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Wed 30th Dec 2009

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laifuthegreat commented on iPhone more powerful than Wii?:

The fault is with nintendo for making so little internal flash memory, but the man should not blame the wii's power. For one, tales of monkey island is not terribly taxing on a system, being able to be run on a $300 laptop. Second, a good developer can squeeze a lot out of an underpowered system. Take a look at "Dementium: The Ward" for the ds. There are incredibly detailed, textured, and atmospheric graphics rendered in full 3d at 60 fps. The man can't blame the wii for a crappy framerate. I'm not a game developer, but with so much experience, money, and people at its disposal, I just think that it won't be too hard to port monkey island to the wii.
As for the statement about the wii being inferior to the iphone, I think not. The iphone 3gs's cpu is 600mhz, but only runs ate 400 mhz to conserve power. The wii runs at 729 mhz, definitely more than the iphone. The graphics renderer for the iphone is an improved version of the one found in the Dreamcast (MBX lite), and the dreamcast was less powerful than the gamecube, let alone the Wii. The iphone 3gs does have more ram, but ram doesn't seem very important to gaming. Back to a handheld example, the ds has 4 MB of ram, but runs games like Dementium, GTACW, and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days with little to no slowdown. The only reason iphone games may look similar to wii games is because of the size. Blow an iphone game up to the size of a tv and you'd think you're looking at an NES game with a lot of colors. Both polygon count and resolution are less noticeable on a smaller screen. Personally, I think even framerate looks better on a small screen, but I think that's just me.