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LavaTwilight commented on Editorial: Linkle May be a Clunky Introduction...:

But isn't Link the holder of the Triforce of Courage? So how would a 'female Link' work? Unless the choice is between Link and Zelda (who holds the Triforce of Wisdom), or even as the story progresses you have to switch characters for one or two segments, so that you almost get 2 different games... either way, this is all Aonuma-San's problem to figure out.



LavaTwilight commented on Video: Check Out Cloud Strife's Marvellous Sup...:

I have to disagree with his down special. In FF7 the 'limit break' was as a result of taking too much damage over time, similar to how Little Mac's KO meter works. I'm thinking that Cloud's Limit Break here should work the same... Omnislash is likely to be the final smash but since Omnislash was the final Limit Break who knows? I wonder if the 'summons' form part of the Midgar stage we saw in the trailer?



LavaTwilight commented on Mother 3 Heading to the Wii U eShop in Japan o...:

I haven't picked up the original yet tho when Earthbound came to WiiU I picked it up and played it, despite it being an old enough game. This coming to Europe will convince me to part with my money for the first one as well as this!



LavaTwilight commented on Final Fantasy's Cloud Is Set To Cause Some Str...:

FF7 to me is single-handedly the best game of all time! It blew my mind as a child and is the #1 reason why i'll finally buy a ps4 (when the remake is released). To see Cloud in Smash is so freakin awesome. I see he has his Limit... I wonder if this will work like Little Mac's KO bar? I wonder if his final smash would be to summon Meteor? I wonder if Sephiroth would join the roster? And how the hell did Nintendo get the rights to use him anyway?!??



LavaTwilight commented on Talking Point: Deep Breaths Are Needed as High...:

To be fair, Nintendo may surprise us here. They've remained relatively quiet with the only 'news' being a few games that are already released (eg new dlc) or upcoming games already announced. But on the latter they've not given too much away. There could be a lot to come.

I just don't want to hear people 'hating' on any new format. I hope they do it well but even if they don't, we just have to accept that Iwata was always the brainchild behind NDirect.



LavaTwilight commented on Talking Point: Super Mario Maker's Update Cont...:

I'm not opposed to DLC or anything like that... but I am fed up of 'season passes' and paying huge amount of money for 'exclusive' maps or weapons. it's very trite! Nintendo have it spot on with the only exception of the mii costumes in smash. I find that very expensive and I'm yet to Purchase and probably never will. Still, with everything else I think they've done it right and I hope they continue.



LavaTwilight commented on Super Mario Maker Developers Share Details on ...:

I like the sprites. They feel 'right'. I wish they had something a bit more than just aesthetic tho. Like if you press one of the buttons, instead of firing fireballs Link shoots a beam from his sword, but Peach just swings her parasol, etc. So some amiibo are just short-ranged attacks whereas others could attack from a distance (similar to fire-power mario). I think that would've implemented some interesting new gameplay ideas or unique level designs...



LavaTwilight commented on A Level Made by Shinya Arino Will Be Included ...:

I think the costume is already available in Japan? That's what I heard anyway, so maybe this costume is being made available worldwide but only through this event?

This is exactly what I want to see more of! Events that give rewards! Excellent!

As for new content, I think most of us would like to see more pallets (desert, beach, swamp, etc) and the ability to add water to a level so it's half & half.



LavaTwilight commented on NES Designer Explains the History of the Conso...:

My favourite NES game was, and always will be Faxanadu! I loved that game. I really loved how the world seemed to deteriorate the further into the game you got. My favourite 'nintendo' game tho would be Zelda 2... I loved how it encapsulated the feel of a true Adventure!



LavaTwilight commented on NES Designer Explains the History of the Conso...:

@rjejr I think Nintendo should go for a complete rebrand. They should now be call NintNedo... or the NintNeod - I think you're on to something there. You should copyright those names so they'd have to buy them off you and you'll make huge amount of money. In fact, why am I still typing, i've got to get to the patent office...



LavaTwilight commented on Video: We Want Your Super Mario Maker Levels f...:

@Calllack I see a lot of people are already advertising their levels here, and I've seen a few of my ideas already done. Why bother designing levels?

The problem with me is im a principled man. I'm happy to play anyone's levels who gives me a star, but I'm never going to give a star just cuz they gave me a star. Likewise I wouldn't expect a star from them just cuz I give them a star (tho I'd hope they'd at least give my level a try).



