%) - if that's not Nintendo "winning" E3 then I don't know what is.
Percentages correct at time of writing.



LavaTwilight commented on The Wii U Version Of Super Smash Bros. Will Ut...:

I believe Nintendo won't expect us to pay extra for content that is already stored on the disc. Rather I'm hoping it will be a way to sell 'DLC' through this use. They'd be able to charge more for it than if it was regular DLC but will be justified in doing so.



LavaTwilight commented on Mario Kart Month: A Brief History Of Mario Kar...:

My proudest moment (in Mario-karting) was in the MK:DD Bowser's Castle Mirror Mode. I was first, final lap, just jumped over the lava and began my ascent up the spiraling tower only to hear the dreaded sound of a blue spiny on my tail. I was done for. My enemies were approaching but I refused to give up. I was drifting up the tower and saw the shell approach. I released the turbo and accelerated out of the tower only to hear the blue shell crash into the barrier behind me. I have no idea how I survived but to this day my children are telling tales of this heroism to their children.

Seriously though I'm glad that it runs along the floor now. Makes it more exciting for other players!



LavaTwilight commented on Reaction: Mario Kart 8 Accused Of Poor Sales P...:

I can't comment on why Mario Kart 8 hasn't got a more cultural diversity. I've never been to the Mushroom Kingdom, I don't know it's residents... but I do live in the United Kingdom. Here all our jobs are going to the humans. I have friends who are goombas and who are koopa turtles and they just haven't found work anywhere. The prejudice against my goomba buddies is so bad that they can't even leave the house without fear of being jumped on. They don't work and I think it's disgusting the way they're being treated. Just the other week one of my koopa turtle buddies homes got raided and they found 16 illegal koopa immigrants living there. Every single one of them was turned into soup. This is not right people. Please, if anyone can join my appeal to stop this discrimination against the mushroom kingdom please visit my site
Thank you.



LavaTwilight commented on Ubisoft Makes Little Mention of Nintendo in Pl...:

I think the real question is how many titles do they have on the WiiU? If the answer is "only 3% of our games are on the WiiU platform" then a 3% sales figure is nothing to be ashamed of. It shows people are just as willing to pay for games on the WiiU as any other platform.
Unfortunately in the world of business, shareholders don't look at the figures practically, they just look at what it means for their wallet.



LavaTwilight commented on Kosuke Yabuki Explains That Every Mario Kart i...:

The battles have always been a favourite of mine in Mario Kart so it'd be interesting to see how they migrate to circuits instead of arenas. That said, I was thrilled when DD introduced bo-bomb blast and the sprite king modes, but then dropped them from subsequent MK titles, instead having 'coin battle' which compared to the other three was my least favourite. Not awful, just the one I least enjoyed.



LavaTwilight commented on Mario Kart Month: Mario Kart 8 Character Profi...:

Awesome list and in all honesty I'd choose any of these characters except for the babys and Metal Mario. I can't stand the babys. They should never have been racers in my opinion but then that's just my opinion. I did love their Chain Chomp in MK: DD though and would love to see it return.
I also think they should be doing a poll on these...



LavaTwilight commented on Mario Kart Month: An Outsider's View Of Super ...:

Not at all. It's probably the most unique Mario Kart in the franchise but for all the wrong reasons. As @fortius54 mentioned above, Mario Kart 64 really propelled the series forwards and made MK what it is today. The first game is still great and worth paying the VC price for but go into it with an open mind, remembering it is now over 20 years old.



LavaTwilight commented on Mario Kart Month: An Outsider's View Of Super ...:

Haha that's funny. I remembered Mario Kart being a lot easier than it was coming back to it but that just made it more enjoyable to me. And while I agree with your point I also find the menu tedious and unappealing.

And the worst thing about it is definitely the AI. I mean come on, we can't get the shrinking shrooms or Bowser's fire without a cheat and they have an endless supply of what items they do have. It's incredibly unfair and frustrating to say the least.