LavaTwilight commented on Rumour: Data Miner Uncovers Evidence Of Twilig...:

I'm hoping this isn't even a wii port, but rather the start of gamecube releases! Of course, a wii release would make more sense, but since this game bridged the gap between gc and wii, maybe just maybe this will make the way for gc vc titles!



LavaTwilight commented on Apparent Confirmation Emerges of Shovel Knight...:

It's definitely likely... I can see him fitting in with the smash bros universe... would be a purchase for me for sure. I haven't got Ryu yet tho. I'm not sold on him tho I would love his stage. I wonder if Shovel Knight will get his own stage (should he be added to the roster)?



LavaTwilight commented on Video: This Super Mario Maker Player Captures ...:

I think the dont-move levels are very clever, but will undoubtedly result in eventual tedium, being nothing more than a 'flavour-of-the-month' courses. Likewise with anything that requires a simple button press or two. I'll be searching out as many a variety as I can tho. If a course is good, i'll go with it, whatever the victory requirements are.



LavaTwilight commented on GAME Sends Out £10 Gift Cards and Apologises ...:

They'll only compensate if you could prove that you would not have incurred those bank charges had their error not have occured.

Since they overcharged customers 6 or 7 times in some instances, that shouldn't be too hard to prove. It's good to see them reaching out tho and not waiting for everyone to contact them.



LavaTwilight commented on Retailers In North America Merge Wii U & 3DS L...:

Yeah the UK have had this pretty much since the launch of the wiiU. They're usually pushed to central shelves too without even a banner so you have to look for them between 'hidden object and other pc games' and 'dvds we paid nothing for but people gave us anyway'



LavaTwilight commented on Feature: Nintendo Life's Top 10 Super Mario Pl...:

The good thing with this is that it's not just one man's opinion but the accumulative opinion of over 3,000 members, making it a fair representative. I voted for Sunshine to take it. It was so much happier than a lot of the others and i'll always have fond memories of bouncing on the Piantas heads!



LavaTwilight commented on GAME Apologises for Super Mario Maker Pre-Orde...:

The key phrase is 'consequential loss'. GAME have the responsibility to put each customer back into the position they were in before the mistakes happened, and had the mistake never Took place at all. I would def aim for some compensation too.



LavaTwilight commented on GAME Processes Additional Charges on Super Mar...:

In my professional opinion, GAME needs to refund the additional charges and also compensate for bank charges as well as any other charges resulting from this. So if u were late paying another bill because of these charges. In legal terms this is called 'consequential loss' - GAME have the regulatory right to do so, but not the necessity to offer it. So make sure u complain to them and provide evidence of those charges in order for them to compensate u. If you need to, u can ask for additional compensation, for 'distress and inconvenience'.



LavaTwilight commented on New Patent Sparks Talk of Potential NX Details:

I share the same thoughts as a lot of people here, i'd hate it to be digital only. But my limited experience of patent diagrams tells me these are awfully simplistic. Perhaps there's more to come? No optical disk drive doesn't mean digital only. They could be looking at something else.



LavaTwilight commented on Talking Point: Considering the Future of Ninte...:

I think as much advertising Nintendo can do the better. Direct is for the fans and I sincerely hope it continues even with the sad vacation Iwata-San has taken. His successor will do a similar job. Only this time be a bit more ruthless with the competition. Sony and MS are certainly not doing Nintendo any favours, not that they need to.



LavaTwilight commented on Poll: What Do You Want From Nintendo's NX Plat...:

The thing is Iwata-San only mentioned the NX as a pre-empt to quell concerns that Nintendo are abandoning dedicated consoles following the announcement of the partnership with DeNA. If he didn't say anything, the forums would be filled with 'this is the end of nintendo' (moreso than they already are lol). Tho I'm sure he said it more for the investors and shareholders than forum-goers. Essentially, we'll find out more about the NX when Nintendo are ready. Any sooner is good too.



LavaTwilight commented on Masahiro Sakurai Confirms That Recent Super Sm...:

I'm still voting for Simon Belmont from Castlevania, but I expect the Inklings will get it, they seem popular and would be a good fit for the franchise. I wouldn't be disappointed either.

Interesting to note that Iwata-San only suggested one character would get the vote. But above Sakurai-San indicates that there may be several. Let's hope!



LavaTwilight commented on Super Mario Maker:

So tap a Link amiibo and get a Link costume... I wonder what happens if you tap a Mario amiibo? Or does it work the same as the new 8-bit amiibo?