The problem with games today, is if you're playing a retro game for the first time, a lot of what made that game awesome to begin with is lost. I was hoping to see more from this article, as if it was a 'review' from a first time player for, perhaps, first-time players. But it was more of a 'summary' for players who have already purchased the game to let us know what she thought. It was a fair review I thought. With the more recent installments I feel like Mario Kart has not aged well but it still provides a good challenge for me.



LavaTwilight commented on Review: F-Zero Maximum Velocity (Wii U eShop /...:

Thanks for the review Martin. To be honest I was hoping for a "meh it's ok if you like the series" or a "this game is awesome like a thousand hotdogs (Eddie Izzard reference) you must buy it". Instead I got exactly what I thought the game would be like beforehand and I still don't know if I should buy this game or not... I love the series and I have F-Zero on the SNES, with my limited funds and ever-growing list of games-to-buy, I just don't know if this is one I'm going to be parting with my money for just yet...



LavaTwilight commented on Rumour: Ubisoft Working On 2D Prince Of Persia...:

BRILLIANT! Would definitely buy that game.
On topic however I don't see how any of those quotes can support a new PoP game. A new Rayman's game sounds more likely since the "limbs" are animated independently.
Saying that, if there was a HD remake of the original Atari Prince of Persia game, I'd definitely be getting my wallet ready.



LavaTwilight commented on Yoshi, Sheik, and Zero Suit Samus Confirmed as...:

I love that ZS Samus and Sheikh are their own characters but I just hope they're not going to take up character slots that can go elsewhere. I'm sure they won't but still...
I was hoping for a surprise character announcement other than the pokemon but there we go...
And did anyone else feel that ZS Samus' boots were kind of similar to Bayonetta?



LavaTwilight commented on Feature: What We Want to See in Nintendo's Sup...:

I love your optimism... SSB on the Wii U for $60, buy it for the 3DS for $10... It's more likely to be $25 or something.

I for one wouldn't mind seeing a return of the points system. I love smashing my foes off every corner of the screen to get the 'Compass' points, attacking with every jump attack to get the 'Aerial' points or finding Mew in a Pokeball to get the 'Mew' points (I can't remember what their proper names were since I haven't played it in ages). It was simple but I missed it from Brawl and I'd love them to bring it back.

After that I'd love them to bring in a wider variety of single-player modes.



LavaTwilight commented on Nintendo Releases An Awesome Mario Kart Infogr...:

I've been playing Mario Kart since the start and it's my fav racing game series ever. I've gone through every last one of them and my top choice still is Double Dash. I must admit though, it may be removed from it's top spot if MK8 lives up to it's expectations!



LavaTwilight commented on Talking Point: The Timing of Nintendo's Super ...:

I cannot wait for this! I hope the direct touches on one or two other games first, you know just to give updates on games we're already expecting, maybe even announce a new purchase for WiiSports or something else like that as a surprise. But on the main topic they simply MUST provide a release date. They'll be so sadistic to build hype like this over several days and then turn round and withhold the bit of information EVERYONE is waiting on! I hope for a surprise announcement of a newcomer too, maybe some new weapons, more info on single-player campaigns, why we must own both WiiU and 3DS copies, etc etc.
I'm looking forward to 8th :)



LavaTwilight commented on Preview: Mario Kart 8:

I love the new video! Thanks!
It's a huge shame about the gamepad, I felt that this was a title that could really utilize it. Either by players. 2 players without the need of a split-screen or anything else. It's a shame it's such a let down but hey, we're only noticing it because it's there right?
I still can't wait for this title!



LavaTwilight commented on Mario Kart 8 Producer Explains The Absence of ...:

Why would I want to play tracks other people create? Nintendo's courses are so much fun. And in other games I've found the custom-courses tend to be hideous anyway. Very rare is there a course in there worthy of being there. So hyped for this game :)